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Travel Assistance


The Standard now comes with

the global emergency services of Assist America.

Your enrollment through The Standard includes a unique global emergency assistance program provided by Assist America®.
This program immediately connects you to qualified healthcare providers, hospitals, pharmacies and other services if you
experience an emergency while traveling more than 100 miles away from your permanent residence, or in another country. Please see the Program Description available below for more information.

How to Activate Services

If you are traveling more than 100 miles away from home, or in a foreign country, and require assistance, contact Assist
America’s 24/7 Operations Center:
• Use the Tap for Help Button on the Mobile App
1-800-872-1414 (Toll Free within the U.S.)
1-609-986-1234 (Outside the U.S.)
• Email

Program Description Download

The Program Description describes who is eligible for this service and provides a description of the services offered including the exclusions and limitations.

Pre-Trip Information

Pre-trip information provides access to country-specific profiles with information about a country’s people, cultural etiquette, and health advisories. Also included is a travel guide with travel checklists, information for business travelers and links to more travel information such as entry requirements, weather forecasts, travel warnings.