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Part of the Assist America family

With travel now an integral part of higher education, Assist America has created a sister company, Scholastic Emergency Services, to provide traveling students with services tailored to their specific needs.

We provide students with emergency care whenever they travel. Whether students are playing an away game, enjoying spring break or studying abroad, Scholastic Emergency Services takes care of all their emergency needs whenever they are more than 100 miles from campus. Our services include:

  • Securing prescriptions that have been left behind.
  • Providing medical consultation, evaluation and referrals anywhere in the world.
  • Transporting students to a quality medical facility and providing financial assistance to ensure that they are admitted promptly for treatment.
  • Providing trauma counseling when it’s needed.
  • Returning lost luggage and replacing travel documents.
  • Making sure you are not alone by arranging and paying for the transportation of someone close to you.

*While on campus, students are entitled to a select list of services. For more information see the Services page.

Important Advice

Our services are a supplement to your existing health insurance. Assist America does not charge members for any of its services, but once you are safely in the care of a qualified physician, your health insurance should cover the costs of your actual treatment and hospitalization.

Always call the local emergency telephone number first in an emergency. Call us as soon as you can, so we can start providing services as quickly as possible. But if you need immediate assistance, don’t hesitate: contact local first responders directly.

Don’t arrange for services yourself that we provide for free. We cannot reimburse you for arrangements you make, so if you need medical transport or want to have someone from home come to be with you—or use any of our other services—please contact us and let us make the arrangements.