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AssistAlert: Travel Halted in Germany over Massive Transport Strike

AssistAlert: Travel halted in Germany over Massive Transport Strike


Travel halted in Germany over Massive Transport Strike


Air, Ground, and Rail traffic were brought to a standstill in Germany on Monday, March 27th  from a grand-scale 24-hour walkout by transportation workers. Dozens of flight cancellations were made as planes remained grounded and local and long-distant rail traffic was halted. This strike is the most recent in a series of industrial actions across multiple sectors in public transportation and by far the most disruptive. Earlier in March, some 350 flights were cancelled in four German cities by similar smaller-scale demonstrations. While no definitive statements have been made by the unions, future demonstrations are possible.



  • Check strike notices to see if your trip coincides with a planned strike and avoid traveling on those dates, if possible. Members may contact Assist America for more information.
  • If traveling locally, plot alternate routes and methods of transport to your chosen destination if traveling on strike days
  • Check refund and replacement flight policies with your chosen airline in the event you run into strike-related travel disruptions

Members are encouraged to contact Assist America if travel assistance is required.



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