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PetAssist Services

Veterinary Referrals
Members will be directed to an appropriate facility—veterinarian, clinic, or 24 hour animal hospital—should they be traveling more than 100 miles from home with a pet facing a medical emergency.
Prescription Assistance          
Members can receive assistance in filling a lost or forgotten pet’s prescription.  Delivery of the prescription, if necessary, is paid for by PetAssist, but the prescription itself is not paid for.
Return of Mortal Remains
In the event a pet passes away while traveling with the member, the member will be directed to the nearest appropriate facility (veterinarian, animal hospital) for proper disposal of the body.  PetAssist will not pay for any services rendered in relation to disposal of the body.
Return of Pet
In the event a member is injured or becomes sick while traveling with a pet and requires hospitalization, PetAssist will coordinate and pay for transport home of the accompanying pet.
Pet Sitting for Compassionate Visit
If a member is hospitalized and an individual from the member’s household is offered compassionate visit, PetAssist will arrange and pay for pet sitting services for any pets left unattended at home for the duration of the visit, should all other care options be exhausted.
Boarding Referrals for Traveling Member’s Pet
In the event a member is traveling with a pet and comes across circumstances requiring boarding of the pet, PetAssist will provide referrals to local boarding facilities.  PetAssist will not pay the cost of boarding in this circumstance. 
Assistance Finding a Lost Pet
In the event a pet is lost while traveling with the member, PetAssist will assist the member by contacting and directing them to local police and animal shelters, and assisting with microchip reading services, if applicable.  
Pre-Trip Guidance
PetAssist will provide a pre-trip checklist for members who are planning on traveling with or without their pets.  The checklist will be used to remind members of what they’ll need to pack/steps they should take.
Grief Counseling for Pet Loss
PetAssist will provide up to one hour of telephone grief counseling for members coping with the loss of a pet.