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Assist America protects its members from the often devastating consequences of identity theft with Identity Protection, a program that helps prevent theft of a member’s personal data and helps restore its integrity if it is used fraudulently.


The best way to handle identity theft is to avoid it in the first place. Identity Protection offers tools to safeguard a member’s good name and credit history.

Credit Card Registration with Lost and Stolen Assistance*
By calling ID Protection's toll-free membership number, a member can store information from credit cards, banks and important documents in one safe, centralized location.

If any of the registered items become lost or stolen, retrieving the information is fast and simple—and the resolution process of canceling and replacing the cards and documents can begin immediately by simply calling our 24/7 number.

Internet Fraud Monitoring powered by Card Patrol**
Once a member registers credit/debit card information on our secure site, Identity Protection uses real-time web crawling technology to monitor any sign of the cards on underground chat rooms, websites and blogs where thieves trade and sell stolen data. If we find any serial numbers or personal information on these web portals, we automatically send out an alert to the member, often providing enough time to foil a thief’s attempt to use the data.


24/7 Fraud Fighting
If a member becomes a victim of identity theft, or even suspects it may have occurred, a single toll-free call anytime, day or night, is all that is necessary to put our professional fraud support team into action. The employee will be assigned a dedicated Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)-certified caseworker, who will work step-by-step on identity recovery as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Regain Identity Ownership
Identity thieves have a way of leaving a mark on personal data. Thankfully we can help erase their “fingerprints” from a member’s credit history and other proprietary records. Our dedicated caseworker acts as a trusted guide through the maze of forms and agencies.

We will help you:
  • Contact the three major credit reporting agencies with a fraud alert for the member’s record
  • Notify any companies the member maintains accounts with that are affected by the fraud, including facilitating the cancellation and reissue of credit cards
  • File disputes regarding any inaccurate information in the member’s credit report with the appropriate agencies
  • Alert the United States Postal Service if there is suspicion the thief has filed a change of address for the member or used the mail system to commit crimes
  • Contact the member’s local bank if checks have been stolen or forged
  • Alert the Social Security Administration if the member suspects fraudulent use of a Social Security number
  • Contact the Securities and Exchange Commission if a member believes a perpetrator has tampered with investments
  • Notify the Internal Revenue Service if a member suspects the identity theft is somehow connected to a tax violation
  • Determine any additional reports a member should file or agencies to contact, including The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), The Internet Crime Complaint Center (ICCC) and The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Keeping Organized and Safe for the Future
Whenever a member uses our services for a stolen identity, we automatically provide a customized Identity Fraud Support Service Kit to aid in keeping track of contacted agencies, speeding up the ID restoration process and helping prevent future incidents.

Recovering Peace of Mind
When identity theft happens, a member’s personal information isn’t the only thing that is breached. The sense of security we all sometimes take for granted is disturbed. Recovering a member’s good name and peace of mind are equally important. Our caseworkers act as partners to bring about speedy problem resolution and restore peace of mind.

*The federal Fair Credit Billing Act gives you the right to dispute billing errors, such as unauthorized charges, on your credit card by notifying your credit card company in writing within 60 days after the first bill containing the error was sent to you. The credit card company must resolve the dispute within two billing cycles (not to exceed 90 days) after receiving your notification. You may withhold payment on the disputed amount (and related charges) during the investigation. You must pay the amount not in dispute. You will be informed in writing whether your bill is correct or contains an error. If your bill contains an error, it will be corrected. Your liability for unauthorized charges is limited to $50 per credit card. Some financial institutions may require you to call them directly and will not accept notification from third parties in which case we will contact you so that you can call your financial institution directly.

**Assist America monitors up to ten registered credit/debit cards on the Internet, based on an extensive search of Internet chat rooms; however, it is impossible to ensure that all Internet chat rooms have been searched for your personal information. Accordingly, your alerts may not contain or apprise you of all of your personal information that may have been compromised.

The Assist America services described in this website are only intended to serve as a general overview of the emergency travel assistance services available. The services available to you through your plan may vary from what is listed and described in this website. For a complete description of the services that are provided to you by your plan, please consult your service certificate provided by your plan administrator and/or the fulfillment material provided by Assist America.