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The Traveler: May 2018
Welcome to the May Edition of The Traveler Newsletter! Enjoy a newsletter packed with interesting security, health and travel-related articles.


The Coolest Looking Passenger Planes On Earth
If you are a fan of aviation like we are, you will love these pictures of the coolest looking passenger planes to date! 


Best Things to do in Moscow for the 2018 Fifa World Cup
If you are lucky enough to be attending, these are some things you simply cant leave without doing. Assist America wishes everyone who will be traveling for the World Cup a happy and safe time! 


The Best Foodie Destinations
If you are a foodie, and looking to travel this summer, these destinations could be perfect for you! Remember to activate your Assist America Mobile App, and call with ANY questions you may have about your destination before travelling. 


Accidents Can Happen to Anyone, Protect Yourself!
An abrupt injury has caused a couple to be stranded on their honeymoon, and incur huge expenses. Assist America could have helped them navigate their insurance policies, and even repatriate the couple home at no cost to them! Our services would have made all the difference for this newlywed couple, and we hope to be there next time! Click to see their full story. 


Air France Strikes to Cause Travel Disruptions
In the midst of continued striking over a pay dispute, the CEO of Air France has submitted his resignation, sending the airline deeper into turmoil.


The Best Travel Apps of 2018
The genuine firsthand experience of an expert traveler culminates into this very helpful list. Check it out before you travel, and you could have a much smoother trip! 


Uber Doubles Down on Passenger Safety With New Features
To respond to security issues and concerns that have been raised over the last couple of years, Uber is taking big steps towards providing an improved service and better security to its riders. 


TSA Completion of Security Boost
It is now a fully implemented policy for travelers to remove all personal electronic devices (larger than a cell phone) from their carry-ons in the security check. You may also be asked to remove other items such as food or powders if they obstruct the screening. 


Expert Travel Advice
Highly experienced traveler Jada Yuan of the New York Times shares her answers to many travel issues, such as language barriers, and traveling alone as a woman. 


How to Pack Lightly and Still be Stylish
If you want to know how to pack lightly but effectively, check out prominent stylist Kate Young's top five suggestions!


Airport Control Towers Could Soon be Obsolete
Technological advancements in surveillance are digitalizing the entire air traffic control (ATC) process. This means an airport can now conduct ATC activities from remote locations. Click to learn more about this interesting industry trend. 


Assist Alert: The Philippine Government Closes the Island of Boracay
Boracay Island in the Philippines has long been known as one of the most sumptuous destinations in the world. However, after a recent visit from the country’s President, the government announced today a 6-month closure of the island following sanitation problems. 


The Worlds Largest Cruise Ship Departs For The First Time
On March 31st, the 1,188 foot long Symphony of the Seas cruise ship departed for the first time in Barcelona. Click to see pictures, and learn more about this awesome machine!


Repatriation Testimonial
"Your team is wonderful! I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it!" Words of a member's daughter who was grateful for Assist America's role in successfully repatriating her mother. 


Hertz Asia Launches Hertz Chauffeur Website
Hertz Asia has launched Hertz Chauffeur website to make it easier for customers, including travel agents, to book chauffeur services for a full day, half a day and airport or city transfers.


Assist Alert: France Braces for Weeks of Disruptive Labor Actions
Spring is officially here, and with it comes the start of strike season in France. Strikes can be stressful and confusing for even the most experienced locals. To make it easier, here is a guide to the spring strikes and tips on how to cope with the disruptions.


A New International Tour Company Encourages Travelers to Unplug
Would you be willing to disconnect completely and leave your phone behind during your next vacation? The newly-launched travel company Off The Grid offers group trips with itineraries, lodging, and a daily breakfast included — and no phones allowed.


Public Outlook Towards: Hyperloop, SST, and Unpiloted Planes
This recent article summarizes the public's readiness for the future of travel. Could the largest threat to these immense innovations be consumer apprehension?



Flying Taxis Are Closer Than You Think
Several companies have been undergoing extensive testing and development for flying taxis. Uber, and Airbus are among these hopefuls, and reports indicate that the concept could become reality as early as 2020. Learn more here!