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COVID-19 Updates #12

Assist America Announces Enhanced Services
in Light of COVID-19

May 1, 2020

The safety and well-being of our members is always our priority. Below is a description of the services and resources Assist America has implemented in recent weeks to better assist members who remain away from home during this pandemic. For more details and further information regarding COVID-19, click the button below to visit our dedicated webpage:



Dedicated COVID-19 Webpage: Assist America has implemented a dedicated COVID-19 landing page, available on our website and Mobile App. From health and prevention tips, to best practices videos, latest news and a list of travel restrictions by country, the page is intended to be a go-to resource for members to learn more about the virus.


Weekly Email Updates: Each week, our team creates original content on a specific, COVID-19 related topic and shares the latest news and advice regarding the virus. 


24/7 Operations Center: Our 24/7 Operations Center continues to fully support the needs of our members. Our Tap for Help feature on our Mobile App connects members directly with one of our assistance coordinators.


If a member is stranded while traveling due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, our experienced travel assistance coordinators will help them make travel arrangements to return home, when legally permissible.

Testing Site Referral 
Our team can locate testing facilities near the member’s location. Access to testing facilities will vary by location, assessment of symptoms, pre-existing conditions and exposure to the virus.
Prescription Assistance
If a member is running out of medication, Assist America can help refill the prescription by contacting their doctor and sourcing the prescription at a local pharmacy.
Medical Monitoring
If a member has COVID-19, Assist America's assistance personnel will monitor the member's medical condition through the quarantine process and liaise with the health insurance.

Return of Mortal Remains

In the event a member dies while away from home, Assist America will provide guidance to the family and arrange and pay for the required documents, remains preparation and transport to bring the remains to a funeral home near the member’s place of residence. Our assistance coordinators are trained to follow the requirements and instructions set forth by local authorities and the CDC. Transportation time may vary depending on current COVID-19 travel restrictions and bans.



Our free Apps for iPhone and Android give you instant access to a wide range of assistance including one-touch call to our 24/7 Emergency Operations Center, travel alerts, pre-trip information, and more.


For pre-trip information: Assist America members can view pre-trip information on the Assist America website, Log in using your Assist America reference number. Interested in learning more about Assist America? Please visit us at Tell a fellow traveler about the newsletter and show them how to subscribe online! Interested in having your organization become a member of Assist America? Please e-mail us at The content of this edition of AssistAlert is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace further investigation or personal observations. If you are planning travel, or are traveling in or proximate to the locations identified in this newsletter, you are encouraged to contact SecurAssist for additional information.