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Public Outlook Towards: Hyperloop, SST, and Unpiloted Planes
This recent article summarizes the public's readiness for the future of travel. Could the largest threat to these immense innovations be consumer apprehension?



Flying Taxis Are Closer Than You Think
Several companies have been undergoing extensive testing and development for flying taxis. Uber, and Airbus are among these hopefuls, and reports indicate that the concept could become reality as early as 2020. Learn more here!


Assist Alert: Extreme Cold Wave Sweeps Across Europe and Impacts Travel
From Germany to Spain, a wave of biting cold weather called the “Beast of the East” is passing through Europe, impacting travel with snow falls and freezing temperatures. 


Airline Pricing: Industry Trend
Some airlines are trying to implement a pricing system that will charge different prices for different people. New technology will allow them to identify customers via their IP address, which can be used to "mine" for data, and create person-specific prices. Click to learn more!


Assist America: Repatriation Service
If you are hospitalized 100+ miles from home, but still need assistance post release, Assist America will arrange and pay for your tickets home, and an escort if needed, even if you live thousands of miles away!


Disney Releases Date for Toy Story Land!
This heavily anticipated attraction finally has an opening date! Be sure to book some tickets, activate your Assist America account via our mobile app, and have a wonderful time if you go!


The Traveler: February 2018
Welcome to the February Edition of The Traveler Newsletter! Enjoy a newsletter packed with interesting security, health and travel-related articles.


TSA Firearm Discoveries in 2017
The TSA seized nearly 4000 firearms in 2017, a new record. Check out this link to learn more interesting facts about these discoveries!


Assist America In Action: 30 Foot Fall in Thailand
A member was studying abroad in Thailand when he fell off a 30 foot balcony. Check out the full story, and how Assist America was able to help!


Assist America: Anytime, Anywhere!
In 2017, Assist America assisted members in all 50 states, and 120 countries, including Nepal, Japan, New Zealand, Bhutan, Mozambique, and Brazil to name a few. With no restrictions on location or hours of operation, we will be there for you no matter where 2018 takes you!


A Guide to the 2018 Winter Olympic
The 2018 Winter Olympics is scheduled to take place from February 9 to 25, 2018 in Pyeongchang County, South Korea. For an in depth guide to the 2018 Winter Olympics, dowload our pdf report. 


What Flight Attendants Notice About You
Flight attendants take each passenger into consideration when trying to make a great flight possible. Find out how in this article. 


Our Members' Opinions Matter
Assist America's purpose is to deliver unparalleled emergency and non-emergency assistance services to business and leisure travelers at anytime, across the globe and without financial burden. Once a case is closed, we send a Satisfaction Survey to learn about our members' experience. Here is how our members felt about our program and services in 2017. 


Assist America Mobile App: Essential Travel Companion
Assist America’s mobile app is an effective informational tool for any traveler, and gives you quick access to our assistance services anywhere on Earth. Learn more here!


Assist America: Compassionate Visit Service
Assist America will send a loved one to your bedside, even if it is across the planet. Learn more about this powerful service here. 


Flight Travels Back in Time at the Perfect Moment
Passengers on board a commercial flight from Auckland to Honolulu were able to celebrate the new year twice as a result of the flight! Click to learn how this was possible. 


2017 Recorded as Safest Year for Air Travel Ever!
New Research shows that 2017 was the safest year in history for air travel. This latest article summarizes the findings, and what happened on the few flights that didn't go so well. 


Assist Alert: Storm Eleanor to Hit Ireland and the UK Tonight and Tomorrow
Storm Eleanor is expected to bring wind gusts of up to 80 mph to Ireland and the UK late January 2nd through January 3rd. The storm, accompanied with heavy rain falls, is expected to cause significant disruptions and damages to the affected areas. 


Busiest Air Routes in the Americas
A survey has been released showing the busiest air routes in all of the Americas, and the results may surprise you. Click to find out!


Best New Years Celebrations from Arround the World
Are you curious as to how other countries kick off the new year? These awesome celebrations from around the globe are sure to make a very memorable start to 2018.