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Assist Alert: Coronavirus Update #2

Latest Update on the Coronavirus Outbreak as the Number of Cases Exceed 900

January 24, 2020


Chinese authorities released updated figures regarding the coronavirus outbreak, raising the number of cases to 900 and the death toll to 26. One of these deaths occurred in Hebei Province surrounding Beijing and is the first deadly case to be reported outside of the danger zone of Wuhan and its neighboring area. The virus has now spread to 16 countries including Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, U.S., and France.


Disturbing reports and videos are showing how Wuhan’s hospitals and authorities are overwhelmed as the virus outbreak continues to spiral out of control. Local officials are rushing to build a 1000-bed hospital to treat the hundreds of patients who contracted the virus. The new facility is expected to be up and running by February 3rd. 


Chinese authorities have extended travel restrictions to additional cities in Hubei Province, including Huanggang, Ezhou, Enshi, Chibi and Zhijiang. This “danger zone” represents a population of 36 million inhabitants. Additional travel restrictions cannot be ruled out in the immediate term. 


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has not classed the virus as an international emergency due to the low number of overseas cases, which currently stands at 13. Scientists around the world are currently assessing the virus’ lethality and whether the risks posed by this new coronavirus resembles either the flu or SARS, a deadlier virus that ravaged Asia in 2003. Earlier this week, Chinese authorities and the WHO confirmed that the virus could be transmitted among humans.   


Members are advised to postpone their trip to Hubei Province and take the necessary measures to protect themselves from the virus by avoiding contact with potential carriers of the disease.


The virus’ symptoms include the following:


Symptoms of Coronavirus  

Travelers experiencing these symptoms should seek the advice of a medical professional. Monitor local media for further information regarding the situation and adhere to any advisories or directives issued by local authorities.