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There's hope: Summer vacations abroad may happen in a big way this year. The number of people busting out of their countries will start creeping up this spring and rise higher by mid-year, travel industry experts predict, as vaccines and risk-based safety measures are rolled out more widely and spiking coronavirus cases around the world begin to fall.  Read More.

As COVID-19 vaccines become readily available to the public, you likely have questions about the effectiveness of the vaccine, side effects, the process, and ultimately whether or not you should get it. Assist America has compiled information from multiple reputable sources to provide you with the most useful information to help answer your questions.
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Study abroad was so popular, with more than a quarter million U.S. students heading overseas every year, and the field felt untouchable. Seemingly overnight, it disappeared. “Friends and colleagues were losing their jobs, with no concrete idea of when students will return or how that will look,” says Worthington.  Read More.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live – from how we conduct business, gather (or don’t gather) with family and friends to how we get our groceries. The travel industry has not been spared and continues to adapt to life during the pandemic. The future of flying will soon require travelers to carry a passport that shows proof of COVID-19 vaccinations.  Read More.

From helpful information regarding COVID-19 testing procedures and travel certificates, to tips for remaining safe during road trips and family gatherings this holiday season, catch up on global health, security and travel-related topics. Also in this issue, find out how Assist America helped a member who was visiting a cancer patient during the pandemic.  Read More.

Tropical Storm Ulysses, known internationally as Vamco, formed out of a Tropical Depression in the Philippine Sea on Monday, November 9. Ulysses is currently forecast to become a severe tropical storm in the next 24 hours, as it has slowed down in the Philippine Sea and will strengthen further to become a Typhoon on Wednesday, November 11.  Read More.

As we resume working and attending school, we need to be cautious about how we deal with the onset of symptoms and what measures to take for prevention and treatment. The first step to taking proper precautionary measures if you suspect infection or had an infection in the past is to get tested for COVID-19 and there are currently a few options available.   Read More.

The world has taken incredible strides to control the spread of COVID-19 as we continue to make effective choices about our household’s preventative measures during the pandemic. With the flu season upon us, we must take extra precautions to limit influenza infection and decrease the stress on healthcare workers.   Read More.

Despite a significant rise in COVID-19 cases in many parts of the country, it appears that more people are flying on commercial jetliners than at any time over the last seven months. More than one million people were screened by the Transportation Security Administration at airport security checkpoints since March 16.  Read More.

We recently sat down to talk with Assist America’s Consulting Medical Directors, Dr. Eugene Delaune and Dr. James Evans, who shared their thoughts and expertise on a few questions that demystify many queries and concerns people have about dealing with the onset of COVID-19 symptoms and what measures to take for prevention and treatment as we enter this fall season.
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The eight-day Mid-Autumn Festival break is China's first major holiday since it emerged from the coronavirus outbreak. While life has largely returned to normal in recent months, the upcoming "Golden Week" holiday will be an ambitious test of China's success in taming the virus and a much-awaited boost to its economic recovery.  Read More.

It's been feeling like everyone is kind of banking on spring 2022 being the end of the coronavirus crisis. People are planning weddings, trips, and belated birthday celebrations. Will we be safe to go party in those ways by summer 2022?  Read More.

All three Universal Orlando theme parks quickly reached maximum attendance this Labor Day weekend. Neither theme park resort has revealed what exactly their maximum attendance is under the reduced capacity, but this weekend, Universal Orlando's three parks reached their limits and closed to additional guests early in the day.   Read More.

For millions of college students around the world, this semester is going to look significantly different than last year. After completely moving to remote learning environments last spring, schools are now welcoming back students on-site or offering hybrid learning experiences. As students return to their campus and start attending class again, Assist America shares tips to ensure a safe and healthy college experience.   Read More.

For millions of college students around the world, this semester is looking significantly different than last year. After completely moving to remote learning environments last spring, schools are now welcoming back students on-site or offering hybrid learning experiences. As students return to their campus or shared apartment and start attending class again, Assist America shares tips to ensure a safe and healthy college experience. 
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Assist America has created a rating scale for the level of risk associated with popular Labor Day Weekend activities from backyard gatherings to a pool day.  
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As schools around the globe reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic, many safety and health precautions are put in place to prevent contagion from the coronavirus.  Read More.

Airbnb is teaming up with the National Park Foundation to help travelers explore nature as well as lesser-known (and less crowded) national parks.The new campaign encourages travelers and nature lovers to visit less traversed national parks that are a short drive from their hometowns.  Read More.

Over the last 24 hours, Hurricane Laura’s wind gusts jumped from 75 mph to 140 mph resulting in the storm being categorized as a Category 4 Hurricane.  Read More.

As we approach Labor Day Weekend and summer’s last hurrah, many people are once again confronted with the perils of vacationing during a pandemic and the inherent risks that come with travel these days. During a global health crisis and while the CDC does recommend staying at home, they do have guidance on how those who choose to travel can protect themselves.  Read More.

Read the latest traveler newsletter for security, health, and travel related content during the pandemic. This issue covers navigating quarantine in a foreign country, staying fit while working from home, protecting children from cybercrime during the pandemic, and a medical referral case for COVID-19.  Read More.

Virgin Galactic says it has teamed up with Rolls-Royce to develop a new aircraft that could launch passengers to their destinations at up to three times the speed of sound, or 2,300 miles per hour (3,700 kilometers per hour).  Read More.

The fast-moving Hurricane Douglas continues to approach the island chain of Hawaii. While the U.S. National Hurricane Center said the hurricane should gradually weaken on Friday, Douglas is expected to be at or near hurricane strength when it hits the Big Island on Saturday.   Read More.

Couples, one of which is an EU national, have been separated since March at least. With the EU’s facilitation of entry rules that enables families to reunite, lovers hoped they would be able to do the same, but such a thing has not yet happened.  Read More.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Assist America has expanded its offering to provide critical assistance to members around the globe.  Read More.

Summer is about beach vacations, mountain retreats and international getaways. The coronavirus pandemic has changed all that. And with COVID-19 cases continuing to surge, especially in the US, safely planning a vacation may seem impossible.   Read More.

Throughout the pandemic, airlines around the world have taken drastic financial and logistical measures to mitigate this unprecedented storm. From mass job cuts to consolidated routes, our team analyzed how the air travel industry is managing this crisis.  Read More.

The new coronavirus threw a big wrench in a lot of family summer vacation plans. Many hotels and resorts are closed and, understandably, people still want to avoid packed airports and crowded train stations. Fortunately, RV travel is a safe, affordable and easy way to vacation with family even during the COVID-19 crisis.  Read More.

While some countries struggle to get a grip on COVID-19 infections, others must find a balance between protecting their people from new local outbreaks and reopening their economies.

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The EU is considering barring Americans from entering the bloc because the United States has not adequately controlled the spread of COVID-19, citing draft lists of travelers who would be allowed. Travelers from Russia and Brazil would also be blocked from entering EU countries under the lists, according to The Times.  Read More.

No one knows for certain when the world will be COVID-19 free, or if it will ever be. What we do know today is that, whether COVID-19 free or not, the world as we knew it has been significantly reshaped for the foreseeable future.   Read More.

Our team has compiled a list of all travel restrictions in place around the world. Check out our new Interactive Map now!   Read More.

The coronavirus pandemic has been dominating headlines recently, but it's not the only pressing problem that affects the whole planet. World Ocean's Day is held on Monday, June 8, 2020 and on this day it is important to think about the damage we are doing to our oceans and how it also threatens our existence.  Read More.

Protests and riots can break out anywhere and at any time – a frightening reality for many travelers. Considering recent news across the United States, the Assist America team  has compiled a list of tips to help you stay safe when facing any volatile environments.
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From staying safe while in the store to making sure your groceries are sanitized before putting them away, it can take hours before you can actually sit down to enjoy a meal. Our team has compiled a list of simple steps and tips to follow to make the grocery shopping process as safe and straightforward as can be.   Read More.

While it is strongly advised to wear cloth masks when out in public, wearing gloves is not recommended. Both the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have strongly advised against the practice, warning that doing so may do more harm than good. Indeed, gloves present as much of a risk of cross-contamination as not wearing gloves.  Read More.

With retail stores and outdoor places being allowed to welcome customers again, there is a heightened level of concern with regards to limiting the risk of exposure to the virus and further spread of COVID-19. From how to use face masks properly to tips to make grocery shopping as easy and safe as possible, Assist America shares best practices and tips to limit the risk of getting the virus when out in public.    Read More.

Every spring, locals and travelers flock to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve to marvel at the blooming sea of wildflowers, most well-known for the bright orange poppy. Since this year nature-lovers can’t physically visit the poppies, NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center captured and shared satellite images of the spectacle.  Read More.

With lockdown and stay-at-home measures becoming the new norm, learning how to enjoy your time with your friends and family from your own home is essential. Fortunately, we are part of a technologically sophisticated world where we can find a solution to most of our challenges online.  Read More.

A member from Pennsylvania drove to Texas to visit family members when he began experiencing symptoms similar to those of COVID-19. Since he had made a few stops during his road trip, he was afraid he had been exposed to the novel virus and called Assist America for help in locating a testing facility.   Read More.

While on a romantic getaway to Bahamas in celebration of their wedding anniversary, a member had to be rushed to the ICU due to severe kidney pain. She was diagnosed with kidney failure and the member’s family was told by the facility to have her evacuated to another hospital.  Read More.

Assist America's global team has remained operational throughout the pandemic. Our 24/7 response centers, strategically located around the world, are available to help our members who are away from home and affected by COVID-19.   Read More.

Read the latest Traveler Newsletter for May 2020 with the latest updates on issues related to health, security and travel. In this Traveler Newsletter, we share the future of the travel and tourism industry after COVID-19, symptoms of the novel coronavirus, the upcoming hurricane season, and share a COVID-19 case story.   Read More.

While pursuing a study abroad program in Laos, two roommates had fallen sick with symptoms similar to the ones of the novel coronavirus and required testing before returning back to school. Assist America contacted the local CDC for advice and arranged transportation for these members to a facility that could provide COVID-19 testing.  Read More.

Assist America has enhanced its global emergency assistance offering to better respond to the needs of our members who remain away from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click to learn more about our pandemic services.  Read More.

With most Americans under "stay at home" orders, there’s been a distinct drop in automotive traffic. This is a positive for cyclists, whether they ride as a cost-effective, social distancing method of transportation or just a way to get out and exercise in spring weather. But be safe when you head out on two wheels.   Read More.

With countries all across Europe in lockdown, traffic in many cities has virtually disappeared, as these maps demonstrate. From Berlin to Bordeaux, Munich to Madrid, millions of people are staying at home as part of lockdown measures to curb the spread of coronavirus. And as a result, traffic levels across European cities have tumbled.  Read More.

This pandemic has thrown many curveballs, especially for the travel industry. Many of us had travel plans made for the summer and are left confused regarding what to do and what we are entitled to. Our team answers five key questions many travelers are asking. Check out our latest COVID-19 Update to find out more.  Read More.

With most business meetings and other communications now happening online, it is important to make a clear distinction between what is culturally appropriate when talking to international coworkers, friends, and other acquaintances.   Read More.

The postponed 2021 Women's European Championship will take place from 6-31 July 2022, Uefa has confirmed. The tournament, to be held in England, has been pushed back after the men's European Championship and the Tokyo Olympics were both postponed until 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.  Read More.

With billions of people quarantined and businesses closed, travel has all but come to a halt, significantly decreasing carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, 2020 is on track to see the largest yearly global decline ever in emissions.  Read More.

Amid the Coronavirus lockdown, wildlife has begun to reclaim urban areas now that there are less humans out and about, either out of curiosity or to search for food. From a sea lion on the sidewalk of Buenos Aires, Argentina to a group of Grey langurs roaming the deserted roads of Ahmedabad, India, it is surely a sight to see!

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One of the positive byproducts of the COVID-19 outbreak is that the earth is healing. Some of this is due to the lockdown measures, while some improvements are due to governmental regulations or small businesses pitching in to help with newfound “downtime.”
  Read More.

To celebrate this year’s Earth Day, our team wanted to share five important take-aways that shows how our planet has been affected by COVID-19.  Read More.

As recommended by doctors with various backgrounds and specialties, here are all of the OTC medications you should always have on hand.   Read More.

We never thought that a few of our daily activities that we have taken as granted for years would suddenly change due to the recent outbreak. Almost overnight, we had to adapt to living at home with our three kids, learn how to work from the home environment, and adapt to being confined at home for weeks!
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While we, adults, worry about our new COVID-19 routine, we must not forget that our children too have had their lives turned upside down and may deeply worry about themselves, their family, and their friends. The Assist America Team has compiled resources and information to help you ensure that your children keep a healthy mindset during the pandemic.  Read More.

As the lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus in India continues, pollution levels across much of the country have dropped sharply. Now some residents in northern India say they can see the snow-capped Himalayas 200 kilometres away for the first time in 30 years.  Read More.

Assist America has collected a list of our team's favorite travel documentaries and shows that can help you escape the new routine and lift your spirit during the COVID-19 social distancing period.
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Social distancing, also called “physical distancing”, is working! Signs of a slowdown across various countries in recent days are offering a beacon of hope to other nations that have implemented physical distancing and lockdown measures and where the pandemic is still spreading rather quickly.   Read More.

Telecommuting is a popular benefit sought after by many employees. It is known to promote employee satisfaction and loyalty, and positively affect productivity. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many employees around the world are now working from home.  Read More.

As the number of COVID-19 cases topped the 1 million-mark on Thursday, April 2nd, 93% of the world population (or 7.2 billion people) is now affected by travel restrictions and isolation measures.  Read More.

With cases of COVID-19 spreading around the world and affecting over 175 countries, travel and movement restrictions are quickly becoming the new norm. Assist America has compiled a list of activities that travel junkies and frequent travelers can engage in until they can be on the roads again.  Read More.

Cases of COVID-19 have been exponentially rising around the world with outbreaks in over 176 countries and an estimated more than 570,000 cases worldwide. Most countries have started enforcing stronger lock-downs and self-isolation measures to halt the spread of the virus.  Read More.

COVID-19 has rapidly changed the way our daily lives look like and is shaping new business practices for employers and their staff around the world. While having a remote workforce has been common practice for some companies, for many employers, it is a new way of conducting business that comes with its challenges.
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A few weeks ago, when operations were initially suspended in Asia, Royal Caribbean redeployed its China-based ships to Australia offering free cruises to first responders who battled the country's bush fires. But now that virtually all cruising has ceased and ships are either docked in ports around the world or idling at sea, what are lines doing with them?  Read More.

I'm sure you’ve all seen the insane immigration lines at the screening 13 airports where passengers waited hours in cattle-like lines, which definitely didn’t follow today’s protocol of social distancing. If I was scheduled to fly home, I would probably wait a few days until airports worked this chaos out.  Read More.

Read our most recent COVID-19 Assist Alert with the latest global news and travel updates.  Read More.

The safety and well-being of our Members is always our priority and, during this pandemic, our global team is engaged to continually assess and monitor its impact and to be available as a trusted resource for our Members and to continue to deliver travel assistance services.  Read More.

After infecting over 121,000 and causing more than 4,300 deaths, the World Health Organization declares the outbreak a pandemic. The formal declaration of a pandemic doesn't mean it's time to panic.  Read More.

