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COVID-19 Updates #11



COVID-19: 5 Key Travel Questions Answered

May 1, 2020

With 91% of the world population living in countries with temporary movement and travel restrictions, the world is at a stand-still. If you have trips planned for the summer, you are now facing difficult decisions and are probably feeling confused by the restrictions and cancellation policies that are changing daily. Our team answers 5 key questions that travelers are asking right now. For the detailed answers, click the button below to visit our new COVID-19 Travel Q&As webpage.  

1.  When will it be possible to travel? 

This is a tricky question with many moving parts, and we are really at the mercy of the virus and how things progress – which can vary by region. Each expert has a different opinion on when it will be possible to travel again and there does not seem to be a solid answer. Some say that they expect us to be able to travel rather freely this summer while others say we will not be able to travel until 2021 or after (with many answers in between the two!).  Visit our Q&A webpage to find our when travel experts think we will be able to travel either domestically or internationally.

2.  What are the cancellation policies for travel tickets? 

With travel bans currently in effect across the globe and the many cancellations due to COVID-19, you might wonder what your options are if you have a trip scheduled in the next few weeks or months. We've compiled everything you need to know about travel cancellation policies for airlines, cruise lines, car rentals and more.

3. What are the cancellation policies for hotel stays and other accommodation?
Like most sectors in the travel industries, hotels and vacation rental websites have adopted flexible cancellations and rescheduling policies in light of the pandemic. Our team gathered all there is to know regarding canceling or changing your reservation, whether your booked your stay directly with the hotel or through an online travel agent or if you opted for a vacation rental. Visit our website for more details.

4. What will happen to my miles or other travel loyalty points set to expire?

Each airline is taking a different approach to expiring loyalty points and frequent flier miles, while some have chosen to remain completely silent. Some policy changes are better than others, but many airlines are continuously adapting. Check our website for more details on what some airlines are offering to their frequent passengers.
5. I can't get a hold of customer service, what should I do?
Since the beginning of the pandemic and the ensuing travel restrictions, call centers have been flooded, unable to handle the unusually high call volumes. If you are unable to get a hold of a representative, our team shared some helpful tricks on our website to help you get your requests answered.


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