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AssistAlert: Emergency Proclamation Issued Over Hawaii Wildfires

AssistAlert: Emergency Proclamation Issued Over Hawaii Wildfires


Emergency Proclamation Issued over Hawaii Wildfires


In the wake of extreme wildfire spread exacerbated by hurricane force winds and drought conditions, Hawaii’s lieutenant governor has issued an emergency proclamation for the state and activated the National Guard. Widespread evacuations are taking place as hundreds of families are displaced by the blazes. Towns like Lahaina have been obliterated by the spread and hospitals are at capacity with burn victims and patients suffering smoke inhalation, necessitating offset to Maui and Honolulu to assist many of the afflicted. The residual winds of Hurricane Dora, passing 500 miles south of the island chain, is reported to be a major contributor to the spread, with 60mph gusts fanning the flames, knocking out power, and hampering airborne recovery efforts.


More than 14,500 Hawaiians were without power as of Wednesday morning, with downed powerlines impeding already stretched-thin response crews. Shelters are opening to assist those displaced and conditions are expected to decrease between late Wednesday into Thursday.


  • Follow all official directives to evacuate
  • Locate the nearest open emergency shelters in the event evacuation becomes necessary
  • Prepare an emergency bag, including all important documents
  • Wear a mask in areas with poor air quality as a result of wildfire smoke
  • Do not venture into areas with active fires
  • For local residents, do not return home until authorities indicate that it is safe to do so


Members are encouraged to contact Assist America if travel assistance is required.



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