Stop putting your phone, wallet, and keys into the bins at airports. Here's what the TSA is now telling passengers to do when traveling during the coronavirus outbreak.
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A motor vehicle accident during a business trip to South Dakota led to a major hip surgery and the member was unable to travel for a few weeks. Assist America was able to help this member return home after treatment and provide further assistance enroute.  Read More.

It would be wrong to say there is good news coming out of COVID-19, but there are causes for optimism; reasons to think there may be ways to contain and defeat the virus. And lessons to learn for the future.  Read More.

Italy's nationwide lockdown began Tuesday after its number of confirmed coronavirus cases rose past 9,100 and its death toll jumped to 463 on Monday night. It has the most cases and deaths of any country outside China.  Read More.

New guidance from the CDC urges travelers, especially the elderly and those with compromised health, to avoid long plane trips “and especially” cruises — a stark shift in rhetoric from an administration that had previously appeared reluctant to discourage Americans from moving around the globe.  Read More.

Nearly two-thirds of individuals traveling today are women, according to a 2016 report from the George Washington School of Business. Although a majority of women travel without difficulties, female travelers often face greater challenges than their male counterparts in terms of their safety and health, especially when traveling alone.  Read More.

Over the last couple of weeks, the rate of new COVID-19 cases in China has considerably slowed down, with more recoveries now being reported than new infections. However, the worry is now on the virus’ global spread as community outbreaks have been reported in more than 70 countries.  Read More.

Vacations are meant to be fun and worry-free, but sometimes overpacking can take away from the overall traveling experience. Travelers tend to overestimate many of the essentials we bring along for our trip. Here are some tips to help you avoid overpacking for your next vacation!
  Read More.

In an era when time is a luxury, take a hint from the glamour of yore and indulge in slow-moving, on-the-ground transport. Whether you’re exploring the Andes or dashing through a Japanese island, train travel consistently proves that fly-by country is much more interesting when seen on the ground.  Read More.

It was a dramatic weekend for coronavirus cases in Italy. On Friday morning, there were only three confirmed cases. By Tuesday, more than 283 had been confirmed and a seventh person had died. According to The Washington Post, cases of the coronavirus are rising, nearly every hour.  Read More.

Hong Kong's Disneyland is letting the city use its sites to quarantine people as the government tries to stop the deadly coronavirus from spreading.   Read More.

The novel coronavirus pandemic is not only shaking China, but the entire world as the number of cases reported continues to increase. Assist America has gathered the latest updates and travel advice about the outbreak and its impact on international travel.  Read More.

Princeton, NJ (February 14, 2019) – Differentiating itself by presenting unique and innovative global emergency assistance solutions to the group benefit insurance industry, Assist America, Inc. is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.  Read More.

New decade, new newsletter! We're thrilled to share our new version of The Traveler Newsletter packed with current and  compelling security, health and travel-related articles.  Read More.

A jet was caught on video making a "touch-and-go" landing at Heathrow Airport on Sunday during high winds caused by a storm dubbed by one tabloid as the UK's "storm of the century." In the footage, the aircraft passed overhead on its descent, wheels down and tipping from side to side in the air before the tires made bumpy contact with the runway.  Read More.

A plane skidded off the runway at Istanbul's Sabiha Gokcen airport on Wednesday, crashing into a road and breaking into pieces, Turkish media reported.  Read More.

On Thursday, January 30, the World Health Organization declared the novel 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak a global public health emergency. The announcement was made after the first case of person-to-person transmission outside of China was confirmed.   Read More.

To the average traveler, the seemingly random nature of flight cancellation decisions is perplexing. Ask an airline agent what’s going on, and the standard response is typically something along the lines of “It’s just the weather.” If that’s the reason, why aren’t all flights being canceled?  Read More.

Chinese authorities released updated figures regarding the coronavirus outbreak, raising the number of cases to 900 and the death toll to 26.   Read More.

Authorities have shut down all air, train and public transportation coming out of Wuhan. The city of 11 million inhabitants is now officially on lock-down for the indefinite future.  Read More.

While the Taal Volcano in the Philippines is showing quieter activity, local authorities are renewing warnings for people to leave the area as they fear a dangerous and explosive eruption in the days to come.  Read More.

From Tokyo to ‘transformational’ travel, here are some of the hottest tips for budget-conscious jet-setters for the New Year. These hacks reveal which travel traps to avoid and which travel opportunities should be priority on your list.   Read More.

FWD Life Insurance Corporation and Assist America have signed a partnership agreement allowing FWD’s online insurance shop customers to get rewarded with a one-year subscription to Assist America’s global emergency assistance services.  Read More.

A strong winter storm moving through the Upper Midwest and headed for the Great Lakes and New England regions of the United States has the potential of disrupting holiday travel through early next week and New Year’s Day.  Read More.

While on her honeymoon in Greece, a member woke up with severe pain in her neck and shoulder. Assist America assisted the member with arranging a medical referral followed by a medical repatriation back home.  Read More.

A powerful volcanic eruption has rocked New Zealand’s White Island, a small uninhabited volcanic islet sticking up out of the sea in the Bay of Plenty, 50 kilometres offshore of the country’s North Island.  Read More.

Air travels can be stressful. Now, add a 3-month old infant into the mix. One of our staff members and her husband recently traveled internationally twice with their infant. She shares a truthful report on what worked for them and what they learned during their trips.   Read More.

Millions of people flock to Machu Picchu every year—but the first person in a wheelchair only visited the ancient Inca site last month. The project is the brainchild of two friends from Chile who are on a quest to make travel accessible to all.  Read More.

Thousands of people are being evacuated from their homes in the Philippines as a typhoon approaches some of the most populated areas of the country.  Read More.

A total of 615 flights have been cancelled while 3,366 flights have been delayed within, into, and out of the U.S. as of the evening of Tuesday, November 26 following winter storms.  Read More.

Australia is set to make a big tourism splash in the next few years with a new $38 million marketing campaign and by capitalizing on its being named “Destination of the Year” by Travel & Leisure magazine last week.   Read More.

Exceptionally high tidal waters rolled relentlessly through Venice again on Friday, forcing the closure of St. Mark’s Square to the public and flooding most of the lagoon city’s already devastated center before easing. Forecasters warned that the danger for more wind-propelled high tides remained through the weekend.  Read More.

Welcome to the November Edition of The Traveler e-Newsletter! Enjoy a newsletter packed with interesting security, health and travel-related articles.  Read More.

Welcome to the November Edition of The Traveler e-Newsletter! Enjoy a newsletter packed with interesting security, health and travel-related articles.  Read More.

Barter Week only happens once a year. During this seven-day stretch, from Nov. 18 to Nov. 24, you can stay in a handful of accommodations (largely inns and small bed and breakfasts) around the world in exchange for some requested services. Think: writing skills, English lessons, photography, tango lessons — any skills that you can bring to the table.  Read More.

International private medical insurance (IPMI) provider Now Health International Group has announced a partnership with travel assistance company Assist America.  Read More.

The Island of Mindanao, Philippines, has been struck with three strong earthquakes on October 16, 29 and 31.   Read More.

Seguros Atlántida S.A. Partners with Assist America to provide global emergency medical services
  Read More.

Thousands of firefighters in the State of California have been fighting a total of 17 rapidly spreading wildfires in Northern California’s wine country and in the Los Angeles area.   Read More.

The fall season brings us cloudier days, cinnamon, pumpkin-spiced flavors, and the classic thrillers we spend hours watching and losing sleep over. At the end of October, many cultures around the world have their own way of celebrating the season. Here are a few examples of how cultures around the world spend their October 31st!

  Read More.

The 19-hour survey flight on a Boeing 787 is part of the airline's effort to launch the world's longest flights connecting Australia's east coast to both New York and London.  Read More.

Thousands of people are filling the streets of Lebanon on Thursday demonstrating against the government’s new tax measures. Road blockages are currently shutting down access the Beirut's International Airport, leaving thousands of travelers stranded.   Read More.

There is more to see in the fall in the U.S. than just leaves changing color (although those are worth seeing, too). As the weather cools and gets crisper, take advantage by going on a road trip.  Read More.

Thirty-six American Airlines passengers were notified that they may have been exposed to hepatitis A by a flight attendant, the ABC affiliate WSOC-TV reported. The potential exposure reportedly occurred on a September 21 flight from San Francisco to Charlotte.  Read More.

A dangerous typhoon, considered as a Cateogry-5 hurricane by the U.S. military’s weather agency, is expected to hit Japan this Saturday, October 15 with what could be the heaviest winds and rain since 1958.  Read More.

If you look only at price, you might end up on an airline that’s notorious for losing bags or delaying passengers. If you’re a frequent flyer, you could be flying for free after you collect your points, jet-setting to a destination you otherwise may not have considered, but choosing who you fly with matters.  Read More.

While traveling with his wife in Florida, Jason started experiencing severe pain in the abdomen and was immediately taken to the local hospital. Here's how Assist America helped Jason and his wife return home after his colon surgery.  Read More.

Few events rival the atmosphere of college football. From tailgating until the final score, you cannot help but feel excited. Even if you're not rooting for either team, these college football travel destinations are some of the best places to visit in the fall.  Read More.

Thomas Cook, a British, fully integrated travel company and tour operator headquartered in Manchester, England that serves leisure destinations worldwide, has collapsed as of Sunday, September 22 after talks on a financial rescue failed.  Read More.

The holiday season is one of the busiest and most popular times to travel with people wanting to get home to family or go on a spectacular vacation with their time off. Experts say it’s also one of the most expensive times to travel and that waiting for the best price can actually come back to hurt you.  Read More.

The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has closed one of its major runways for repairs over the weekend. Construction of the runway has caused hundred of flight delays and cancellations that may continue until September 27, when the runway reopens.  Read More.

Held on the first Monday of September, Labor Day has become much more than a 24-hour celebration. The public holiday, in honor of working people in the United States, signifies the end of summer for many. So it is little wonder that the entire three-day weekend boasts festive events to which people travel from coast to coast.  Read More.

With crowded flights, little leg room, and low air circulation, traveling on airplanes can be uncomfortable and unnerving. There are many factors involved in picking the right seat to help your overall in-flight experience. Here are some tips for finding the best seats to fit your situation.  Read More.

Thomas Gilovich has revealed that people experience the same amount of happiness when making a purchase and when they travel. While the happiness you derive from a purchase reduces over time, the memories of your traveling experience still supply you with happiness hormones for a long time.   Read More.

Once known as one of Asia’s major transportation hubs, Hong Kong International Airport has lost its status following the cancellations of many major flights throughout the past few weeks. International flight reservations to Hong Kong have fallen by 33% between mid-July to early August following the intensified protests.   Read More.

Welcome to the August Edition of The Traveler e-Newsletter! Enjoy a newsletter packed with interesting security, health and travel-related articles.  Read More.

Anti-government protests in Hong Kong have taken a turn for the worse and have led the U.S. State Department to issue a Level 2 Travel Advisory, cautioning travelers to “exercise increased caution in Hong Kong due to civil unrest.”  Read More.

Did you know that as an airline passenger, you also have something like a passenger's bill of rights? These lay out your basic rights as a passenger.These passenger protections were first issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation in December 2009.  Read More.

Hong Kong has seen eight consecutive weekends of anti-government and pro-democracy demonstrations, some of which have been marked by violent clashes between protesters and the police.   Read More.

Grace started experiencing severe leg pain on a business trip to California and had to consult a doctor. She called Assist America to help her find a local physician that can help her during her stay in the US.  Read More.

Airfare prices are volatile with a capital “V”. Did you know that the average economy fare changes a total of 61 times before a trip? So it stands to reason the number one question we get from customers is “When should I buy my airline ticket to get the best deal?”  Read More.

With the warmer days of this summer season quickly approaching, more people are flocking outdoors to enjoy some summer fun. If you’re planning a trip for the season or are just enjoying the outdoors, it is essential to stay hydrated and here are a few tips that may be helpful.  Read More.

Square windows were all the rage in early airplane design—after all, why change a model that’s worked in homes and cars for generations?  Read More.

A New Jersey-bound plane was forced to land on Thursday morning because of a reported bomb threat.Flight 191 made an emergency landing at London Stansted Airport and was forced to park in an isolated location that was away from airport operations.  Read More.

Western Europe is bracing for an intense, dangerous, and possibly even deadly heat wave this week, with temperatures due to soar as high as 45 degrees Celsius, or 113 Fahrenheit.  Read More.

The Dominican Republic has been in the media spotlight, in light of the recent deaths of vacationers to the island. Many travelers have fallen ill during trips there and the death count has risen to 12 people as of the release of this Assist Alert.  Read More.

JetBlue inspires fanatical devotion among some fliers. And, later this year, the airline’s biggest fans will be able to spend even longer aboard a JetBlue plane. JetBlue has announced its longest route yet: a 6.5-hour flight from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Guayaquil, Ecuador.  Read More.

Jean-Michel Cousteau, the son of one of the world’s most famous ocean researchers (Jacques Cousteau), and his family have been responsible for some of the greatest ocean exploration in history. Despite having just turned 81 years old, Cousteau is dedicated to travelling the world acting as a voice for the ocean.  Read More.

Paris has just announced plans for a major new park at the base of the Eiffel Tower. British landscape architecture firm Gustafson Porter + Bowman’s proposal was selected by the city, which will transform over 100 acres into what will be the largest public green space in the city.   Read More.

The United States has confirmed 940 cases of the measles, spread over 26 states. Measles were declared eliminated in 2000, according to federal health officials. However, this outbreak has been noted to be the worst case of measles since 1994 and may even exceed the highest number of cases which occurred in 1992.  Read More.

When Jeff had an accident while on a deep-sea fishing excursion during their vacation in Florida, Khloe contacted Assist America to help them get back home safe and sound.   Read More.

Armstrong’s “one small step” has been talked about for decades is one of the most celebrated events of the past century. To celebrate a number of destinations across the U.S. will be marking Apollo 11’s achievement with a series of special events.  Read More.

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Passengers flying from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City will soon be able to witness spectacular views of its famous runways from what could be one of the coolest pools on the planet.  Read More.

A fun trip with friends can take a turn at anytime. When John had a skiing accident during his trip to Colorado, he knew Assist America will be there to help him return home safe and sound.   Read More.

Malaria is a serious and sometimes fatal disease. Travelers going to at-risk countries should use careful prevention measures to avoid contracting malaria. Download Assist America's Malaria Fact Report to learn more about the disease and how to prevent and treat it.  Read More.

A 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck the island of Luzon in the Philippines on Monday afternoon, 5:11 pm local time.  Read More.

On April 9, the U.S. State Department announced a new risk indicator to warn U.S. travelers regarding the risks of getting kidnapped or taken hostage in certain countries and regions.   Read More.

Airbnb is taking "Night at the Museum" to the next level with its latest overnight stay contest. This is the first time in history that art lovers will have the chance to sleep in the Louvre, spending the night alongside masterpieces like the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo.  Read More.

Eurostar Disruptions Continue from Paris to London due to French Customs Strikes.
  Read More.

The unexpected often happens. Thankfully, when Josh and Ashley got into a scooter accident during their last Spring Break vacation, they remembered they had access to Assist America's services through Ashley's job benefits.   Read More.

