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Quality Medical Care Anywhere in the World

Scholastic Emergency Services (SES) is everywhere.

With travel an accepted —and expected—part of collegiate life these days, students are regularly venturing all over the world. SES ensures that wherever students find themselves, they will always be able to receive medical care of high standards.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a full range of services to help students through any difficulty away from home.

Count on SES to handle any and all student medical emergencies during travel, but call on us as well to retrieve lost luggage or documents, provide counseling services, offer insightful pre-trip information and more.

Peace of Mind for Everyone

SES helps students, eases parents' concerns and provides a valuable service for academic institutions.

Many colleges and universities have contingency plans in place to help students who are sick or injured on campus. But what happens if a student develops an urgent medical situation while traveling for academic or personal reasons? SES provides an easy, affordable and turnkey solution for schools to protect their students in the event of such an emergency.

Developed with Students in Mind

SES is unique in the industry and provides many student-friendly benefits.

We are the only assistance company to offer no maximum limits, no exclusions for adventures sports or alcohol and no exclusions for pre-existing conditions.