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AssistAlert: China to Fully Reopen Borders to Foreign Tourists

AssistAlert: China to Fully Reopen Borders to Foreign Tourists


China to Fully Reopen Borders to Foreign Tourists


In a move that signifies the final withdrawal of cross-border control in the wake of Covid-19, China intends to fully reopen its borders to foreign tourists on Wednesday. The issuance of visas will resume as they were pre-pandemic and areas that required no visas prior to the placement of restrictions will revert back to visa-free entry, including Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangdong.

The move to issue all visas for foreigners will enable the free flow of travel to China and the resumption of pre-covid and in-person business and international trade activities.

Additionally, international conferences and forums hosted in China are anticipated to gradually resume following the reopening, including the China Development Forum and the Shanghai Autoshow.



  • If traveling to an area where visas ARE required, ensure you apply for one well in advance.
  • Plan for alternate methods of communication with people outside China.
  • Familiarize yourself with the local language and customs.
  • Research the accessibility of social media sites in China and connectivity options.

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