For the past several weeks, France has been shaken by weekly protests known as the ‘Yellow Vest’ movement. Here is a brief overview of how the protest may affect travelers that are going to France. 

  Read More.

You have your boarding pass, and you're ready to head through airport security on your way to somewhere awesome. When you reach security, however, you find you forgot to remove your five-ounce shampoo bottle. Mistakes like this can add unneccessary time to your airport security process.
  Read More.

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If you’ve ever thought about pulling a fast one on an airline by attempting to book a ticket using “hidden city ticketing” you may want to think again.   Read More.

The year ahead promises to be an exciting one for museum lovers. Brand-new institutions debut their collections and exhibitions as cherished museums reimagine themselves in grand new buildings. 
  Read More.

Travel Tip Thursday | 1/24/2019
Before traveling to a foreign country, notify your bank of your travel dates and destination(s). It will prevent your bank accounts from being suspended for fraudulent or suspicious activity while you are abroad.   Read More.

The Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas cruise ship cut its journey short after 475 passengers and crew members were infected with a norovirus.  Read More.

We spend a lot of time celebrating aviation's brashest achievements -- biggest, fastest, longest. But for most of us, the everyday reality of travel is economy and short-haul, and that can often mean crowds, delays and wasted time. There are some regional airlines and airports making efforts to improve the short-haul experience, however, and to bring some of the humanity back to travel.   Read More.

Snow? In the Middle East? Yes, it does happen! Here are six places where you can find snow in the region this winter.  Read More.

In May 2018, the Kilauea Volcano erupted on the island of Hawaii causing severe destruction in the area. However, if there’s ever a silver lining to this tragedy this is it.   Read More.

On December 22nd, the U.S. Federal Government began a shutdown due to the disagreement regarding fund assignments for the 2019 fiscal year. The shutdown is currently in its third week and is starting to impact tourism and travelers across the country.   Read More.

This Thursday, the U.S. Government renewed its travel advisory regarding travels to China. This warning is the result of what the U.S. Government considers as the arbitrary enforcement of local laws and the detention of several U.S. and Canadian citizens without cause.  Read More.

According to the World Tourism Organization, more than 1.3 billion people traveled in 2017 with more expected to have traveled in 2018. This increase in travel worldwide has not only created a more sophisticated leisure traveler but has also raised the bar for business travels. Providing assistance to millions of business travelers each year, Assist America has selected its top business meetings destinations.   Read More.

Last Saturday night, a tsunami struck the Sunda Strait coasts in Indonesia without warning, killing at least 373 people and leaving almost 1,500 people injured on the islands of Java and Sumatra.   Read More.

The Atlanta-based airline company will update its service-animal policy later this month to include a ban on emotional-support animals (ESAs) on flights lasting longer than eight hours.  Read More.

Two back-to-back earthquakes rocked Anchorage, Alaska this Friday morning, triggering a tsunami warning for coastal areas in southern Alaska and Kodiak Island.  Read More.

Welcome to the November Edition of The Traveler Newsletter! We hope you'll enjoy this winter and holiday season-focused edition, packed with interesting security, health and travel-related articles. On behalf of the entire Assist America Team, happy holiday season, filled with fun and safe travels!  Read More.

Traveling can be exciting and with all you have to look forward to; you do not want to forget the essentials. Packing can be time-consuming and you may still end up forgetting some things back home. Instead of having to go through the stress of incomplete packing, follow our quick and easy five tips that will keep you organized on the go!

  Read More.

A European city crisscrossed by waterways is facing too much water altogether. Officials estimate that up to 75 percent of Venice, Italy, is flooded amid intense winds, the BBC reported. The water reached its highest level since December 2008, according to the Associated Press.   Read More.

When Lara and her husband travel outside the United States for an adventure trip, she takes a fall to her hip. This is how Assist America helped the couple navigate their way back home after they were unable to find the proper facility for treatment in the area.   Read More.

Traveling can be an enriching experience for your children as they can learn so much from meeting new people and seeing new things disparate from the norm. However, traveling with children can also leave some parents worried as not all kids have the same response to new experiences. Here’s a list of tips parents should try when air traveling with their young ones!  Read More.

Hurricane Willa, which strengthened to a Category-5 hurricane, is expected to make landfall on Tuesday morning anywhere from Mazatlán to the north of Puerto Vallarta.  Read More.

Spoiler alert: Bulkhead seats and exit rows shouldn't always be your top choice. Everyone has their go-to spot on an airplane, which can actually say a lot about a person's personality.  Read More.

Within the last three days, tropical storm Michael intensified to a Category 4 Hurricane, surprising a lot of Floridians and tourists who waited before evacuating. The hurricane reached the western Florida coast this afternoon with winds of 155 mph which makes it the most powerful storm to hit the U.S. mainland in almost 50 years.
  Read More.

While visiting family in Kansas, Kevin severely injured his leg and was unable to travel. This is how Assist America helped Kevin navigate his way back home to California.   Read More.

Traveling is great fun, but can come at a cost to the environment. It is essential that we take care of the resources we currently have available to us and not deplete them all together. To reduce your footprint on your next journey, here is a list of things you can do!

  Read More.

Primera Air declared bankruptcy and ceased all operations effective Tuesday, October 2nd. With no warnings, over 60,000 passengers and many crew members were left stranded at airports throughout Europe and parts of North America.   Read More.

Google has added an explorable 3D view of the globe in its latest Google Maps update, radically changing the apparent size of countries and continents around the world. Google Maps now zooms out to show a 3D view of the globe, rather than a flat ‘Mercator’ projection.  Read More.

What all of these considerations share, though, is a common assumption: trust. Travelers trust cruise operators to provide them with a good time, yes. Even more fundamental, though, is travelers’ assumption that cruise lines will keep them safe and bring them home in one piece.  Read More.

Millions of people are at risk from Typhoon Mangkhut which could bring catastrophic floods, landslides, and huge waves to the countries on its path.   Read More.

Hurricane and storm surge warnings have been issued for large parts of North and South Carolina as Hurricane Florence continues to move toward the East Coast.   Read More.

When Emma required lost luggage assistance on her business trip, Assist America was there to help. This is how Assist America helped Emma in retrieving her lost luggage and successfully completing her trip.  Read More.

Going to a foreign land, far from your hometown, can sometimes lead to a state of confusion and culture shock. To understand another culture and get used to the new streets, you should do some research of your own. Here are some tips about things that you should research prior to leaving for your trip!  Read More.

Between exams, papers and maintaining an active social life, many college students feel they can't really find the time to keep up on their personal health and wellness until an illness catches hold and stops them in their tracks. This is what all students going away from home should be doing on a daily basis.  Read More.

Homesickness is more than the concept of missing home or missing family – it is the feeling of longing and feeling out of place. Whether they are in or out-of-state or studying in a foreign country, not only are students experiencing a new phase of life, but they are also at a new school, in a different state or a new country.

  Read More.

The archipelago of Hawaii is bracing itself for Hurricane Lane, a Category-4 hurricane, scheduled to make its way over the Hawaiian Islands late Wednesday, August 22nd and Thursday, August 23rd.  Read More.

Not all countries in the world have the same attitude when it comes to tourism. Some governments make getting a visa such a protracted experience that only the most die-hard travellers can be bothered. Remember that no matter where your travels take you, Assist America will be there to help as there are no exclusions for geographical locations.   Read More.

An aircraft owned by Xiamen Air had a rough landing Thursday at Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL) in the Philippines when it skidded off the runway during heavy rainfall. 
  Read More.

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Assist America provides global services in Punta Cana after Justin took a fall to the hip while on vacation with his wife. This is how Assist America helped them navigate their way back home.   Read More.

Earlier today, the Morandi Bridge (Ponte Morandi) in Genoa, Italy collapsed killing at least 22 people and injuring many others who were traveling on this road at the time. More than 200 firefighters and first responders were called to the scene.   Read More.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation has deemed the 80-year-old Lincoln Tunnel to be structurally deficient and functionally obsolete which led to the initiation of a $90 million project to extend the bridge’s life by 75 years.   Read More.

Traveling is great fun and most of us love an escape from the norm to go out and explore new horizons. However, traveling can also be risky and no traveler is safe from an emergency. To make your travels less stressful, a travel assistance package may be the right investment for you.  Read More.

Small actions create a long-lasting impact especially during your travels. Here's how a teen helps a blind, deaf man communicate on Alaska Air Flight on his way home.  Read More.

Ever wonder why when you’re flying at night, the cabin lights are always dimmed for take-off and landing? Well, it’s not to distract you from your reading. The cause for the enforced darkness is actually a “safety precaution."   Read More.

When Mia injured her leg during her romantic getaway to Florida with her husband, Assist America was there to guide her and get her back home safely. Upon returning home, she shared her experience with the team and this is what she has to say.   Read More.

There are endless advantages to traveling without anyone else in tow. You can choose your destination without having to consult or compromise. You set the budget, the dates, and the itinerary—and that’s all before you even arrive. Learn more about the benefits of traveling alone.   Read More.

Travel can make you particularly vulnerable to identity theft and frauds. It is crucial to prepare ahead of time and do what you can to protect your personal information and belongings.
  Read More.

Happy 4th of July from the entire Assist America Team. We wish you safe travels and a wonderful Independence Day!  Read More.

Fireworks, food, and patriotic music are part of July 4 festivities throughout the United States, but beyond that, the observances differ as much as the locations themselves. From small towns to larger cities, citizens have created Independence Day celebrations that reflect their culture as well as their place in history.  Read More.

Assist Alert: U.S. Supreme Court Votes to Uphold Trump's Travel Ban. Check out our travel alert to find out what it means for nationals from Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen.  Read More.

Assist America provides global services in India after the wife of a covered employee took a fall to her hip. See what she has to say and learn more about what Assist America has to offer you!  Read More.

Balloons, body paint, joy and mourning — across the world Sunday, Muslims gathered to celebrate the end of the holy month of Ramadan, and the festivities took nearly as many shapes as the places they were held.  Read More.

What is it like to travel to a country when the majority of the population are observing Ramadan? How might it affect your trip? Here's a handy Ramadan travel guide.  Read More.

In two weeks only, one of the most important and exciting sport event, the FIFA World Cup, will begin in Moscow, Russia. For an in-depth guide to the 2018 World Cup, download the Assist America pdf guide here.  Read More.

Check out this article to learn some of the interesting tactics behind keeping the airports we love clean. Getting sick is one of the most common travel emergencies, so be sure to contact Assist America for help if it ever happens to you!   Read More.

The results of a massive study show that the best wine according to reviews is actually found in a completely unexpected state. Click to find out what it is!  Read More.

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If you are a fan of aviation like we are, you will love these pictures of the coolest looking passenger planes to date!   Read More.

If you are lucky enough to be attending, these are some things you simply cant leave without doing. Assist America wishes everyone who will be traveling for the World Cup a happy and safe time!   Read More.

If you are a foodie, and looking to travel this summer, these destinations could be perfect for you! Remember to activate your Assist America Mobile App, and call with ANY questions you may have about your destination before travelling.   Read More.

In the midst of continued striking over a pay dispute, the CEO of Air France has submitted his resignation, sending the airline deeper into turmoil.  Read More.

An abrupt injury has caused a couple to be stranded on their honeymoon, and incur huge expenses. Assist America could have helped them navigate their insurance policies, and even repatriate the couple home at no cost to them! Our services would have made all the difference for this newlywed couple, and we hope to be there next time! Click to see their full story.   Read More.

The genuine firsthand experience of an expert traveler culminates into this very helpful list. Check it out before you travel, and you could have a much smoother trip!   Read More.

To respond to security issues and concerns that have been raised over the last couple of years, Uber is taking big steps towards providing an improved service and better security to its riders.   Read More.

It is now a fully implemented policy for travelers to remove all personal electronic devices (larger than a cell phone) from their carry-ons in the security check. You may also be asked to remove other items such as food or powders if they obstruct the screening.   Read More.

Expert Travel Advice | 4/17/2018
Highly experienced traveler Jada Yuan of the New York Times shares her answers to many travel issues, such as language barriers, and traveling alone as a woman.   Read More.

If you want to know how to pack lightly but effectively, check out prominent stylist Kate Young's top five suggestions!  Read More.

Technological advancements in surveillance are digitalizing the entire air traffic control (ATC) process. This means an airport can now conduct ATC activities from remote locations. Click to learn more about this interesting industry trend.   Read More.

Boracay Island in the Philippines has long been known as one of the most sumptuous destinations in the world. However, after a recent visit from the country’s President, the government announced today a 6-month closure of the island following sanitation problems.   Read More.

On March 31st, the 1,188 foot long Symphony of the Seas cruise ship departed for the first time in Barcelona. Click to see pictures, and learn more about this awesome machine!  Read More.

"Your team is wonderful! I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it!" Words of a member's daughter who was grateful for Assist America's role in successfully repatriating her mother.   Read More.

Hertz Asia has launched Hertz Chauffeur website to make it easier for customers, including travel agents, to book chauffeur services for a full day, half a day and airport or city transfers.  Read More.

Spring is officially here, and with it comes the start of strike season in France. Strikes can be stressful and confusing for even the most experienced locals. To make it easier, here is a guide to the spring strikes and tips on how to cope with the disruptions.  Read More.

Would you be willing to disconnect completely and leave your phone behind during your next vacation? The newly-launched travel company Off The Grid offers group trips with itineraries, lodging, and a daily breakfast included — and no phones allowed.

  Read More.

This recent article summarizes the public's readiness for the future of travel. Could the largest threat to these immense innovations be consumer apprehension?

   Read More.

Several companies have been undergoing extensive testing and development for flying taxis. Uber, and Airbus are among these hopefuls, and reports indicate that the concept could become reality as early as 2020. Learn more here!  Read More.

From Germany to Spain, a wave of biting cold weather called the “Beast of the East” is passing through Europe, impacting travel with snow falls and freezing temperatures.   Read More.

Some airlines are trying to implement a pricing system that will charge different prices for different people. New technology will allow them to identify customers via their IP address, which can be used to "mine" for data, and create person-specific prices. Click to learn more!  Read More.

If you are hospitalized 100+ miles from home, but still need assistance post release, Assist America will arrange and pay for your tickets home, and an escort if needed, even if you live thousands of miles away!  Read More.

This heavily anticipated attraction finally has an opening date! Be sure to book some tickets, activate your Assist America account via our mobile app, and have a wonderful time if you go!  Read More.

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The TSA seized nearly 4000 firearms in 2017, a new record. Check out this link to learn more interesting facts about these discoveries!  Read More.

A member was studying abroad in Thailand when he fell off a 30 foot balcony. Check out the full story, and how Assist America was able to help!  Read More.

In 2017, Assist America assisted members in all 50 states, and 120 countries, including Nepal, Japan, New Zealand, Bhutan, Mozambique, and Brazil to name a few. With no restrictions on location or hours of operation, we will be there for you no matter where 2018 takes you!  Read More.

The 2018 Winter Olympics is scheduled to take place from February 9 to 25, 2018 in Pyeongchang County, South Korea. For an in depth guide to the 2018 Winter Olympics, dowload our pdf report.   Read More.

Flight attendants take each passenger into consideration when trying to make a great flight possible. Find out how in this article.   Read More.

