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Assist America provides emergency
services around the world

Technology may have reduced the need for some business travel, but a great deal of business still demands the kind of personal interaction that can only happen face to face.

And no technology can recharge your batteries the way a great vacation can.

So whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, whenever you travel more than 100 miles (150 km) from your home or in another country, no matter where your final destination, we provide valuable emergency services. Our services include:

  • Medical Services: we offer immediate medical consultation, referrals, prompt admission to a qualified hospital and much more.
  • Non-Medical Services: we take care of problems when you most need the help, whether it’s replacing prescriptions that have been left behind or arranging a compassionate visit by a loved one while hospitalized.
Important Advice

Our services are a supplement to your existing health insurance. Assist America does not charge members for any of its services, but once you are safely in the care of a qualified physician, your health insurance should cover the costs of your actual treatment and hospitalization.

Always call the local emergency telephone number first in an emergency. Call us as soon as you can, so we can start providing services as quickly as possible. But if you need immediate assistance, don’t hesitate: contact local first responders directly.

Don’t arrange for services yourself that we provide for free. We cannot reimburse you for arrangements you make, so if you need medical transport or want to have someone from home come to be with you—or use any of our other services—please contact us and let us make the arrangements.