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Sure, there are other assistance companies. But Assist America’s service offerings are wholly unique, standing out like a beacon among a sea of providers. No other company in the world offers:

Single point of service.
One phone call is all it takes to activate our powerful resources.

No chargebacks.
We pay for all the services we perform.

No maximum limits for any services.
There is no financial cap on our assistance.

No exclusions for pre-existing conditions.
There is no fine print about pre-existing conditions accompanying our services.

No territorial exclusions.
Members are covered for medical emergencies anywhere on the globe regardless of geographic or political climate.

No exclusions for extreme sports or hazardous hobbies.
Skydiving? Yes, still covered.

Medically-trained, multilingual Operations Center accessible 24/7.
Assistance anytime, anywhere, in any language.

Strategic company precautions ensure uninterrupted service.
Our headquarters are safeguarded by state-of-the-art backup generators to ensure seamless operations in the event of power failure or local emergency; corporate offices offsite and abroad serve as alternate control centers.

The Assist America services described in this website are only intended to serve as a general overview of the emergency travel assistance services available. The services available to you through your plan may vary from what is listed and described in this website. For a complete description of the services that are provided to you by your plan, please consult your service certificate provided by your plan administrator and/or the fulfillment material provided by Assist America.