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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Update
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Interactive Map of COVID-19 Travel Restrictions
To see current/ongoing travel bans in place around the world amid COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Update: Global Pandemic Report - June 26th
While some countries struggle to get a grip on COVID-19 infections, others must find a balance between protecting their people from new local outbreaks and reopening their economies.


Europe may issue a travel ban for Americans because of the rapid spread of the coronavirus in the US
The EU is considering barring Americans from entering the bloc because the United States has not adequately controlled the spread of COVID-19, citing draft lists of travelers who would be allowed. Travelers from Russia and Brazil would also be blocked from entering EU countries under the lists, according to The Times.


Now Available: Interactive Map of COVID-19 Travel Restrictions
Our team has compiled a list of all travel restrictions in place around the world. Check out our new Interactive Map now! 


Our oceans are amazing, but they need our help
The coronavirus pandemic has been dominating headlines recently, but it's not the only pressing problem that affects the whole planet. World Ocean's Day is held on Monday, June 8, 2020 and on this day it is important to think about the damage we are doing to our oceans and how it also threatens our existence.


Safety Precautions During Civil Unrest
Protests and riots can break out anywhere and at any time – a frightening reality for many travelers. Considering recent news across the United States, the Assist America team  has compiled a list of tips to help you stay safe when facing any volatile environments.


COVID-19 Update: Best Practices to Stay Safe While Out in Public
With retail stores and outdoor places being allowed to welcome customers again, there is a heightened level of concern with regards to limiting the risk of exposure to the virus and further spread of COVID-19. From how to use face masks properly to tips to make grocery shopping as easy and safe as possible, Assist America shares best practices and tips to limit the risk of getting the virus when out in public.  


California’s poppy bloom is so bright it can be seen from space
Every spring, locals and travelers flock to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve to marvel at the blooming sea of wildflowers, most well-known for the bright orange poppy. Since this year nature-lovers can’t physically visit the poppies, NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center captured and shared satellite images of the spectacle.


The Best Apps for Globetrotters To Stay Connected During COVID-19
With lockdown and stay-at-home measures becoming the new norm, learning how to enjoy your time with your friends and family from your own home is essential. Fortunately, we are part of a technologically sophisticated world where we can find a solution to most of our challenges online.


A Video Message From Our Team: Assist America Remains Globally Operational During COVID-19
Assist America's global team has remained operational throughout the pandemic. Our 24/7 response centers, strategically located around the world, are available to help our members who are away from home and affected by COVID-19. 


The Traveler: May 2020
Read the latest Traveler Newsletter for May 2020 with the latest updates on issues related to health, security and travel. In this Traveler Newsletter, we share the future of the travel and tourism industry after COVID-19, symptoms of the novel coronavirus, the upcoming hurricane season, and share a COVID-19 case story. 


In Action: Medical Evacuation from Laos for COVID-19 Testing
While pursuing a study abroad program in Laos, two roommates had fallen sick with symptoms similar to the ones of the novel coronavirus and required testing before returning back to school. Assist America contacted the local CDC for advice and arranged transportation for these members to a facility that could provide COVID-19 testing.


Assist America Releases Enhanced Services in Light of COVID-19
Assist America has enhanced its global emergency assistance offering to better respond to the needs of our members who remain away from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click to learn more about our pandemic services.


Bike Riding Safety During the Coronavirus Pandemic
With most Americans under "stay at home" orders, there’s been a distinct drop in automotive traffic. This is a positive for cyclists, whether they ride as a cost-effective, social distancing method of transportation or just a way to get out and exercise in spring weather. But be safe when you head out on two wheels. 


Before and after COVID-19: Europe's traffic congestion mapped
With countries all across Europe in lockdown, traffic in many cities has virtually disappeared, as these maps demonstrate. From Berlin to Bordeaux, Munich to Madrid, millions of people are staying at home as part of lockdown measures to curb the spread of coronavirus. And as a result, traffic levels across European cities have tumbled.


COVID-19 Update: Your Key Travel-Related Questions Answered
This pandemic has thrown many curveballs, especially for the travel industry. Many of us had travel plans made for the summer and are left confused regarding what to do and what we are entitled to. Our team answers five key questions many travelers are asking. Check out our latest COVID-19 Update to find out more.


Cultural Differences in the Online Environment During COVID-19
With most business meetings and other communications now happening online, it is important to make a clear distinction between what is culturally appropriate when talking to international coworkers, friends, and other acquaintances. 


Women's European Championship: Uefa move tournament to July 2022
The postponed 2021 Women's European Championship will take place from 6-31 July 2022, Uefa has confirmed. The tournament, to be held in England, has been pushed back after the men's European Championship and the Tokyo Olympics were both postponed until 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.


COVID-19 Update: Special Earth Day Edition
To celebrate this year’s Earth Day, our team wanted to share five important take-aways that shows how our planet has been affected by COVID-19.


Fourteen OTC medications you should always have on hand
As recommended by doctors with various backgrounds and specialties, here are all of the OTC medications you should always have on hand.


Home Isolation with Three Children Ten and Under
We never thought that a few of our daily activities that we have taken as granted for years would suddenly change due to the recent outbreak. Almost overnight, we had to adapt to living at home with our three kids, learn how to work from the home environment, and adapt to being confined at home for weeks!