Assist America's purpose is to deliver unparalleled emergency and non-emergency assistance services to business and leisure travelers at anytime, across the globe and without financial burden. Once a case is closed, we send a Satisfaction Survey to learn about our members' experience. Here is how our members felt about our program and services in 2017.   Read More.

Assist America’s mobile app is an effective informational tool for any traveler, and gives you quick access to our assistance services anywhere on Earth. Learn more here!  Read More.

Assist America will send a loved one to your bedside, even if it is across the planet. Learn more about this powerful service here.   Read More.

The results for our 2017 Satisfaction Survey are in! Assist America is honored to have been able to help and gain the trust of the many members who required our assistance throughout 2017. Our Team wishes you a safe travels and fun adventures for 2018!    Read More.

Passengers on board a commercial flight from Auckland to Honolulu were able to celebrate the new year twice as a result of the flight! Click to learn how this was possible.   Read More.

Storm Eleanor is expected to bring wind gusts of up to 80 mph to Ireland and the UK late January 2nd through January 3rd. The storm, accompanied with heavy rain falls, is expected to cause significant disruptions and damages to the affected areas.   Read More.

New Research shows that 2017 was the safest year in history for air travel. This latest article summarizes the findings, and what happened on the few flights that didn't go so well.   Read More.

A survey has been released showing the busiest air routes in all of the Americas, and the results may surprise you. Click to find out!  Read More.

Are you curious as to how other countries kick off the new year? These awesome celebrations from around the globe are sure to make a very memorable start to 2018.   Read More.

The only thing that could enhance a trip to one of these sensational locations is the confidence you will gain from having travel assistance.   Read More.

2017 From Above  | 12/19/2017
These stunning aerial photos from around the world in 2017 are sure to enlighten your day.  Read More.

If you are traveling with kids this Holiday season, be sure to check out our suggestions on how to do it right. It covers entertainment, safety, comfort, and planning, and can save your trip!  Read More.

If you want to travel in the coming year, but don't know where to go, this list is sure to get some ideas flowing!  Read More.

A robot with advanced artificial intelligence has joined the concierge team at a Las Vegas hotel. Click to learn more about this amazing technology that could one day be in hotels everywhere.  Read More.

New Delhi, along with other metropolises around the world, have recently been under scrutiny for record high smogs. While travelers are unlikely to suffer long-term consequences of repeated exposure to smog, they may temporarily experience shortness of breath, worsening of asthma and allergy symptoms, throat or chest irritations. Read Assist America's tips to limit the impact of air pollution when traveling.   Read More.

Security experts are advising passengers not to throw out their passes or post pictures of it online. Hackers can gain access to your personal information via a boarding pass barcode.   Read More.

The volcano activity of Mount Agung is now at a very high level and the risk of a more dangerous eruption is increasing. Experts say that a larger, explosive eruption could happen or that the volcano activity could continue for weeks.   Read More.

Waiting at the airport can be extremely boring. These simple tips will help you alleviate this boredom without breaking the bank.   Read More.

These images show some of the stories you didn't hear about in the news this week, as well as fresh angles on the ones you did.   Read More.

Traveling to New Delhi may be difficult as some airlines have canceled flights due to the intense smog. Click to learn more about this recent health emergency in India.   Read More.

For the last 'The Traveler' of the year, enjoy a newsletter packed with interesting security, health and travel-related articles. We wish you an excellent end of 2017 and see you in January for more exciting content!  Read More.

If you are travelling abroad this Thanksgiving, this list should help you find the most traditional (and delicious) food in a city near you!  Read More.

If you are going to travel by yourself, the tips from this list will help you have a smooth and less stressful journey.  Read More.

Climate, seasonal activities, and many more factors were used to create this ultimate November travel list.   Read More.

A Qatar Airlines pilot shares the cockpit footage of an incredibly stressful (but beautiful) landing. Click to watch the amazing video and learn more!  Read More.

With the Day of the Dead being celebrated in Mexico, and Halloween in America, much of the Americas are dressing up today. There is actually very little correlation between the two holidays, and are celebrated for different reasons. Click to learn 10 things that everyone should know about the Day of the Dead.   Read More.

U.S. air travel is subject to new security procedures, impacting both domestic and international flights. While the DHS is rolling out its final phase of the REAL ID Act which concerns all domestic U.S. travels, airlines announced new security measures on inbound flights to the U.S.  Read More.

Thats right, We're talking abou the Pope! The Vatican doenst actually own a plane, so how does he fly, and what is the plane he flies on actually like?   Read More.

The Atlantic hurricane season is in full swing (technically ends November 30). If a hurricane or storm is set to effect your travels, these tips are sure to help you out!
  Read More.

Ever since Jaclyn India founded her ultra high end travel agency, she has encountered some of the worlds wealthiest clients. She has helped arrange weddings on the Eiffel Tower, private viewings of the Mona Lisa, and even found a way to have a client explore the Galapagos Islands from the comfort of their own Yacht.    Read More.

If you enjoy the ocean, and underwater exploration this list is perfect for you. A vacation to any of these spots is sure to be an unforgettable experience!  Read More.

Would you agree to a vacation before you knew where you were going? The practice is becoming increasingly common for travel agencies, with many people finding comfort in not knowing their destination. Itineraries are well planned by the agencies, and you are guaranteed at least one major surprise on the journey!  Read More.

You can still have an amazing vacation in Cuba, despite the recent travel warning and restrictions. Click here to find out more!  Read More.

This interesting story from a domestic flight passenger shows the importance of composure and thought in the face of adversity. Both things we pride ourselves in at Assist America.    Read More.

Check out how the recent hurricanes can effect your travel to the Caribbean. Despite efforts from first responders, there are still lingering damages that can hinder your journey. Travel Weekly has compiled a list of the potential travel obstacles you can expect, for every island in the Caribbean.   Read More.

The U.S. Government unveiled new restrictions on travel to the United States from eight countries, including North Korea and Venezuela, after its ban on visitors from six Muslim-majority countries expired Sunday.  Read More.

Flight attendants want to help you have the best flight possible, however all bets are off if you say or do these things.   Read More.

New drivers requirements are coming this January. Not all states are fully prepared, and you could be effected. Click here to learn more.   Read More.

A strong magnitude 7.1 earthquake occurred this afternoon shortly after 1:00 pm near Mexico City. Severe damage to several buildings, infrastructure and MEX airport are reported. Primary reports also indicate dozens of people killed and more injured.   Read More.

Testing has just been approved for a new, and more effective luggage scanning device. Click here to learn how these scanners work, and why they would slash airport security lines.   Read More.

Last week, the Caribbean Islands and South Florida suffered severe damage as Hurricane Irma passed over the region. An estimated 6.3 million Florida residents followed evacuation orders and found refuge in northern states. Over the course of this crisis, Assist America was fully staffed and closely monitoring the situation to assist members in need of travel or medical support.    Read More.

In the last couple of years, there’s been an increasing amount of buzz about something called “transformational travel.”  This movement, or travel trend, is defined by The Transformational Travel Council as any travel experience that empowers people to make meaningful, lasting changes in their life.  Read More.

Since the last couple of weeks, several natural disasters have hit southern states, Mexico and the Caribbeans. With all these weather events happening in such close timeframe, it is hard to keep up with the news. Here, we review the situation for each event and assess how it affects travelers.  Read More.

Category-5 Hurricane Irma has made landfall late last night, hitting several Caribbean islands. The eye of the storm passed over Barbuda, Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy islands and is now pointing to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba before possibly heading for Florida over the weekend.  Read More.

Multiple cruise lines are altering their sailings as Hurricane Irma approaches the Caribbean. The current forecast predicts that the hurricane will reach Anguilla on Wednesday at Category Four, with sustained winds of 125 knots and gusts to 150 knots.  Read More.

German police will evacuate about 70,000 people from their homes on Sunday after an unexploded World War Two bomb was discovered in Frankfurt.  Read More.

Follwing the suspicious death of U.S. student Otto Warmbier, U.S. citizens will be barred from traveling to North Korea beginning September 1. This ban  has prompted some daring American globetrotters to fast-track their vacations to North Korea.  Read More.

Hurricane Harvey developed last week over the Gulf of Mexico and made landfall in Texas and parts of Louisiana last Friday night as a Category 4 hurricane. Since then, Harvey was re-classified as a tropical storm which heavy rainfalls have caused dramatic damages to some of Texas’ most populous cities.  Read More.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of State issued a new travel warning regarding the risk of traveling to certain parts of Mexico due to the activities of criminal organizations in those areas.   Read More.

Here are 18 tips on how to make your flight as enjoyable as possible. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!  Read More.

Welcome to the new edition of The Traveler, an enhanced version of our quarterly newsletter. While continuing to bring you thoughtful content regarding security, travel, and health-related subjects, we have also worked on improving our readers' experience.   Read More.

Musk's revolutionary Hyperloop train could have the potential to get travelers from New York to Washington D.C. in 29 minutes! He is looking to install these trains between major cities all across America. If he gets the necessary approval, travelers could notice unprecedented decreases in travel time in the coming years.   Read More.

Check out PlansMatter, a business oriented towards finding architecturally beautiful homes available for rent. If you care about renting in style, look no further!  Read More.

From the Swiss Apls to beaches in Hawaii, a U.S. News report provides ideas on how you can still have a great time traveling this summer, without breaking the bank.   Read More.

Bill Bensley is one of the best luxury resort designers in the world. Click here to learn more about his amazing work, and the philosophies he puts into his practice.   Read More.

Analysts at have created a useful diagram to help travelers optimize the price they will pay for airline tickets going to specific regions. Any prospective traveler should check it out, to find out how far in advance they should buy their ticket if they want the best price.    Read More.

One frequent flying business woman found the perfect way to turn something tedious into her new favorite hobby. Click the title to see some of her stunning work, and learn more.   Read More.

A solar eclipse will cast a shadow over America on Monday August 21st! Find out how much you will be able to see from your own town, and if you want to move to another to get the full once in a lifetime view.   Read More.

The U.S. State Department recently updated the Safety and Security guidance regarding travels to Mexico upon the release of an investigation surrounding a U.S. citizen’s questionable death at a resort in Mexico.   Read More.

Travel Tip | 7/26/2017
Are you anxious about accidentally leaving something on at home when traveling? Never again with this easy trick!  Read More.

Here are some tips to consider when preparing to dine in a foreign country. Dining in accordance with their customs will go a long way for you, and any locals you might be with.   Read More.

One must always have the right tools for the job, and traveling is no exception. Here, Travel Pulse discusses some of the most stylish and functional carry-on suitcases available today.   Read More.

The BBC reports on some of the crazy and unexpected things people have been caught with while travelling via train and plane. Click to get the full details on the findings.   Read More.

The Trump administration has undone some of Obama's key legislation regarding travel to Cuba. The main restrictions include the abolishment of people-to-people travel, and transactions with companies run by the Cuban military.   Read More.

Remember that Assist America's Operations Centers are open 24/7. In the unfortunate event that you need us during this July 4th weekend, you can reach out to us by phone, email, text, or via our free mobile app.   Read More.

Every beach goer should be aware of the threat posed by rip currents. Here you can learn how to identify and avoid, and possibly escape them.   Read More.

A dozen countries reported this Tuesday, June 27, 2017 that a cyber-attack had targeted government sites, infrastructures, companies, banks and transportation.  Read More.

Dry drowning is something every single parent needs to know about -- especially in the summer months, as more children go into the water to evade the heat.  Read More.

Here is a list of the 15 most dangerous places on earth to take a vacation. Thankfully, in case you still want to check the places out, Assist America will be there to assist you in case an incident happens!   Read More.

Assist America is pleased to announce and welcome David L. Nagengast as the new Vice President of Sales. David brings more than 20 years of sales and business development experience in the Group Insurance industry and extensive expertise in the domestic and international employee benefits sector.  Read More.

Situation: Mr. Patel and his family where just over 180 kilometers from home, on his way to his parents' house, when a car hit them at full speed. While Mr. Patel and the children were unharmed, Mrs. Patel was unfortunately badly hurt. Thanksfully, Assist America was there help!   Read More.

The diplomatic crisis in the Middle Eastern Gulf has had an immediate effect on transportation, travel, immigration, supplies, and oil price. Another impact that sport fans should be aware of is how it may affect the 2022 World Cup in Qatar if the situation isn't resolved soon.   Read More.

On June 5th, several countries decided to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, including air, land and sea links to the country beginning Tuesday, June 6th. Read our report on the on-going situation and its impact on travelers.  Read More.

At 80 years of age, it's safe to say that Bette Nash, still flying today, seen it all and served them all. She shares stories from her carreer up in the air and takes us back through the history of commercial air travels.  Read More.

The U.S. will not extend the laptop ban to flights from Europe to the U.S. for now, but the possibility is still "on the table," the Department of Homeland Security said Tuesday.  Read More.

Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte declared the imposition of martial law on May 23 at 10:00 pm for the Island of Mindanao. This decision follows clashes between military forces and rebels in Marawi City (or Maranaoan in Filipino), a city located on the Island of Mindanao.  Read More.

The government has raised its security threat level from "severe" to "critical" following the suicide bombing at a concert in Manchester which killed 22 people.  Read More.

If you plan on traveling internationally, no matter your citizenship, always verify whether your destination requires a visa. The list of countries that require visas for Americans includes some surprising travel hotspots such as Australia and Brazil and some more obvious destinations like Cuba.  Read More.

A quarterly informational bulletin on security, medical, and travel related issues.  Read More.

Reports in the US say that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is “likely” to extend this ban to inbound flights from the UK and Europe due to continued security fears.  Read More.

Nearly 14 years after the last flight of the Concorde, Supersonic air travel is back in fashion. The Virgin-backed Boom project, aims to get passengers from London to New York in 3.5 hours and they want to ensure you enjoy every minute of the ride.  Read More.

On May 1st, the U.S. Department of State issued a Europe-wide travel alert. The warning covers a period of 4 months ranging from May 1st to September 1st. This alert is meant as a reminder for travelers going to Europe during this period of the current elevated terrorist threat in the region.   Read More.

Once you have checked your bags in at the check-in desk, your bags are in for a six-mile automated trip through the bowels of the airport. We found a great video which follows our checked bags in their airport journey.  Read More.

While it has faded from many newsrooms, the Zika Virus still poses a real health threat to travelers, especially pregnant women. As the summer and mosquito season approaches, we created an updated report on the Zika virus to help you protect yourself and your family from this virus when traveling to high-risk areas.  Read More.

A study led by the Consumer Protection Cooperation (CPC) network found that 235 travel booking websites had prices that were ‘not reliable’. If you are planning and booking a trip online, make sure you compare the prices on several sites before you process payment.  Read More.

Corporate events offer the opportunity to interact face to face with clients, partners and colleagues and play a strategic role in maintaining strong business relations. Check out our 5 favorite cities that we think are the most suitable to satisfy all of your event’ requirements and delight your guests.
  Read More.

Sometimes, the stress of travel is enough to make you wonder if the getaway is worth it. Here are 10 tips on how to reduce stress and anxiety when it comes to planning, packing and, finally, traveling.  Read More.

For the second year in a row, surveys show that the best time, on average, to purchase a plane ticket for domestic U.S. flights is 54 days in advance.   Read More.

