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AssistAlert: Anticipated Flight Delays Post 5G Deadline

AssistAlert: Anticipated Flight Delays Post 5G Deadline


Anticipated Flight Delays Post 5G Deadline


The July 1st deadline for airlines to retrofit their fleets with updated radio altimeters is almost here, with flight delays and cancellations expected in its wake. Most existing altimeters, which are the instruments in planes used to measure altitude, run the risk of encountering signal interference with 5G C-Band networks, necessitating the update in order to counteract potential interference with existing hardware. However, many airlines claim that supply chain issues for the parts needed have them falling behind the deadline. About 80% of planes have received necessary altimeter updates as of now, but any non-retrofitted planes will not be allowed to operate in inclement weather or low-visibility conditions after July 1st, which is expected to increase delays and/or cancellations in the coming months.


  • While airlines have been urged to adjust schedules where necessary to maintain integrity, researching and planning back up routes and flights is advisable
  • Plan your itinerary with room to spare in the event of an unexpected cancellation or delay

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