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AssistAlert: Category 5 Hurricane Devastates Mexican Coast

AssistAlert: Category 5 Hurricane Devastates Mexican Coast


Category 5 Hurricane Devastates Mexican Coast


Acapulco experienced one of the worst recorded natural disasters in its history with the landfall of Hurricane Otis. The storm system tore through the coastal city early Wednesday leaving devastation in its wake to the several resorts, businesses, and residential buildings in its path.  The hurricane unexpectedly increased in strength at sea, slamming the southern state of Guerrero with winds of 165mph. The storm has since weakened to a Category 4, and later a tropical storm, as it progressed inland. Communications are still hampered by the aftermath of the storm and shelters have opened to provide refuge for those affected.


  • Obey any and all orders to evacuate
  • Power down mobile devices when not in use to conserve battery
  • Monitor local media for updates and evacuation information
  • Seek updated information on road conditions before driving
  • Locate nearest shelter and plan evacuation route if necessary

Members are encouraged to contact Assist America if travel assistance is required.



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