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Assist Alert: Coronavirus Update #5

While China is Slowly Returning to Normal, the Rest of the World is Battling COVID-19

March 20, 2020


While some good news is reported from China who, for the first time since the start of this pandemic, has reported only a handful of new COVID-19 domestic cases, other countries are in the mist of battling the spread of the virus and implementing social-distancing and travel restriction measures.


The coronavirus is now affecting almost every region of the world with cases reported in 183 countries and territories.  Many countries are now closing their borders and airspace and implementing “shelter-in-place” and isolation measures for two to four weeks. 


As of Friday afternoon, the United Kingdom's Prime Minister has announced a nation-wide lock-down, mandating that all restaurants, pubs and stores remain closed until further noticed. On Thursday, the United States Department of State issued its highest-level travel advisory, a Global Do Not Travel Warning advising U.S. citizens to avoid any travel abroad. 


We encourage our members to visit our dedicated COVID-19 web-page. Assist America has also compiled a list of travel restrictions by region and country.


  • All non-essential domestic and international travel should be canceled.
  • Travelers and expats stranded abroad and who wish to return to their home country should contact their country’s embassy or consulate for assistance. Many countries are working with their national airlines or neighboring countries to charter flights to repatriate their citizens. 
  • If you are feeling unwell, do not go to the hospital or medical facility unless you are experiencing severe symptoms and need immediate medical attention. Instead, call your healthcare provider who will review your symptom sand recent itineraries and will assess whether you need to be tested for the coronavirus. 
  • Members of Assist America can download the free Mobile App for iPhone and Android. With the Mobile App, members can connect with our 24/7 Operations Center, locate the nearest embassies of 23 countries, access country-specific profiles, alerts and news updates.


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