The world’s first cruise ship tunnel, Stad Ship Tunnel, will be built in Norway starting 2019 and will allow passenger ships to bypass a treacherous sea known for storms.  Read More.

Labor strikes occur more often than one would expect and can affect public transportation, air travel and even taxis. Travelers around the world should keep in mind that they may face cancellations, delays and disruptions and should always prepare accordingly.   Read More.

Just five months after the world’s shortest international route was added, the eight-minute flight between Germany and Switzerland will make its final journey on April 14.  Read More.

For most people, keeping fit involves an established exercise routine built around a regular weekly schedule. But what if your job involves large amounts of travel?  Read More.

No matter how experienced you are as a world traveler, changing political landscapes can alter your plans far more than changes in physical landscapes.  Read More.

Situation: Assist America's member, Emma was transported to a hospital after falling and severely injuring her head during a family cruise around Mexico.  Read More.

What would you miss most if you lost your camera? The 36.3 megapixel FX sensor and weather-sealed body? Or the memory card filled with life's unrepeatable moments?  Read More.

Travelers headed to the U.S. from eight MENA countries have been prohibited to carry electronic devices larger than a cellphone during their flight.  Read More.

Long layovers tend to involve over-priced, over-processed airport restaurants and poor decisions made in terminal gift shops. But not all cities are so dire: An increasing number of airports now offer tours of their cities for free!  Read More.

Airlines have already canceled over 1200 flights in anticipation of Winter Storm Stella that is slated to hit the Northeast United States on Monday night through Tuesday afternoon.  Read More.

No matter where you are traveling, you need to be safe. Things can happen—injuries, theft, losses and more.  Read More.

A London bar has introduced advanced technology that allows customers to pay for their drinks simply by scanning their fingers.  Read More.

There’s more to traveling in March than package trips to beach resorts for thirsty spring breakers: As the season looms in the Northern Hemisphere, temperatures rise and destinations emerge from winter hibernation.  Read More.

If you think packing up the minivan for a weekend at grandma's is overwhelming, try prepping for a year and a half on the road. Jessica and Garrett Gee have been traveling with their two kids, Dorothy, 4, and Manilla, 2, since August 2015.  Read More.

If you want to take your kayaking experience to the next level, you may want to check out one of these transparent new kayaks created by Crystal Kayak Company, says Lonely Planet.   Read More.

A few months ago I wrote about how you can encrypt your entire life in less than an hour. Well, all the security in the world can’t save you if someone has physical possession of your phone or laptop, and can intimidate you into giving up your password.  Read More.

An informational bulletin on security, medical, and travel related issues  Read More.

Air travel is usually more stressful than romantic, but on Valentine's Day many airports and airlines go out of their way to add a little love — or at least some chocolate — to the journey.  Read More.

Have we made travel too special? Look, I get why we do it. Travel is a special thing, and it’s impossible to enjoy something so special so much without talking about it in hushed tones with lofty modifiers and intense urgency. We love travel, and we want to communicate that love to everyone around us so they can enjoy it as well.  Read More.

Flying can take its toll on your body. From the dry air on the plane to the jet lag and the dehydration, you might not feel your best when you arrive at your destination.  Read More.

Forget your selfie stick, because it’s now a relic of a bygone era. The new hotness is a drone you can carry in your pocket. AirSelfie is everything you need to be a walking drone studio as you traipse across the transom of this great wide world of ours.  Read More.

On Jan. 27, the U.S. government issued an executive order banning citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen from entering the US for at least 90 days; all Syrian citizens are barred until further notice. The order also suspends the US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) for 120 days.  Read More.

Skúli Mogensen, the founder and owner of WOW Air, the Icelandic budget airline that now flies to Reykjavik from Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, spends a lot of time in the air.  Read More.

This year’s 40-day official travel season known as “Chunyun” (directly translates to: “Spring Festival Transportation”) is projected to top last year’s travel totals with a projected 2.98 billion trips taking place. 356 million Chinese travelers are expected to take to the railways and 58.3 million to the air this holiday season.  Read More.

Looking for a place to welcome in the Year of the Rooster as the Lunar New Year draws close?  Read More.

If you're traveling to India in the near future, you should anticipate some difficulty and inconvenience when seeking to exchange foreign currency for Indian Rupees.  Read More.

For the third consecutive year, national parks in the United States hit a record-high number of visitors in 2016, but the increase in traffic has also resulted in more congestion at the parks and more guests misbehaving.  Read More.

Question: Can a larger aircraft land on a shorter than recommended runway in an emergency? What tactics would a pilot use — slower approach speed, maximum reverse thrust, brakes to the firewall, etc. — to execute this?  Read More.

If you were among the lucky ones who recently received an Apple Watch as a gift, you may still be figuring out what exactly it can do for you. When it comes to travel, there are dozens of watch apps that can make your journey run a little smoother.  Read More.

We can now send you a text with a link to our Mobile App so you never leave on a trip without the protection of Assist America!  Read More.

Multiple people were killed in a shooting Friday at the Fort Lauderdale airport, the Broward County Sheriff's Office said on Twitter.  Read More.

An informational bulletin on security, medical, and travel related issues  Read More.

If you’re one of those folks who just wish 2016 would go away already, you’re not alone. This year has been a domino effect of gloom, with the weight of the elections, an increasingly fragile global sentiment and continuous threats to travel.  Read More.

Where will the best wine regions be in 2017? Conde Nast Traveler checked in with some of the world’s top sommeliers to find out where they recommend traveling to.  Read More.

Did you know? | 12/20/2016
A record 103 million Americans – an increase of 1.5% from 2015 are expected to travel during the peak holiday season between December 23rd and January 2nd according to AAA.   
  Read More.

Security: UPDATE 1: Officials confirm at least nine dead and more than 50 injured after vehicle crashed into Christmas market in Berlin, Germany, Dec. 19. Avoid the area.  Read More.

Winter Travel | 12/15/2016
With the various weather alerts happening throughout the world, traveling during winter months seems like it comes with its own set of rules. Because roads can be slick and icy, it's best to use extreme caution when hitting the roads or air - just as in any type of severe weather event.   Read More.

On Monday, the United States Department of Transportation announced a new agreement to improve the accessibility of bathrooms on single-aisle airplanes and of in-flight entertainment.  Read More.

“There’s no place like home for the holidays.” For some, home is a short drive, while for others it can be a long trip. As the holiday season approaches, planning travel to visit family and friends can lead to added stress and anxiety.  Read More.

This alert affects Islamabad and began 07 Dec 2016 14:37 GMT and is scheduled to expire 08 Dec 2016 23:59 GMT.   Read More.

For nearly six decades, Bette Nash has been sharing her contagious smile with the world -- from 30,000 feet. This makes it quite possible that she's the world's most senior flight attendant, still flying. At 80 years of age, it's safe to say she's seen it all, and served them all.  Read More.

Buzz Aldrin's evacuation from a remote part of the world display's the importance of having an excellent travel assistance plan. If he was an Assist America member, every aspect of his evacuation would have been arranged and paid for by us.  Read More.

Airline Strike | 11/30/2016
Airline strikes, or threats of strikes, happen all over the world almost every day.  Most are resolved fairly quickly but even with that said, a daylong disruption can wreak havoc on travel plans.  Read More.

Universal is teaming up with Nintendo to bring a nostalgic treat to its theme parks in Osaka, Orlando, and Hollywood. The new immersive attractions will give visitors “the fun of stepping into a larger-than-life Nintendo adventure,” immersing them in popular Nintendo games.  Read More.

George Washington initially set the date of Thanksgiving on October 3, calling the celebration the ‘National Thanksgiving Proclamation.’ After this, the date of Thanksgiving in the United States, varied depending with each state scheduled its own holiday, some as early as October and others as late as January and was largely unknown in the American South.  Read More.

Tsunami Safety Tips | 11/22/2016
With the recent earthquake in Japan and the possibility of a tsunami occurring, understanding what a Tsumani is and how best to prepare is key information.  Read More.

The last thing you want to see on an airplane is a passenger turning their respective seat into an actual bed. That is, unless, that passenger happens to be an adorable child.  Read More.

It was “Snakes on a Plane” IRL on an Aeromexico flight to Mexico City from Torreon on Sunday, reports the Associated Press, and the footage is going viral.   Read More.

Traveling to a new city or country is fun and exciting — but dealing with the hassle at the airport is not. From expensive flights and annoying fees to long lines and unexpected delays, traveling via plane can be one huge headache.  Read More.

Frontiers Conference Highlights UPMC and Pitt Excellence  Read More.

She reported that one of their insureds was hospitalized in PA following some sort of cardiac event. The student had answered the door for a delivery at her host family’s home and simply dropped to the ground. The delivery driver called 911 and performed CPR until first responders were able to arrive...   Read More.

Someone went and Scooby-Dooed that entire Bermuda Triangle thing. According to The New York Post, we can nearly put to bed the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle and what may have caused so many aircraft to go missing in that part of the world.  Read More.

Spend a lot of time in airports? That’s an unequivocal yes for those of us in the travel  industry, along with those lucky people who take vacations—lots of vacations.  Read More.

For many years, U.S.-based airlines focused much of their cabin upgrades on their international fleets. Domestic First Class remained feeling like it was stuck in the 1970s, when First Class meant a wide seat that reclined more than the ones in the back. But thanks to the record profitability at many airlines over the past few years, some of that money is being invested into upgrades that will draw elite travelers.  Read More.

For flight attendants, who often spend more than 80 hours in the air a month, traveling can become almost second nature. So who better to turn to for travel tips and tricks than the people with extensive knowledge on the matter?  Read More.

The Thai palace confirmed the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej late Oct. 13. The long-reigning king had suffered from ill health for years, and officials had warned that his condition was worsening in recent days.  Read More.

When morning coffee is served as thick, dark and potentially brain-exploding as this, we can only be in Athens. We're being served this potent, unfiltered concoction, brewed together with sugar in a traditional brass pot over a gas flame, as fortification for a food tour of the Greek capital.  Read More.

Jennifer Aniston has been the celebrity face of Emirates airline for a while now. In a new ad for the airline, she's not just celebrating the famed First Class cabin set-up—she's also flying economy.  Read More.

Turbulence is the least of your worries  Read More.

Frequent fliers know that in the competitive world of modern airlines, it takes a skilled player to spot the good deals among the gimmicks.  Read More.

British airliner, Easyjet, has confirmed that a 26 year old captain and her 19 year old co-pilot have become one of the youngest flight crew duos for commercial air travel.  The two pilots operated flights from London to Malta, a 3hr non-stop flight.  Read More.

Not every traveler uses a travel agent to book their trips. Instead, they try to book the entire thing on their own, convinced that they will save money or time, or even get a better deal than a travel agent will get. Some do. Others, unfortunately, make mistakes.  Read More.

Would you believe that aircraft designers and spacecraft designers work together when they consider the comfort of their passengers?  Read More.

Super Typhoon Meranti continues to veer south as it tracks northwestward in the Philippine Sea early Sept. 13. As of 0500 CST, the system's center of circulation was about 680 km (422 miles) southeast of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The typhoon is forecast to weaken slightly after it passes south of Taiwan Sept. 14, with landfall projected in southern Fujian Province in southeastern China early Sept. 15.  Read More.

It’s time to grab a glass of your favorite brew and toast the fact that the kids are finally back in school and the cooler weather means the beer world is free to move beyond summer shandies and IPAs. So whether you like a pumpkin ale, a stout, or a lager, today is your day to wear it (not too) loud and proud.  Read More.

We know what you’re thinking: “airport” and “sushi” are two words that should never be spoken together. We get it, there’s nothing that needs to be fresh more than sushi, and nowhere is known for skimping on freshness quite like airport restaurants.  Read More.

The general rule of thumb was that as a United States citizen, if you planned on traveling to foreign countries you should get your Hepatitis A vaccination.  However, it is becoming more and more apparent you don’t have to go outside the United States to be exposed.  Read More.

Central Italy has been hit by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake in the region of Umbria about 65 miles northeast of Rome. Many roads in and out of towns have been cut off, but it does not appear that there will be any air travel disruptions - flights to Perugia and Rome are both unaffected.  Read More.

A boring layover can be a pain, but getting sick at an airport terminal can be even worse. With cases like allergic reactions, dehydration or even heart attacks affecting travelers, having medical clinics at the airport might seem like a no-brainer.  Read More.

As the demand for bespoke, one-of-a-kind travel experiences skyrockets, luxury trips designed around the use of private jets are becoming de rigueur for granting guests no-holds-barred access to the world at large.  Read More.

Southwest Airlines unveiled its new uniforms with none other than an in-flight fashion show.  Read More.

We might be nearing the end of the busy summer travel season, but it’s never too soon to start preparing for the next time you’re holding a boarding pass and running toward your departure gate. The innovators and big thinkers on Kickstarter have some new ideas to keep you comfortable, carry-on sized and – perhaps most importantly – well-caffeinated on your upcoming business trips or on family vacation.  Read More.

Delta Airlines continues to encounter disruptions Aug. 9, a day after a system outage prompted a worldwide ground stop. This outage shows the problem in Delta’s computer system and these glitches happen a lot more than you think.   Read More.

Situation: Assist America’s services attached to a health plan, 34-year-old male traveling on business in Kenya was paralyzed following seizure  Read More.

To the many who have ever wondered how you could just slip on through past the TSA, there is a video that shows a man doing just that.  Read More.

Back in the days when commercial flights were first becoming mainstream, the Pan Am girls weren’t the only ones looking fly to fly. Traveling via airplane was a rare, expensive and extremely special occasion and, thus, passengers dressed to impress in suits, hats, dresses, coats, and, of course, heels.  Read More.

Early Thursday, Southwest Airlines was forced to cancel and delay hundreds of additional flights after a computer system outage caused the cancellation of an estimated 700 flights on Wednesday.  Read More.

The 2016 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, and commonly known as Rio 2016, is a major international multi-sport event in the tradition of the Olympic Games due to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from August 5 to August 21, 2016.  Read More.

An informational bulletin on security, medical, and travel related issues  Read More.

If you’re eating next to a tourist attraction, you’re eating at a tourist trap.  Read More.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration showed off its new experimental passenger screening lines -- what the agency said could be the first chapter of a book titled, "The Future of the TSA."  Read More.

Migrants seeking a better life will do astounding things to attempt to cross a border. One video recently surfaced that shows a man from Eritrea who stuffed his six-foot frame into what looks to be carry-on luggage.  Read More.

Fiji is probably the exact image that comes to mind when most people envision the ideal trip to the South Pacific.
  Read More.

The Empire State Building experience is now getting a boost from your phone.
  Read More.

Suicide bombing at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Turkey, late June 28 kills at least 36 people, injures at least 147.   Read More.

It’s time for a crash course in manners – an airline cotillion for the business traveler if you will.
  Read More.

Find out what tourists are most likely to lose their clothing and hang out in their birthday suits at the beach with this wonderfully insightful summer survey.
  Read More.

We’ve all been there: trying to find some peace and comfort on a flight while your fellow passengers engage in a variety of behaviors that make flying—especially on full flights—even more challenging than it already is.  Read More.

The hottest dining ticket on the planet right now?  Read More.

Conversing with other cultures is easy in science fiction fare thanks to universal translators, TARDIS telepathic fields or even babel fish. Well, one device has us ever closer to that kind of translation power becoming a reality.  Read More.

