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About Us
We are the premier provider of global emergency services through group benefit programs.
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News Spotlight

Assist Alert: Widespread Tech Outage Causes Global Disruptions
A global tech outage has brought several industries to a standstill after a faulty software update was deployed early this morning. 


AssistAlert: Dual Eruption Forces Closure of Catania Airport
Dual eruptions from Italian volcanoes Mount Etna and Stromboli have disrupted flights and forced a temporary closure of Catania’s only airport.


AssistAlert: Hurricane Beryl Sets Precedent for 2024 Season
An unexpectedly early start to the 2024 hurricane season came in the form of Category 4 storm, Hurricane Beryl.


AssistAlert: Potential Tropical Cyclone Approaching Gulf of Mexico
A potential tropical cyclone is currently tracking along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. As of late June 18th, the center of circulation was approximately 510 km (320 miles) southeast of La Pesca, Mexico. 


AssistAlert: Severe Weather Forecast in South Florida
Authorities have declared an emergency for southern Florida where severe weather is anticipated to persist through June 15th


AssistAlert: Delhi Heat Poses Significant Health Risk
Delhi, India’s capital, has experienced it’s hottest weather on record both Tuesday and Wednesday this week, with highs of 122 degrees Fahrenheit. 


AssistAlert: Cyclone Remal Tears Through Two Nations
The first major cyclone of the year lashed the coastlines of India and Bangladesh on Monday. The storm has caused power outages for millions of people and resulted in at least 32 casualties.


AssistAlert: Volcanic Eruption Prompts Evacuation of Hundreds in Indonesia
A volcano located on Ruang Island has experienced multiple eruptions spanning across several days, resulting in the evacuation of about 800 individuals in Indonesia’s North Sulawesi province. 


AssistAlert: 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Taiwan
The most damaging earthquake to strike Hualien, Taiwan in 25 years has left extreme destruction in its wake. Amidst the damage to 125 buildings; 26 collapsed, with 9 confirmed fatalities and 882 injuries reported.


AssistAlert: International Embassies Evacuate Haiti Amid Violence
Just days after the Caribbean Port Services announced an indefinite closure to the seaport of Port-au-Prince on March 7th , the United States and several foreign embassies have evacuated the country. 


AssistAlert: Largest Wildfires in State History Ravage Texas
Over a million acres in the Texas Panhandle have been charred by the colloquially named Smokehouse Creek Fire, which takes its place as the largest in Texas history.


AssistAlert: Tropical Storm Eleanor Grounds Air Traffic in Mauritius
As Tropical Storm Eleanor approaches, the Mauritius Meteorological Society has issued a class three cyclone warning on their four-point scale.


AssistAlert: Lava Flows Cause Significant Disruption on Reykjanes peninsula
For the third time since December of last year, the Reykjanes volcano system has experienced another significant eruption; disrupting life in the Reyjanes peninsula.


AssistAlert: Chilean Valparaiso Region Razed by Wildfires
A state of emergency has been declared in the Valparaiso region of Chile as a result of severe wildfires overtaking the area, now recognized as the worst natural disaster to strike the area since the 2010 earthquake.


AssistAlert: Weakened Cyclone Kirrily Continues on Trajectory Through Queensland
After battering the Australian northeastern coast with punishing 105mph winds and heavy rain, the former Category 1 cyclone has downgraded to a tropical storm as its path inland continues. 


AssistAlert: 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Japan (1)
On the afternoon of January 1st, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake rocked the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture causing damage to surrounding buildings roadways, public transportation infrastructure, and communications and utilities assets.


AssistAlert: Philippines DOH Releases Walking Pneumonia Alert
The Department of Health in the Philippines has released an advisory for Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, or ‘Walking Pneumonia’. 


AssistAlert: Thanksgiving Weather Forecast Projecting Travel Woes
2023 is set to see the highest volume of Thanksgiving week travel in years, however, reports of widespread inclement weather may put a damper on holiday plans for many. 


AssistAlert: Southwest Iceland Braces for Potential Catastrophic Eruption
Following the 900 earthquakes and other significant seismic activity afflicting the south of Iceland on Monday, concerns of a potentially cataclysmic volcanic eruption have emerged. 


AssistAlert: Gas Shortage Leads to Ghana Power Outages
A drop in electricity generation caused by gas shortages have lead to a 550 megawatt gap at peak time, accounting for 10% of the country’s generation capacity.