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AssistAlert: Cyclone Remal Tears Through Two Nations

AssistAlert: Cyclone Remal Tears Through Two Nations


 Cyclone Remal Tears Through Two Nations


The first major cyclone of the year lashed the coastlines of India and Bangladesh on Monday. Strong winds and heavy rain have persisted with water rising in many parts of the country and overwhelming drainage systems. The storm has caused power outages for millions of people and resulted in at least 32 casualties. Cyclone Remal is the first of the many storms expected to hit South Asian coasts. 

With speeds up to 135 kph, the cyclone destroyed 35,000 homes across 19 districts. Both nations moved nearly a million people to storm shelters amidst flooded roads and disrupted travel, most notably in the Bangladeshi capital of Shaka and the Indian city of Kolkata. Kolkata resumed flights after more than 50 were cancelled from Sunday. Train services have also since been restored.


  • Follow all official directives and evacuate if necessary
  • Secure your place of lodging, close storm shutters and secure outdoor objects or bring them indoors
  • If lodging in a resort, follow all directions and emergency protocol provided by staff
  • Ensure a supply of water for sanitary purposes as well as an ample supply of clean drinking water
  • Turn off propane tanks and utilities if instructed
  • Travelers are advised to keep an emergency bag on hand with important documents and ample food and water 

Members are encouraged to contact Assist America if travel assistance is required.



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