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AssistAlert:E-Travel System Now in Effect in the Philippines

AssistAlert: E-Travel System Now in Effect in the Philippines


E-Travel System Now in Effect in the Philippines


As of April 15th, the new E-Travel System was put into effect to collect data for passengers arriving in and departing from the Philippines for the purposes of establishing boarder control, health surveillance, and economic data analysis. Prior to arriving in the Philippines, all travelers and flight crew members will be required to register/update their records with the E-Travel System no more than seventy-two hours (or three days) ahead of their scheduled time of arrival. Similar procedure is required upon departure within seventy-two hours, but no less than three, for Filipino passengers only. Paper-based registration cards will be available for use in the event that the E-travel System is inaccessible or if a traveler is incapable of using the system.



  • Register with the E-travel system no more than 72 hours in advance if traveling to the Philippines
  • Follow all official directives
  • You may request registration assistance from airline staff and airline personnel upon arrival and before assessment by the Bureau of Quarantine

Members are encouraged to contact Assist America if travel assistance is required.



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