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Assist America Members, Mandy & Christian

Assist America Members from Thailand


Captain James Lovell, who experienced perhaps the most famous travel emergency ever during the disastrous Apollo 13 moon mission, speaks about why he trusts in the global emergency services of Assist America when he’s away from home.

Hear world famous chef, Jacques Pépin speak about how Assist America's global emergency services helped save his life while he was away from home.


More Testimonials

"The Assist America staff was extremely helpful and courteous through my husband’s ordeal.  They made a situation that was extremely difficult comforting. I am very thankful for the staff.  Thank you Assist America for a wonderful job. "
"What impressed me the most was that they were very helpful and kind.  I love that you will help us in foreign countries.  All very satisfactory – very good medical service."  
"The Medical Coordinator at Assist America was very courteous and helpful.. The follow-up call to see if all phases of treatment were satisfactory was wonderful. They were very kind with great concern and this exceeded my expectations."
"They provided a medical escort for the trip home. He was wonderful, attentive, medically knowledgeable and very professional."

"The swiftness of the entire process was amazing and I left with prescriptions, advice and answers to my questions.  I always expected to use this service from foreign soil, however, I was deeply grateful for this benefit here in the U.S. and could not have asked for anything more.  The lack of bureaucracy was welcomed and I even had a three way conference with my health insurance provider and Assist America to be certain that we were all on the same page.  I was briefed by the Assist America personnel as everything unfolded."

 "The help I got from Assist America was great and comforting to know they were there for me.  Thank you.  I think your service is great.  It was good to know someone was keeping a check on me at a difficult time.  I think the fact that Assist America called me every day I was in the hospital and also when I got home they kept in touch.  Their compassion seemed truly sincere."

"The level of care and compassion was impressive!  The peace of mind in having a professional person from home on the phone to help is priceless in a time of great stress, fear and insecurity."

“I contacted Assist America on a Saturday.  I had run out of my migraine medicine and was vacationing out of state.  Assist America called my pharmacy at home and then called pharmacies in the city from which I called her.  They got it all worked out and I got the medicine.  It SAVED my vacation.  I didn’t expect them to do all the “leg-work”.  They were extremely friendly and even called me later that day to make sure I had gotten my medicine.”

"Very satisfied – the Assist America coordinators even arranged 3-way calls to me in the hospital in Rome, so everything went very smoothly.  The travel back to my hometown in the USA was completely effortless on my part.  The nurse who accompanied me did everything, from repacking my toiletries for security, to helping with onboard airline customs.  FLAWLESS.  Thank you!"

"When confronted with a child’s medical emergency overseas it was so reassuring to know Assist America was available.  Then they followed through, they are amazing!  The immediate attention we received and the daily follow-up was excellent.  Very reassuring in a crisis situation! Thank you!"