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Hong Kong's Disneyland to be Used to Quarantine People and Stop the Coronavirus from Spreading
Hong Kong's Disneyland is letting the city use its sites to quarantine people as the government tries to stop the deadly coronavirus from spreading. 


Coronavirus Outbreak: Download Our Complete COVID-19 Report
The novel coronavirus pandemic is not only shaking China, but the entire world as the number of cases reported continues to increase. Assist America has gathered the latest updates and travel advice about the outbreak and its impact on international travel.


Leading Global Assistance Solutions Providers, Assist America, Celebrates 30th Anniversary
Princeton, NJ (February 14, 2019) – Differentiating itself by presenting unique and innovative global emergency assistance solutions to the group benefit insurance industry, Assist America, Inc. is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.


The Traveler: February 2020
New decade, new newsletter! We're thrilled to share our new version of The Traveler Newsletter packed with current and  compelling security, health and travel-related articles.


Passenger Jet was Forced to Abort a Landing in Britain's 'Storm of the Century'
A jet was caught on video making a "touch-and-go" landing at Heathrow Airport on Sunday during high winds caused by a storm dubbed by one tabloid as the UK's "storm of the century." In the footage, the aircraft passed overhead on its descent, wheels down and tipping from side to side in the air before the tires made bumpy contact with the runway.


A Passenger Plane Skidded Off the Runway and Broke into Pieces in Turkey
A plane skidded off the runway at Istanbul's Sabiha Gokcen airport on Wednesday, crashing into a road and breaking into pieces, Turkish media reported.


Assist Alert: WHO Declares Coronavirus a Global Health Emergency
On Thursday, January 30, the World Health Organization declared the novel 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak a global public health emergency. The announcement was made after the first case of person-to-person transmission outside of China was confirmed. 


Why Only Some Flights Are Canceled in Bad Weather
To the average traveler, the seemingly random nature of flight cancellation decisions is perplexing. Ask an airline agent what’s going on, and the standard response is typically something along the lines of “It’s just the weather.” If that’s the reason, why aren’t all flights being canceled?


Assist Alert: Latest Updates on the Coronavirus Outbreak
Chinese authorities released updated figures regarding the coronavirus outbreak, raising the number of cases to 900 and the death toll to 26. 


Assist Alert: China Takes Measures to Contain Coronavirus
Authorities have shut down all air, train and public transportation coming out of Wuhan. The city of 11 million inhabitants is now officially on lock-down for the indefinite future.


Assist Alert: Dangerous Volcano Activity Near Manila, Philippines
While the Taal Volcano in the Philippines is showing quieter activity, local authorities are renewing warnings for people to leave the area as they fear a dangerous and explosive eruption in the days to come.


10 Travel Hacks for 2020: Avoid these Surprise Price Hikes and Time Your Vacation
From Tokyo to ‘transformational’ travel, here are some of the hottest tips for budget-conscious jet-setters for the New Year. These hacks reveal which travel traps to avoid and which travel opportunities should be priority on your list. 


FWD Insurance and Assist America forge partnership to reward FWD’s online shop customers
FWD Life Insurance Corporation and Assist America have signed a partnership agreement allowing FWD’s online insurance shop customers to get rewarded with a one-year subscription to Assist America’s global emergency assistance services.


Winter Storm Gage Brings Flight Disruptions To Midwest and New England During Busy Holiday Travel Season
A strong winter storm moving through the Upper Midwest and headed for the Great Lakes and New England regions of the United States has the potential of disrupting holiday travel through early next week and New Year’s Day.


In Action: Medical Repatriation and Referral from Greece
While on her honeymoon in Greece, a member woke up with severe pain in her neck and shoulder. Assist America assisted the member with arranging a medical referral followed by a medical repatriation back home.


Deadly Volcanic Explosion Rocks New Zealand
A powerful volcanic eruption has rocked New Zealand’s White Island, a small uninhabited volcanic islet sticking up out of the sea in the Bay of Plenty, 50 kilometres offshore of the country’s North Island.


The Truth About Air Traveling with an Infant
Air travels can be stressful. Now, add a 3-month old infant into the mix. One of our staff members and her husband recently traveled internationally twice with their infant. She shares a truthful report on what worked for them and what they learned during their trips. 


Two Inventors Just Made Machu Picchu More Accessible to People With Wheelchairs
Millions of people flock to Machu Picchu every year—but the first person in a wheelchair only visited the ancient Inca site last month. The project is the brainchild of two friends from Chile who are on a quest to make travel accessible to all.


Assist Alert: Typhoon Kammuri Leads to Major Evacuations Across The Philippines
Thousands of people are being evacuated from their homes in the Philippines as a typhoon approaches some of the most populated areas of the country.


Assist Alert: Winter Storms Lead to Flight Cancellations During Thanksgiving Week
A total of 615 flights have been cancelled while 3,366 flights have been delayed within, into, and out of the U.S. as of the evening of Tuesday, November 26 following winter storms.