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AssistAlert: Largest Wildfires in State History Ravage Texas

AssistAlert: Largest Wildfires in State History Ravage Texas


Largest Wildfires in State History Ravage Texas


Over a million acres in the Texas Panhandle have been charred by the colloquially named Smokehouse Creek Fire, which takes its place as the largest in Texas history. The wildfire, having blazed through the state since Monday, has devastated the state’s cattle farms, in addition to the miles of property damage wrought in its wake. While the fires exponential growth had slowed throughout Thursday, high winds and warm weather are expected to potentially exacerbate the situation as the fire spreads to the neighboring state of Oklahoma. The governor of Texas has issued a disaster declaration for 60 counties amid additional evacuations and road closures.


  • Follow all official directives and evacuate if necessary
  • Wear a mask in areas with poor air quality as a result of wildfire smoke
  • Do not venture into areas with active fires
  • For local residents, do not return home until authorities indicate that it is safe to do so
  • Keep an emergency bag on hand with important documents and ample food and water

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