Taxi drivers are a diverse lot. From the white-gloved drivers of Japan to the proud professionals of the United Kingdom and Ireland that must pass rigorous local geography tests before taking to the wheel, most are out to make an honest living. In other places, regulations are patchwork (or nonexistent) and drivers and operators may be looking for extra ways to separate you from your money.  Read More.

Unless they're hilariously bad, we normally steer clear of other people's yawn-inducing vacation snaps. With a few exceptions. National Geographic's annual travel photo contest is one of them.  Read More.

Leaders of the major French air traffic controller (ATC) unions have threatened to stage a nationwide strike from 0600 CEST June 3 to 0600 June 6.  Read More.

As security concerns mount at international airports, more security officials are turning to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport to understand what it does differently. The airport, considered one of the safest in the world, has layers of security, only partially visible to the 16 million passengers who pass through every year.  Read More.

Don’t forget to pack the Assist America Mobile Application!  Read More.

You just checked in at the front desk of your hotel and are making your way up the elevator to your room. Unbeknownst to you, there are people checking into their rooms in the very same building, but they're checking into an entirely different hotel. How can that be?  Read More.

Loyal guests of Hilton hotels will now be able to choose a room with a view. Hilton Worldwide is now integrating Google Maps into its HHonors app for its loyalty club members.  Read More.

As of Thursday, May 12, the Lola app that aims to revolutionize the travel industry had gone live. As of this writing, however, travel agents remain very much safe from the budding mobile application.  Read More.

Depending on the source, this year’s Zika virus outbreak has had either a negligible or profound impact on Caribbean travel. The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) views Zika as enough of a threat to this week launch Caribbean Mosquito Awareness Week, a joint initiative among the agency’s member states.  Read More.

Many people keep an emergency contact in their phone, generally labeled as ICE. If you use a passcode for your phone—which you should do—that contact, though, becomes locked underneath your pin code.  Read More.

Favorite Foods from our 50 states (part 5 of 5)  Read More.

Favorite Foods from our 50 states (part 4 of 5)  Read More.

Favorite Foods from our 50 states (part 3 of 5)  Read More.

Favorite Foods from our 50 states (part 2 of 5)  Read More.

Favorite Foods from our 50 states (part 1 of 5)  Read More.

In celebration of National Travel and Tourism Week and the theme of “Travel ‘16”, Assist America will be sending emails highlighting Favorite Foods from our 50 states, from May 2-6.  Regardless of your political views, great food is something we can all agree on  Read More.

Many tourists, photographers and even residents have fallen in love with Hong Kong's endless energy and tangle. The stacks and layers of Lego-like buildings, which gave rise to the now-hackneyed term "residensity," are a popular subject for Instagram pros and amateurs alike. The problem is, it's a challenge to come up with unique, breathtaking views of an almost over-photographed city.  Read More.

Wherever you go, access a wide range of travel assistance services directly from your smartphone. Sign Up to our AssistAlerts and the Traveler e-newsletter to stay up to date with everything travel, security and health related!  Read More.

Situation: Assist America’s Services attached to a health insurance plan, Acapulco, Mexico, 61-year-old female fell, fracturing hip  Read More.

These people are the apex of horrendous behavior. Or, if you like, they are the absolute nadir of the traveling world.  Read More.

Little did you know but your travel charger could use a little buddy. PompAdapter is just that, a close personal friend of your smartphone or tablet charger that makes your power solution far more efficient – at least that is what the people behind the innovation boast on Indiegogo.  Read More.

With the recent major earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador causing damage and casualties, Assist America would like to ensure that you are informed and prepared when you are traveling should you encounter an earthquake or other natural disaster.  Read More.

It's an unfortunate traveler that must choose a vacation destination on the quality of its toilets. At least they now have a handy guide.  Read More.

Be prepared! You might need a visa for your next European holiday or business trip.  Read More.

Like too many industries, travel has long been a business dominated by men. From airlines to hotels to tour operators — it hasn’t historically been easy for women to break through travel’s glass ceiling.  Read More.

Sign up for an airline travel credit card at the wrong time of year and you could end up many days late and nearly $200 short.  Read More.

An informational bulletin on security, medical, and travel related issues  Read More.

Alaska's Pavlof Volcano, which erupted unexpectedly over the weekend, continued to rumble and fling ash into the sky Monday, the Alaska Volcano Observatory said. The ash plume is now 37,000 feet high and trails some 400 miles to the northeast over the Alaskan interior. Aviation alerts were up in the region.  Read More.

Authorities are boosting security across Europe in the wake of the terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium. Additional security personnel are being deployed to airports, train stations, and other mass transit sites, likely in response to the targeting of the airport and metro stations in Brussels. Security checks have also been intensified and more patrols deployed along borders.  Read More.

Fans of Denmark must be even happier than usual: Denmark has retaken the title of "world's happiest country," knocking Switzerland into second place.  Read More.

A woman was arrested upon arrival at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport on Monday after she tried to conceal a child inside a carry-on bag on a flight that came from Istanbul, Air France said in a statement obtained by CNN Wednesday.  Read More.

Renewing a passport and border checks are not the easiest of tasks for Shona Owen thanks to the unusual location of her birth.  Read More.

Assist America’s new Coverage Indicator feature in the Assist America Mobile Application determines when you are eligible for services.  Read More.

Vacation travel might be a chance to relax, but business trips are too often long stretches of tedium punctuated by tension and frustration.  Read More.

Airlines have long seen profitability in investing heavily in first- and business-class while degrading the flying experience in coach to cut costs. But why stop there?  Read More.

Right before boarding on an airplane we hold onto our boarding passes like our lives rely on upon it. But after we boarded, many, if not all of us, doesn’t care anymore about this ticket. Sometimes we throw it in the plane, other times we left it in the hotel room, or just chuck it. But this careless can get you into so much trouble.  Read More.

Think you're a geography expert? Test your knowledge!  Read More.

Airline accidents declined dramatically in 2015, making it the safest of the past five years.  Read More.

U.S. airlines will begin a fierce bidding war to win routes and airport slots to a destination that's been off-limits to them for more than 50 years: Cuba.  Read More.

The Zika virus was discovered nearly 70 years ago, but chances are you probably hadn't heard of it until the past few months.  Read More.

The CDC is actively working on improving testing and screening for Zika Virus, and also looking at treatments and vaccines for the virus.  Just like West Nile though, the CDC’s best recommendation and hope at the moment is in mosquito control.  Here are some tips courtesy of the CDC that you can provide to members who are traveling...  Read More.

Click the title above to view/download a PDF guide to Zika virus.  Read More.

You probably already know that a winter storm is set to arrive Friday, crippling air travel on the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. Thankfully airlines have agreed to waive change fees ahead of the storm, but when countless passengers are also trying to change their flights at the same time as you, how do you actually get through to an agent to assist you with a making a new flight?  Read More.

If you’ve tried to book a flight in the past…ever, you know that not all departure dates are equal. It seems like every travel site has a theory about when is the best time to find the best fares, ranging from Momondo’s magic number of 53 days before departure to Expedia’s insistence that you need exactly 176 days before that European trip.  Read More.

Change might be inevitable, but try telling that to the airlines. Switching up an itinerary can be a costly affair, with all major U.S. carriers charging at least a $75 fee for domestic flight changes. For the three biggies — Delta, American and United — it’s a flat-out $200 penalty. Add that on top of an increase in fare, and you’re going to end up really shelling out.  Read More.

When I was in Rome, I had a solid mile-long walk from the Metro stop to my apartment. My flight landed at stupid o’clock in the morning, so I was carrying a supersized coffee while simultaneously pulling my suitcase and navigating the cafe tables that filled the sidewalks. About every two minutes, I had to put either the cup or my suitcase down so I could push a metal chair out of the way. “Why can’t this be easier?” I thought to myself.  Read More.

Call to confirm flights.  Read More.

It might be time to bid that honey tea goodbye.​​  Read More.

On airplanes, your seat may be used as a flotation device. It can also be used to smuggle gold.  Read More.

A new checkpoint security system being tested at Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, may one day speed up airport check-in and remove TSA agents from the process.  Read More.

Last year was filled with innovations and pioneering trends, from Uber-style private jet companies to mind-blowing tech like smart airline uniforms and 3D-printed hotel suites. So what will this shiny new year hold? We’re not psychic, but we can make some educated predictions for some of the travel trends in store for 2016. Here goes:  Read More.

So now we turn our thoughts to the new year. Last year at this time I suggested twelve New Year’s resolutions for travelers that still ring true. But this year I’ve made only one. And I do think that it’s the most important one of all.  Read More.

Recently I deleted dozens of travel apps from my iPhone. Many are great. They allowed me to research unfamiliar places, listen to audio tours and turn my photos into postcards. But travel is about tapping the world, not a screen, so I’m ending the year with an app purge.   Read More.

With more than 38 million passengers expected to fly on U.S. airlines this holiday season, the forecast calls for full planes, busy terminals and cranky travelers.  Read More.

How much would you pay to get out of the middle seat on your next flight? With luck and a few bucks, you’ll never again have to sit in the space that offers neither a bird’s eye view nor easy access to the john.  Read More.

An informational bulletin on security, medical, and travel related issues  Read More.

Let’s be honest: in-flight Wi-Fi is usually too expensive, too slow and provides the user with a general feeling of frustration. But what if you had a cheaper option that didn’t allow you to do any actual web surfing, but allowed you to stay in touch via messaging apps? Would you use it?  Read More.

“All-things-airport” app FLIO launched in only August of this year after seeing a hole in the market across the various apps and services offered by airlines, retailers and airports. The fledgling company’s mission is to make airport experiences easier and less stressful, and it’s off to an incredible start after completing its mission of onboarding 200 airports into its connected ecosystem before the year’s end.  Read More.

The emergence of new technologies in the travel sector hasn’t just revealed efficiencies, improvements and conveniences previously inaccessible to us in our simpler, less-connected days. It’s also shifted the burdens of many responsibilities historically bared by workers onto passengers.  Read More.

On the surface, it sounds like a good idea: traveling to a country that uses the U.S. dollar as its main form of currency. A surprising number of countries either rely totally on greenbacks, or they are almost universally accepted alongside local bills.  Read More.

Did you know? | 12/7/2015
Traveling to Beijing?  Read More.

In one great leap for artificial intelligence and perhaps one step back for the confused airline passenger, KLM Airlines has introduced Spencer, a robot who will guide hapless travelers around the airport.   Read More.

When we buy an airplane ticket from Point A to Point B, we usually get there without incident. Aside from a few delays, the odd cancellation, or the occasional lost bag, airlines generally do what they say what they’re going to do.  Read More.

You may have heard this announcement before: "Ladies and gentlemen, a passenger requires medical attention. If there is a physician or medical personnel on board, please identify yourself to a flight attendant."  Read More.

As the U.S. State Department issued a rare worldwide travel alert for Americans, Assist America wants to remind travelers to take all necessary precautions when traveling during this holiday season.   Read More.

A thief could be feeding off of your identity for years before you find out—and when you find out, it’s only when you apply for a loan or to rent an apartment and get rejected on the grounds of bad credit—which the thief has tanked.  Read More.

Border check-free travel is a bedrock principle of the European Union. But evidence that Paris attackers crossed borders could change that  Read More.

It was not immediately clear exactly what the border checks meant for people traveling to or from France. The country's airports are still open, as is its rail system, according to a release from the French government.  Read More.

Transportation Disruptions are occurring throughout Paris, France after Terrorist Attacks. Sporadic disruptions to public transport lines, including Metro and RER services, will likely continue.  Read More.

Rima*, an Assist America member, was brought on a family trip to Southeast Asia by her children, far from her home in the Middle East.   Read More.

Global Entry is a great way to speed through immigration when returning home from abroad, and it’s definitely worth the $100 signup fee. But there’s another program that speeds up the immigration process (albeit not as much) that not many people know about — and it’s free.  Read More.

Americans almost can’t help but think of ourselves at the center of the universe, privy to the best of the best. But a new report from Hipmunk on the best airport lounges across the world doesn’t even see an American entry in the top 20. Instead, Asian, Middle Eastern, and above all, British airports dominate the luxe lounge list. Here’s a quick look at the top 10:  Read More.

Myth: I don’t need to get the flu shot every year.  Read More.

Hurricane Patricia was a tropical cyclone that formed in the eastern Pacific and rapidly intensified into a Category 5 hurricane. Even more quickly than the storm strengthened, it rapidly weakened over the rugged terrain of Mexico.  Read More.

Hurricane Patricia | 10/23/2015
Patricia becomes dangerous Category 5 hurricane Oct. 23; landfall in Jalisco State, Mexico, afternoon Oct. 23. Catastrophic damage likely.   Read More.

Most travelers arrive at the airport with hopes of having a stress-free experience. But with long lines, high-priced dining, and cranky passengers, things rarely go as planned. While we can’t control the airlines, there are a few things you can do to make your time more enjoyable. Use these hacks the next time you head to the airport.   Read More.

You can take your small dog or cat along with you on select trains. Now that Rover can come over, we hope to see you and your pet onboard. Pease refer to the guidelines below. Other restrictions may apply. Note that these guidelines do not pertain to passengers traveling with service animals.  Read More.

Woman gives birth mid-flight. Cameras roll. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the new baby on board.  Read More.

Last quarter, U.S. passenger airlines pulled in $5.5 billion dollars in net income, their biggest haul since 2007. And in the industry’s last annual report, U.S. airports said they pulled in $18.2 billion dollars in total operating revenue.  Read More.

An informational bulletin on security, medical and travel-related issues  Read More.

Think you've got first aid down pat? Think again. Much of what most people know about first aid comes from outdated practices, old wives' tales, or was passed down through generations of family until it became fact. And if your great-great-grandmother says you should pour hydrogen peroxide over a scraped knee, you believe her.  Read More.

The Nobel Prize for medicine has been jointly awarded this year to three scientists for their work on parasitic diseases.  Read More.

When it comes to identity, most banking services seem to have kept a foot in the Stone Age while the internet changed the world around them. Just opening an account required individuals to show up to a brick-and-mortar branch carrying several different identity documents to prove who they are. Once the account is open, users rely on bank cards and passwords to transact.  Read More.

Doctor Khurshid Guru is urging parents of asthmatic children to keep their medication close by in wake of a scary incident aboard a trans-Atlantic Air Canada flight Sept. 18.  Read More.

It’s probably America’s most controversial list. You can be put on it without your knowledge, and getting off it is extremely difficult.  Read More.

Passengers landing at remote Ornskoldsvik Airport in northern Sweden might catch a glimpse of the control tower — likely unaware there is nobody inside.  Read More.

New Jersey Transit’s message for those who plan to see the Pope Francis in New York or Philadelphia: Plan carefully and buy ride tickets now.  Read More.

It’s enough to make you want to wear a hazmat suit on your next flight.  Read More.

If your customers are from New York, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, or American Samoa, head’s up. Travelers from those locations soon will be out of luck if they try to travel using a driver’s license as ID.  Read More.

A bite from a single mosquito can result in fever, headaches, and pain. Severe cases can experience a multitude of symptoms including bleeding, shock, organ failure -- and potentially death.  Read More.

If you have a hearty appetite for adventure and an even heartier appetite for food, hit the road and lock horns with these eating challenges. You’ll get a real bargain, a great story, or maybe both.  Read More.

