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AssistAlert: Possible Eruption for Colombia's Nevado del Ruiz

AssistAlert: Eruption Possible for Colombia’s Nevado del Ruiz


Possible Eruption for Colombia's Nevado del Ruiz


Planned evacuations within 15 kilometers of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano are underway after the Colombian government escalated the alert level for the volcano to orange following a surge in seismic activity in the area last week. This activity indicates a significant increase in the chances of an eruption happening within days or weeks of detection. The national disaster unit expects that additional evacuations may be necessary as the situation evolves. Families in the Caldas province will be first to be evacuated, followed by some 500 other families from surrounding areas that may be encouraged to do the same.

The Nevado del Ruiz has been recognized for causing the fourth deadliest volcanic eruption in recorded history and Colombia’s worst natural disaster. During the 1985 eruption, 23,000 people were killed by the resulting lahars- 30-meter high mudflows comprised of volcanic ash, rock, mud, and water- which prompts the extreme caution for the current situation. While the volcano has experienced activity since, with the most recent eruption occurring last year, officials from the national disaster unit strongly advocate the need for preparation and precautions.



  • Stay apprised of all official directives
  • Have an evacuation plan
  • Follow all evacuation instructions and stay clear of the blast zone
  • Avoid river valleys which may be affected by potential lahars
  • Prepare at least three days of emergency supplies such as food, water, medicine/first aid, and emergency power sources

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