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AssistAlert: Health Warnings Issued in Manila Following Volcanic Gas and Smog
An outpouring of volcanic gas in tandem with pollution smog has severely impacted the air quality of the Philippine capital city of Manila, prompting health warnings and school closures.


AssistAlert: Storm Daniel Casualties Escalate in Libya
The resulting flooding and damage from Storm Daniel has resulted in over 5,200 fatalities and counting. 


AssistAlert: 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Morocco
Around 6:11pm EST on Friday, September 8th, Morocco experienced its deadliest earthquake since 1960. 


AssistAlert: Hurricane Lee Gains Strength
Originating off the coast of Guinea, what was a Category 1 hurricane Thursday has intensified to a Category 4, doubling its windspeeds in just under a day. 


AssistAlert: Tropical Storm Yun-yeung to Make Landfall in Japan
As Tropical Storm Yun-yeung moves through the Philippine Sea, its trajectory is anticipated to make landfall over Aichi Prefecture in the early afternoon on Friday, September 8th


AssistAlert: Emergency Proclamation Issued Over Hawaii Wildfires
In the wake of extreme wildfire spread exacerbated by hurricane force winds and drought conditions, Hawaii’s lieutenant governor has issued an emergency proclamation for the state and activated the National Guard. 


AssistAlert: System Malfunction Causes Flight Disruptions at Paris Airport
On August 3rd, the Paris-Orly Airport experienced a baggage processing system failure prompting significant departure delays. 


AssistAlert: Typhoon Doksuri Makes Landfall over Fujian Province
Typhoon Doksuri, the tropical cyclone responsible for the tragic capsizing of a ferry off the coast of Manila, has made landfall in southern China early this morning. 


AssistAlert: Greek Wildfires Prompt Large-Scale Evacuation
As the heatwaves affecting Europe continue to worsen, the spread of resulting wildfires on the Greek island of Rhodes had prompted the largest-scale evacuation in the nation’s history.


AssistAlert: 2023 Monsoon Season Forecast for Southeast Asia
Though forecast models project below-average to average rainfall for South and Southeast Asia this monsoon season, elevated potential for flooding, landslides and other related natural disasters are anticipated. 


AssistAlert: Flight Disruptions from Wildfire Smoke Ahead of Holiday
Once again, smoke from the Canadian wildfires has drifted south, impacting visibility, air quality, and flight schedules on the east coast of the United States. 


AssistAlert: Anticipated Flight Delays Post 5G Deadline
The July 1st deadline for airlines to retrofit their fleets with updated radio altimeters is almost here, with flight delays and cancellations expected in its wake. 


AssistAlert: Paris Explosion Near Historic Latin Quarter
At 4:55 pm on Wednesday, June 21st, an explosion tore through Rue Saint-Jacques, which runs from the Notre Dame Cathedral to the Sorbonne University, injuring about 40 people in the blast. 


AssistAlert: Sharp Increase of Holiday Traffic Expected at DXB
An estimated 3.5 million travelers are expected to pass through the Dubai International Airport between June 20th and July 3rd


AssistAlert: Evacuations Begin Ahead of Anticipated Volcanic Eruption in the Philippines
As ash and debris rise from the summit of the Mayon Volcano, evacuation orders have been issued to clear the surrounding area ahead of an anticipated eruption. 


AssistAlert: Flight Cancellations Amid Wildfire Smoke Spread (1)
As smoke from the Canadian wildfires blankets the United States East Coast, hundreds of flights continue to be cancelled from severely hampered visibility.


AssistAlert: Memorial Day Travel Expected to be Heaviest in a Decade
Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the summer travel season, and this year, travel is expected to be the heaviest it’s been in a decade with Thursday, Friday, and Monday anticipated to be the busiest days for airlines. 


AssistAlert: E-Travel System Now in Effect in the Philippines
As of April 15th, the new E-Travel System was put into effect to collect data for passengers arriving in and departing from the Philippines for the purposes of establishing boarder control, health surveillance, and economic data analysis. 


Press Release: Assist America, Inc. Announces New Chief Revenue Officer
Assist America, Inc. announced today the appointment of Michael Babore to the newly created role of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Babore, brings over 25 years of experience in sales and sales leadership in the insurance brokerage industry with a specific focus on the international traveler. 


AssistAlert: Possible Eruption for Colombia's Nevado del Ruiz
Planned evacuations within 15 kilometers of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano are underway after the Colombian government escalated the alert level for the volcano to orange following a surge in seismic activity in the area last week.