If you’re visiting New York and just can’t wait to post that selfie with Elmo and a topless woman to Facebook using Time Square’s free Wi-Fi, it’s best to think again. You may just be leaving your phone data wide open for hackers.  Read More.

How does a doctor diagnose something they've never seen before? One answer comes in the form of online tool VisualDx, a website and app used by medics to solve clinical conundrums -- in real-time.  Read More.

India has been making headlines lately with its environmentally-safe transit technology, including its solar powered railways. Now, in another forward-thinking move, Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) in Southwestern India will become the first entirely solar-powered airport, according to a press release. The airport is installing a 45-acre solar power farm with 46,150 solar panels, which will generate enough power to run the airport, and then some.  Read More.

Because cheaper flights=more money for other WAY MORE FUN STUFF. With these sites, and a bit of flexibility in your dates and destinations, you'll be off to an exotic land on the cheap in no time.  Read More.

Huzzah! iPhone users, you’ll be overjoyed to hear that the latest versions of Apple’s operating system will have yet another feature that’s good for traveling. Apple already announced it would roll out transit directions in Apple Maps and make Apple Pay available across the U.S. and U.K., but there’s a less hyped feature that’s about to make carrying an iPhone on the road even sweeter.  Read More.

There are a number of customs and gestures that Americans use without thinking twice. But when traveling abroad, they will not only out you as a tourist, but could get you in hot water in other countries.  Read More.

It’s that time of year, and lots of Assist America members are out hiking and camping.  Animal bites, especially envenomations, are a real hazard to anyone spending a significant time outdoors away from developed areas.  While some bites may be nothing more than a nuisance, many can be quite dangerous, especially without proper cleaning and care.   Read More.

Airports are getting a little more child-friendly, at least for parents traveling with babies and toddlers. The Honest Company, a consumer goods brand, recently started installing automated kiosks stocked with essentials for parents who forgot to bring diapers onto their next flight. The eco-friendly line, founded by the actress Jessica Alba in 2012, has set up nine kiosks at several airports and already plans more.  Read More.

Gita* and her son had traveled more than 1000 kilometers from their home in India to visit family.  A few days into the trip, however, Gita slipped in the bathroom, injuring her neck in the process.   Read More.

A newly developed vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus is "highly effective" and could help prevent its spread in the current and future outbreaks, the World Health Organization said Friday.  Read More.

Two people have died in a Legionnaires' disease outbreak in New York. Thirty-one cases of the flu-like disease have been reported since mid-July in the South Bronx, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said.  Read More.

Planning a beach vacation this summer? Of course you are! Along with your towel and sunscreen, don't forget to pack your smartphone – these six useful apps will update you on the weather and surf conditions, ensure you don't get burned, keep you safe and even teach you how to surf!  Read More.

by Kip Gibbs, Assist America’s Vice President of Global Operations  Read More.

An airport terminal with a swimming pool, suites equipped with flat-screen TVs, customized departure lounges and around-the-clock medical care sounds like a dream come true for airline passengers. Sorry, human frequent fliers, this one is for animals.  Read More.

With the United States and Cuba set to restore full diplomatic relations next week, many Americans rightfully wonder what's really changed as a result of America's new policy with the communist-run island nation.  Read More.

911 ABROAD | 7/16/2015
If you’re in an emergency situation abroad, you’ll need to know how to contact the police, an ambulance, or even the fire department.  Read More.

A few sticking points keep travelers from feeling fully connected. Here are solutions to three common travel Internet gripes  Read More.

An informational bulletin on security, medical and travel-related issues  Read More.

The Disneyland and Walt Disney World theme parks will no longer permit selfie sticks effective June 30, the company said. The Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland theme parks will also instill the policy, effective July 1.  Read More.

Sharks have attacked 11 people off the coast of North and South Carolina this year, according to the International Shark Attack File at the University of Florida, including a man bitten Wednesday on the Outer Banks' Ocracoke Island.  Read More.

Connie* and her 10 year old daughter Missy traveled from the East Coast down South so Missy could spend some time with her grandparents. One day, they all headed to the beach for a relaxing day of sun and swimming. Missy had recently gotten a boogie board and loved being out with it in the ocean.  Read More.

The United States and Cuba on Wednesday plan to officially seal the renewal of diplomatic ties begun last year, announcing the reopening of embassies in Washington and Havana for the first time in more than half-a-century.  Read More.

Food and travel are inseparable these days, but how do you approach choosing a restaurant (or shack or stand or ambulant vendor) in a strange city?  Read More.

Greece's finance ministry announced late June 28 that the strict withdrawal limits imposed by the government will not apply to holders of credit or debit cards issued in foreign countries.  Read More.

Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport has taken the functionality of the Apple Watch even further by integrating it into its own workforce and daily workflow.  Read More.

Calling all competitive packers — this suitcase is about to change your life!  Read More.

Work is stressful enough. When you stack travel preparation on top, it can become overwhelming. Having solid systems in place to get you out the door and on the road will not only guarantee you’re not rushing to the airport, but will also ensure you don’t forget anything. Next time you’re getting ready for take-off, try these productivity hacks.  Read More.

Don’t worry, nobody is coming for your enormous rollaboard suitcase just yet.  Read More.

United Airlines says it's pulling out of John F. Kennedy International Airport and that its flights from there to Los Angeles and San Francisco will depart from Newark, which for the first time will now offer amenities like flatbed seating and on-demand movies on cross-country flights.  Read More.

When it comes to flying, people usually worry about two things -- arriving on time and not losing their bags. Simply, travelers want to get where they’re going with the stuff they had when they left.  Read More.

Dana* and her husband Bill* were very excited about their upcoming cruise to the Western Caribbean. They never would have guessed, however, just what an adventure the trip would become.  While docked in the first port they stopped in, Dana became gravely ill.  Read More.

As if flying wasn't stressful enough, a study into hygiene and cleaning standards on planes has unearthed some pretty grizzly facts.  Read More.

The World Health Organization warned that the MERS outbreak in South Korea is likely to grow, as the number of people under quarantine crept up to 1,369 on Wednesday, with 30 confirmed cases of the disease.  Read More.

While we adore our tiniest flyers in most situations, they can be a handful in the worst way possible trapped in a giant flying tube (especially if their parents are phoning it in — after all it’s not totally the kids’ fault). Here are eight tots that can go from adorable to unbearable in no time flat on board a long flight.  Read More.

With the value of the euro dipping in the past few months, I've been able to experience Europe without as much of a strain on my wallet. I'm enjoying thinking of the euro as being worth a buck.  Read More.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how the TSA is tightening restrictions on its PreCheck program, which allows pre-screened, low-risk fliers to pass through an expedited security line without needing to remove shoes, belts, light outwear and jackets, laptops and liquids.  Read More.

Though road trips are one of the best things about summer, the experience can also come with some seriously annoying driving behavior (especially if there’s traffic). Expedia released the results of its 2015 Road Rage Report analyzing driving etiquette.  Read More.

It's the biggest mistake you can make as a traveler: trying to pack for every eventuality and ending up with so much stuff in your backpack you can barely walk from your hostel to the bus station.  Read More.

The commuter train, traveling from Washington DC to New York, left the tracks after taking a bend too fast, in one of Amtrak’s deadliest accidents to date. New reports suggest that the train took a 50 mph  at over 100 mph, twice the suggested limit, causing the engine and all seven cars to completely jump the tracks.   Read More.

Americans have a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to travel, with only just over a third of citizens holding a US passport. The good news is that this number is steadily increasing.  Read More.

Assist America supports your needs with our medically certified Operations Center staff, including doctors, nurses and EMT’s, available 24/7 to help during your travel emergencies.  Read More.

The rise of social media is creating a new breed of travelers for whom the ability to instantly publicize their trip is as important as the experience itself.  Read More.

San Jose, Costa Rica – experiencing the different cultures at small community museums in towns like San Vincente, Nicoya; at the National Museum (Museo Nacional de Costa Rica) in San Jose.  Read More.

Besides shopping at the Mall of America, dining around town, there is also Nickelodeon University, country’s largest indoor amusement park, SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium, with Valleyfair and Water Park of America.  Read More.

It is more affordable and less hectic than Manhattan. Spend the day at Brooklyn Museum or the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. Take a stroll through the Botanic Garden and enjoy a picnic at Coney island.  Read More.

This 3 western Caribbean islands has a ton of things to offer families. Swimming amongst the stingrays at Stingray City, or petting and touching the 362 turtles at Cayman Turtle Farm.  Read More.

National Travel and Tourism Week is May 2-10, 2015. It’s an annual tradition that was established by a congressional resolution in 1983 and first celebrated the following year.  Read More.

Travelers heading to Greece are being advised to take their euros in notes and coins in case the escalating debt crisis prompts the country's banks to switch off their cash machines.  Read More.

No one plans for bad things to happen — but when a medical emergency occurs, you’ll be glad you were prepared.  Read More.

Rescue and recovery operations continue in Nepal in the wake of an extremely powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck 80 km (50 miles) northwest of Kathmandu early April 25.   Read More.

The first time I traveled alone with my son was to visit Barcelona, Spain. At the time, he was not even 2 years old. It was risky venturing so far, but I longed to travel, and I wanted to prove to myself that I could handle travel with a baby.  Read More.

China has become the latest country to issue a travel advisory for South Africa over the xenophobic violence, which started more than two weeks ago.  Read More.

Go ahead and send your shoes through the airport X-ray machine. And your backpack and your overcoat. Oh, and your dog.  Read More.

Jay* traveled to Florida for a visit with his mother. Shortly after arriving, he began to complain of pain in his leg and shortness of breath. His symptoms worsened over the next few days and finally his mother convinced him to go to the emergency room to be evaluated. While he was with the doctor, his mother called Assist America.  Read More.

Scott Keyes will be traveling to 13 countries and over 20,000 miles on his next trip, all for free.  Read More.

The closure of a runway at John F. Kennedy International Airport could create a traffic jam in the skies above New York City this summer.  Read More.

Citing security concerns, Egypt’s government is introducing tougher restrictions on foreign visitors, requiring independent travelers to obtain visas at embassies before traveling instead of paying for them on arrival.  Read More.

An informational bulletin on security, medical and travel-related issues  Read More.

Although they are rare, natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, tornadoes, or earthquakes could occur while you are traveling. Natural disasters can seriously injure large numbers of people, contribute to the spread of some diseases, disrupt sanitation, and interrupt normal public services. Travelers should be familiar with risks for natural disasters at their destinations and local warning systems, evacuation routes, and shelters.   Read More.

Travel scams come and go. These are the ones to watch for in 2015.  Read More.

Ruby* was enjoying a summer program in Ireland.  After an evening at the local pub with some classmates, however, she fell down the stairs in her dorm, fracturing her knee and elbow.  Read More.

But at Assist America its business as usual.  Read More.

Areva* was finishing up a teaching assignment at a university in Hong Kong. After a thrilling semester abroad, she was a looking forward to returning to the familiarity of her home in Thailand.   Read More.

An informational bulletin on security, medical and travel-related issues  Read More.

To kickoff our 25th anniversary celebration, we hope you enjoy “25” travel tips (today through Friday) and find them useful during holiday travels and upcoming trips in 2015.  Read More.

To kickoff our 25th anniversary celebration, we hope you enjoy “25” travel tips (today through Friday) and find them useful during holiday travels and upcoming trips in 2015.  Read More.

To kickoff our 25th anniversary celebration, we hope you enjoy “25” travel tips (today through Friday) and find them useful during holiday travels and upcoming trips in 2015.  Read More.

25 Years of Excellence | 12/16/2014
To kickoff our 25th anniversary celebration, we hope you enjoy “25” travel tips (today through Friday) and find them useful during holiday travels and upcoming trips in 2015.  Read More.

Besides the Assist America Mobile App, of course!  Read More.

Expect transport disruptions. Violence possible, most likely in Guerrero.  Read More.

by Joseph E. DiCorpo, BSc, MMSc, PA, Chief Medical Consultant, Assist America Inc.  Read More.

Ebola Case Study | 11/4/2014
Emily*, the Director of Study Abroad Programs for a large university, felt personally responsible for the safety and well-being of the students from her school that traveled to attend international programs.  Over the years, she had found this responsibility to have certain challenges, given the adventurous nature of students. In the fall semester of 2014, however, these challenges were taking on a new, scarier dimension.  Read More.

Download our Assist America Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android for travel updates in our News Spotlight, Pre-Trip Information, an Embassy/Consulate Locator, a US Pharmacy Locator, to download your membership ID card and more!  Read More.

Princeton, NJ—Assist America, Inc. is pleased to announce our sponsorship at the American Middle East Institute Conference this year.
  Read More.

According to the World Health Organization, the Ebola virus has infected more than 8,900 people in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone since March 2014. It has killed about 4,877 people. The more Ebola is talked about in the media, the more confusion it creates.  Read More.

This man could have used Assist America!  Read More.

While traveling in Germany, member fell and was taken to hospital for severe pain in her foot.  Read More.

An informational bulletin on security, medical and travel-related issues.  Read More.

Hurricane Odile made landfall at the southernmost tip of Mexico's Baja California peninsula late Sunday night as a strong Category 3 hurricane.  Read More.

Sept. 15-22 pilot strike in France goes ahead. At least 50 percent of Air France (AF) flights canceled. Short- and medium-haul flights most affected  Read More.

Gary* and his son were big fans of the Dallas Cowboys, so as a special treat, they booked a trip to Texas to watch them play at their home stadium. While they were there, however, Gary began experiencing severe abdominal pain.  Read More.

Entry to South Africa barred to all foreign nationals traveling via Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone starting Aug. 21. Confirm travel arrangements.  Read More.

As humans have developed cities and built environments, we have also needed to create ways to navigate them. Signage goes back at least as far as the Roman Empire, where they constructed “milestones” along their roadways.  Read More.

Roy* was visiting his son in Decatur, GA. While getting ready to explore the town, however, he began to vomit blood. His son took Roy to a local hospital, and then called Assist America on his behalf.  Read More.

Magnitude-6.1 earthquake in southwest China kills at least 367 people afternoon Aug. 3. Expect major transport, communication, and utility disruptions.  Read More.

The outbreak - the largest in history - has spread across Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone and killed at least 672 people, according to the World Health Organization. The disease has no vaccine and no specific treatment.  Read More.

Many air carriers have been instructed not to fly to Israel for 24 hours and many major airlines have canceled their flights after a rocket fell about a mile from Ben-Gurion International Airport outside of Tel Aviv.   Read More.

Traveling this summer? Get ready to shell out some more cash at the airport.  Read More.

Farah* traveled from Dubai to Yucatan, Mexico to visit clients. While she was driving to one of her appointments, she was in a motor vehicle accident. Her arm was in a great deal of pain, so she was taken to the emergency room and then called Assist America for help...  Read More.

Sunni militants led by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) continue to clash with Iraqi security forces and allied Shia' militias throughout much of central Iraq on June 19.  Read More.

Crisis in Iraq | 6/13/2014
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) militants continued to make territorial gains, seizing the town of Dhuluiya, 80 km (50 miles) north of Baghdad (map), and temporarily taking the town of Jalula in Diyala Province June 12.  Read More.

