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Universal Orlando Theme Parks Hit Capacity This Labor Day Weekend
All three Universal Orlando theme parks quickly reached maximum attendance this Labor Day weekend. Neither theme park resort has revealed what exactly their maximum attendance is under the reduced capacity, but this weekend, Universal Orlando's three parks reached their limits and closed to additional guests early in the day. 


COVID-19 Update: Back to School Amid the Pandemic
For millions of college students around the world, this semester is going to look significantly different than last year. After completely moving to remote learning environments last spring, schools are now welcoming back students on-site or offering hybrid learning experiences. As students return to their campus and start attending class again, Assist America shares tips to ensure a safe and healthy college experience. 


Assessing the Risk of Labor Day Activities During COVID-19
Assist America has created a rating scale for the level of risk associated with popular Labor Day Weekend activities from backyard gatherings to a pool day.  


Airbnb and the National Park Foundation Explore Lesser-traveled Parks
Airbnb is teaming up with the National Park Foundation to help travelers explore nature as well as lesser-known (and less crowded) national parks.The new campaign encourages travelers and nature lovers to visit less traversed national parks that are a short drive from their hometowns.


Assist Alert: Hurricane Laura Upgraded to Category 4 As it Approaches Landfall
Over the last 24 hours, Hurricane Laura’s wind gusts jumped from 75 mph to 140 mph resulting in the storm being categorized as a Category 4 Hurricane.


CDC Doctor Talks Travel Tips Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
As we approach Labor Day Weekend and summer’s last hurrah, many people are once again confronted with the perils of vacationing during a pandemic and the inherent risks that come with travel these days. During a global health crisis and while the CDC does recommend staying at home, they do have guidance on how those who choose to travel can protect themselves.


Virgin Galactic wants to whip passengers across the planet at Mach 3
Virgin Galactic says it has teamed up with Rolls-Royce to develop a new aircraft that could launch passengers to their destinations at up to three times the speed of sound, or 2,300 miles per hour (3,700 kilometers per hour).


Assist Alert: Hurricane Douglas Set to Hit Hawaii on Saturday
The fast-moving Hurricane Douglas continues to approach the island chain of Hawaii. While the U.S. National Hurricane Center said the hurricane should gradually weaken on Friday, Douglas is expected to be at or near hurricane strength when it hits the Big Island on Saturday. 


EU Countries that Have Reopened Borders for Unmarried Partners Separated by Entry Ban
Couples, one of which is an EU national, have been separated since March at least. With the EU’s facilitation of entry rules that enables families to reunite, lovers hoped they would be able to do the same, but such a thing has not yet happened.


COVID-19 UPDATE: Travel Assistance is More Important Than Ever
Since the beginning of the pandemic, Assist America has expanded its offering to provide critical assistance to members around the globe.


How to Vacation Safely During Coronavirus this Summer
Summer is about beach vacations, mountain retreats and international getaways. The coronavirus pandemic has changed all that. And with COVID-19 cases continuing to surge, especially in the US, safely planning a vacation may seem impossible. 


COVID-19 Update: The Impact of the Pandemic on the Air Travel Industry
Throughout the pandemic, airlines around the world have taken drastic financial and logistical measures to mitigate this unprecedented storm. From mass job cuts to consolidated routes, our team analyzed how the air travel industry is managing this crisis.


Why Renting An RV Is The Best Way To Vacation This Summer
The new coronavirus threw a big wrench in a lot of family summer vacation plans. Many hotels and resorts are closed and, understandably, people still want to avoid packed airports and crowded train stations. Fortunately, RV travel is a safe, affordable and easy way to vacation with family even during the COVID-19 crisis.


COVID-19 Update: Global Pandemic Report - June 26th
While some countries struggle to get a grip on COVID-19 infections, others must find a balance between protecting their people from new local outbreaks and reopening their economies.


Europe may issue a travel ban for Americans because of the rapid spread of the coronavirus in the US
The EU is considering barring Americans from entering the bloc because the United States has not adequately controlled the spread of COVID-19, citing draft lists of travelers who would be allowed. Travelers from Russia and Brazil would also be blocked from entering EU countries under the lists, according to The Times.


Now Available: Interactive Map of COVID-19 Travel Restrictions
Our team has compiled a list of all travel restrictions in place around the world. Check out our new Interactive Map now! 


Our oceans are amazing, but they need our help
The coronavirus pandemic has been dominating headlines recently, but it's not the only pressing problem that affects the whole planet. World Ocean's Day is held on Monday, June 8, 2020 and on this day it is important to think about the damage we are doing to our oceans and how it also threatens our existence.


Safety Precautions During Civil Unrest
Protests and riots can break out anywhere and at any time – a frightening reality for many travelers. Considering recent news across the United States, the Assist America team  has compiled a list of tips to help you stay safe when facing any volatile environments.


COVID-19 Update: Best Practices to Stay Safe While Out in Public
With retail stores and outdoor places being allowed to welcome customers again, there is a heightened level of concern with regards to limiting the risk of exposure to the virus and further spread of COVID-19. From how to use face masks properly to tips to make grocery shopping as easy and safe as possible, Assist America shares best practices and tips to limit the risk of getting the virus when out in public.  


California’s poppy bloom is so bright it can be seen from space
Every spring, locals and travelers flock to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve to marvel at the blooming sea of wildflowers, most well-known for the bright orange poppy. Since this year nature-lovers can’t physically visit the poppies, NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center captured and shared satellite images of the spectacle.