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Assist Alert – Mask Mandate Extension


Assist Alert: Mask Mandate Extension
March 16, 2022


The White House announced a 30-day federal mask mandate extension for all public U.S. transportation services. The announcement comes after a national decline of COVID-19 cases, states removing their own restrictions and just days before the original mandate’s March 18 expiration.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials released a statement declaring that the extension would last until April 18 at the suggestion of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Travelers will still have to wear face coverings while boarding planes, trains, and buses, including inside public transportation facilities like airports, and bus stations. The extension will provide the CDC more time to confer with other agencies to work on a “revised policy framework” for when masks should be required on public transportation in the future, based on the global health crisis and evolving factors like new variants. 
According to Airlines for America (A4A), an organization that represents major carriers, airliners in the U.S. will continue to enforce the mandate as set forth by federal regulators. A4A further added that they want to collaborate with officials on how to ease COVID-19 policies where appropriate such as eliminating mask and pre-departure testing requirements. 
“[The] research has routinely affirmed that the air on an aircraft is safer and cleaner than almost any other venue," A4A said in a statement. 
The extension will be reviewed next month if a renewal is necessary. Travelers can reference the CDC for more information regarding COVID-19 prevention.


  • Arrive early to avoid unforeseen delays when going through terminal checkpoints.
  • Pack a few face masks if using public transportation
  • Check trusted local sources for updated information on potential travel disruptions.
  • Heed transportation authorities' instructions; remain calm and cooperative if questioned by law enforcement officers.


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