France was hit by a double whammy of transport woes on Wednesday, with state rail company SNCF going on strike the same day as a taxi strike to protest against competition posed by minicabs. SNCF said it plans to extend its strike through Thursday.  Read More.

Princeton, NJ—Assist America, Inc. is pleased to welcome Chip Sousa as Sales Director, effective immediately.  Read More.

Assist America, a global emergency medical services provider, yesterday joined with Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation (SLIC) to launch 'Motor Plus Global Emergency Services.'  Read More.

For an in depth guide to the Brazil World Cup, click the link above.  Read More.

An informational bulletin on security, medical and travel-related issues.  Read More.

Brazilian authorities have confiscated food "not fit for consumption" from two hotels that will host the English and Italian national teams during the upcoming World Cup competition in Brazil.  Read More.

Thailand's military declared Thursday that it has taken control of the country in a coup.  Read More.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) has caused severe illness and death in people from several countries. On May 11, 2014, the second imported case was confirmed in a traveler to the United States.
  Read More.

The World Cup is slated to run from June 12 to July 13 in a dozen host cities across Brazil. Brasilia's high hopes - and the billions it has spent to prepare - are tempered by a myriad of security concerns and logistical challenges that could pose challenges for visitors.  Read More.

Member was studying abroad in Australia and during break, went to New Zealand.  While hiking, fell, fracturing ankle...  Read More.

Be safe...  Read More.

Pack with a plan...  Read More.

Think about your health...  Read More.

Make some important phone calls...  Read More.

Get your documents in order...   Read More.

The first full week of May is annually recognized as National Travel and Tourism Week in the United States, a tradition first celebrated in 1984, established by a Congressional joint resolution passed in 1983.   Read More.

According to a press release issued by the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, AirTrain Newark service will be suspended for approximately 75 days beginning Thursday, May 1, 2014...  Read More.

Princeton, NJ—Assist America, Inc. is pleased to welcome Mark Fiechter as Vice President of Sales in the US, effective immediately.  Read More.

For most travelers, flying long haul with kids -- particularly babies -- stomps on any romantic notions of travel being about the journey, not the destination.  Read More.

SITUATION: While traveling in Boca Raton, member fell in hotel room. Spouse called Assist America upon arrival at hospital and medical monitoring began...  Read More.

Rallies and other actions in support of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine have attracted thousands in Moscow, St Petersburg and other cities across Russia.  Read More.

Tensions have eased in Bangkok after anti-government protesters recently withdrew from key intersections of the capital. But in a DW interview experts say the conflict has only shifted from the streets to the court room.  Read More.

SITUATION: Member called in to advise she was involved in a motor-vehicle accident and suffered a fractured patella. Assist America monitored care throughout two week hospital stay.  Surgery performed...  Read More.

Strictly avoid any crowds of protesters and large concentrations of police. Use alternate routes to avoid possible rally sites in major cities. Exercise caution and increased vigilance near other common protest sites. Immediately move to a secure area if a demonstration materializes. Seek shelter inside buildings if clashes erupt, but do not relocate to underground metro stations, where tear gas vapors could concentrate. Maintain contact with your diplomatic mission.
  Read More.

An informational bulletin on security, medical and travel-related issues.  Read More.

Check for delays/cancellations:   Read More.

Recent surveys reinforce what you already know and likely fume about: Fliers hate baggage fees more than any other fee tacked on to airfares.  Read More.

The Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) has clarified the country's new regulations requiring oral polio vaccine (OPV) for travelers from certain poliovirus-affected countries.  Read More.

The floods returned on Wednesday after incessant rain hit the capital overnight, forcing hundreds of residents to wade back to evacuation shelters.  Read More.

Amid an unprecedented level of concern about the threat of terrorism surrounding the Sochi Olympics, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President, Thomas Bach expressed "full confidence" in Russia's ability to deliver safe winter Games.  Read More.

Airline passengers may face travel disruption over the next two days due to expected strikes across European Air Traffic Control services.  Read More.

Blood was split in the streets of Bangkok once again on Sunday. With disputed general elections set to commence in a week’s time, antigovernment demonstrators loyal to the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) clashed with supporters of Prime Minster’s Yingluck Shinawatra’s embattled administration leaving at least one PDRC protest leader dead and another 11 demonstrators injured.  Read More.

This highly unusual situation will likely result in serious transport problems in areas that are unaccustomed to dealing with significant winter weather and lack adequate resources to keep roads clear. Icing will present the biggest hazard in most areas under NWS advisories.  Read More.

Violent protests in Ukraine have spread beyond the capital, Kiev, as President Viktor Yanukovych held crisis talks with three key opposition leaders.  Read More.

Heavy flooding is likely to continue in Jakarta through at least early February, when the rainy season is predicted to peak.   Read More.

Government officials banned all gatherings of five or more people perceived to be trying to "incite unrest" Jan. 23 in Bangkok under the state of emergency, which was implemented a day prior.  Read More.

Winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories have been issued for over 10 million from central Texas to western and central Louisiana in anticipation of the quick-hitting disturbance associated with Kronos.  Read More.

Authorities in Thailand imposed a state of emergency in an attempt to regain control of Bangkok after more than a week of mass street demonstrations by anti-government protesters aimed at toppling the government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.  Read More.

Several labor groups plan to march Jan. 22 to protest President Dilma Rousseff's inauguration of the Arena das Dunas World Cup soccer stadium in Natal.  Read More.

Torrential rains that have continued in Jakarta in recent days widened the number of flooded areas on Sunday, forcing at least 20,000 people to evacuate their homes over the weekend.  Read More.

Two explosions shook an anti-government demonstration site in Thailand's capital on Sunday, wounding at least 28 people in the latest violence to hit Bangkok as the nation's increasingly bloody political crisis drags on.  Read More.

Two explosions rocked an anti-government protest in the Thai capital of Bangkok on Friday, wounding more than two dozen people, security and health officials said.  Read More.

Beware of delays — a water main break in Greenwich Village is causing a slow, messy commute.  Read More.

With the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, slated for Feb. 7-23 and March 7-16, respectively, the Russian government is under intense pressure to strengthen it’s infrastructure and to ensure the safety of nearly 7,000 athletes, thousands of volunteers, members of the press, and an estimated 120,000 visitors to the Black Sea resort city.  Read More.

The anti-government People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) has announced its main rally sites in Bangkok for the upcoming "shutdown" action that will begin Jan. 13.  Read More.

The so-called "polar vortex" of dense, frigid air that dropped temperatures in some parts of the country to record lows is now spreading to southern and eastern parts of the U.S., shattering more temperature records, forcing flights to be canceled and keeping many schools and businesses shuttered.   Read More.

At least 1,500 flights canceled, nearly 500 delayed as snow storm snarls travel - visit  for details  Read More.

Expect heightened security and localized transport disruptions; violence possible.  Read More.

Heavy snowfall is possible from northern California to western Colorado as a cold front tracks eastward across these regions Dec. 6-8.  Read More.

The China Meteorological Administrations has issued yellow alerts - its second highest level - for smog, fog, and haze for Shanghai municipality, as well as eastern Anhui, northern Fujian, northern Zhejiang, and Jiangsu provinces.   Read More.

Low cloud ceilings and low visibility are disrupting flights at airports in New York City and northern New Jersey Dec. 5.  Read More.

Expect transport disruptions. Power outages possible.  Read More.

Kuala Lumpur  - Global & Balik Kampung Emergency Services now available in Malaysia with just a simple phone call!  Read More.

System may track east through Dec 6. Expect widespread transport disruptions  Read More.

Confirm all flights  Read More.

Although the airline will likely attempt to backfill for striking staff, flight cancellations and delays are highly likely if the actions are not averted, as the strike dates come during busy holiday travel periods.  Read More.

Avoid all demonstrations and crowds of yellow- or red-clad people. Expect street closures and major traffic disruptions around rally sites...  Read More.

Authorities said that 23 countries, including Australia, Brazil, China, the UK, and the US, have issued travel advisories for Thailand as anti-government protests continue to spread in Bangkok and are instructing travelers to be cautious and avoid all demonstrations; however, no country is advising against all travel.  Read More.

I'm sure you've already heard we've got a major winter storm that is going to affect millions of people over the next few days. And it will affect travel plans from now until Thursday.  Read More.

Paris-based staff of Lufthansa (LH) are striking at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) through Nov. 24. On Nov. 22 and 23, staff will strike 0700-0900 and 1700-1900.  Read More.

Thousands of people in vulnerable areas of the Philippines are being relocated as one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever observed spins toward the country.  Read More.

Passengers on JetBlue and Delta flights will no longer be told to turn off their electronic devices before takeoff and landing.  Read More.

A Transportation Security Administration agent and a suspect were wounded in a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday morning, sources told the Los Angeles Times.  Read More.

An informational bulletin on security, medical and travel-related issues  Read More.

Evacuation in Republic of Yemen  Read More.

A Pill for Jet Lag? | 10/8/2013
Jet lag has long been the business traveler's nightmare, but a new scientific study has boosted hopes of a cure to the often debilitating condition.  Read More.

Assist America's Website has a New Look!  Read More.

Train travel is easily the most underrated form of long-distance travel out there. Air travel certainly has its ups and downs, and long car trips can easily go awry. But train travel? Under most circumstances, is stress-free.  Read More.

Scores of people are dead and tens of thousands of tourists — including many Americans — were stranded Thursday after storm-whipped flooding and a massive landslide turned the tourist destination of Acapulco into a veritable swamp plagued by looters and even a crocodile.  Read More.

Fill her up!  | 8/27/2013
Gas prices drop before Labor Day weekend  Read More.

Parents with cellphone cameras are becoming invaluable doctors' assistants   Read More.

Some of the most common mistakes made while traveling. A must read!  Read More.

Member's symptoms included a pressure sensation and burning in eye - was seen at local hospital and treated for a bacterial infection where care was monitored by Assist America.   Read More.

How to handle problems while traveling.  Here are some good examples.  Read More.

Member suffering from shortness of breath - admitted to hospital. Member diagnosed with Pulmonary Edema.   Read More.

Check out this animalistic method for preventing fires.  very interesting!  Read More.

Opposition and Islamist groups continue their respective anti- and pro-government demonstrations throughout Egypt on July 3.   Read More.

Check out how good the TSA screeners really are in your local ariport!  Read More.

An informational bulletin on security, medical and travel-related issues.  Read More.

Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey has become the center of violence in the latest round of protests.   Read More.

Hyderabad, India and Princeton, NJ—Assist America Medical Emergency Services(India) Pvt. Limited, a licensed provider of Assist America Services in India,  is pleased to welcome Dr. Sandeep R. Sharma as Sales Director—India, effective December 3rd  Read More.

Hong Kong and Princeton, NJ—Assist America Asia Limited, a licensed provider of Assist America, Inc., is pleased to welcome Céline Pham as Head of Product Innovation and Client Relations – Asia, effective immediately.  Read More.

Princeton, N.J.—Assist America, the premier provider of global emergency services through employee benefit plans, announced today that the Assist America® Mobile App is now available on both Google Play for Droid users and in the Apple App Store for use with the iPhone.  Read More.

Beijing, China and Princeton, NJ—China Assist, a licensed provider of Assist America, Inc., is pleased to welcome Yu Yang as General Manager, effective October 20.  Read More.

Virginia Beach, VA and Princeton, NJ – Effective immediately, Optima Health will offer an Emergency Travel Assistance Program to its Commercial and Individual plan members, at no charge. It will also be offered to self-funded groups. Optima Health is proud to partner with Assist America, Inc., a global emergency assistance service provider, to offer the program.  Read More.

Princeton, N.J.—Assist America, Inc., a premier provider of global emergency services through employee benefit plans, has hired Jay Menario as senior director of business development, effective September 20.  He will have broad responsibility for U.S. sales initiatives, marketing, product development and enhancements, and will be based in the corporate headquarters in Princeton.  Read More.

Columbia, S.C. – Companion Life Insurance Co., which offers affordable and quality dental insurance to employer groups nationwide, has implemented a program to provide additional peace of mind to its dental policyholders who travel.  Read More.

Detroit, MI and Princeton, NJ – Health Alliance Plan (HAP), a nonprofit regional health plan based in Detroit, has partnered with Assist America of  Princeton, N.J., the premier provider of global emergency services through employee benefit plans, to protect its members with emergency travel assistance. For members, this means knowing where to go for emergency medical treatment in an unfamiliar place; for employers, this service alleviates the liability associated with covering unexpected care costs when an employee becomes ill or injured while traveling on business.   Read More.

Princeton, N.J.—Assist America, the premier provider of global emergency services through employee benefit plans, has launched an application for Android Smartphone users into the marketplace. This application joins the website optimizations already available for iPhone and Blackberry users through Assist America Mobile.  Read More.

Bangkok, Thailand, and Princeton, N.J.—Effective immediately, companies that reinsure with Thai Reinsurance Public Company Ltd. (Thai Re) in Bangkok, Thailand, will be able to provide Assist America’s global emergency assistance services to their policyholders. Thai Re has partnered with Assist America for this distribution agreement because of its comprehensive program and unique service model.  Read More.

Princeton, N.J.—Assist America Inc., the global emergency services company based in Princeton, N.J., has announced that effective immediately, Brian J. Mulligan, President of Assist America, will also serve as the company's Chief Executive Officer, a position formerly held by George W. Howard, III, the company's founder and current Chairman.  Read More.

Princeton, N.J.—Assist America Inc., a global emergency services company based in Princeton, N.J., has announced the formation of a new company, Global Travel Plus. Global Travel Plus will continue to provide the highest quality assistance services as Assist America, but to a much different and broader market. This new organization will serve as the parent company for a wide variety of specialized travel assistance subsidiaries.   Read More.

Princeton, N.J.—Assist America Inc., a global emergency services company based in Princeton, N.J., continues to lead the industry with technology that best serves its members and customers by adding a text option on cell phones for medical referrals.  Read More.

Princeton, N.J.—Assist America Inc., the global emergency services company based in Princeton, N.J., has announced the launch of its new client portal on their website. This client-specific area of the website will allow all clients to log in with their reference number to gain access to many Assist America documents as well as their branded brochure, flyers, reports, case studies and other valuable information and tools, which can then be easily downloaded or printed.  Read More.

Urbana, IL and Princeton, N.J.—Health Alliance Medical Plans, the largest managed care organization in downstate Illinois, announced today it is partnering with Assist America, Inc., to provide global emergency assistance services for its members.  Read More.

Princeton, N.J.—Assist America Inc., the global emergency services company based in Princeton, N.J., has announced effective immediately that Brian J. Mulligan, Assist America’s long time outside counsel and member of the Board of Directors, will join the organization as President. Senior management in the company’s Princeton Headquarters as well as country managers in the offices outside of the United States will now report directly to Mr. Mulligan.  Read More.

Princeton, N.J.—Assist America, Inc., the global emergency assistance services company based in Princeton, N.J., has announced effective immediately, that the following employees have been promoted and elected to the company’s Executive Committee:  Read More.

Princeton, N.J.—Assist America, the global emergency services company based in Princeton, N.J., is now using Microsoft® Tag technology to enhance its product and communication support for clients and members.  Microsoft Tag creates barcode hyperlinks within the real-world environment, allowing one-touch access to websites, phone numbers, contact information and more.  Read More.