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Vital Medications Left Behind During Emergency Irma Evacuation

Last week, the Caribbean Islands and South Florida suffered severe damage as Hurricane Irma passed over the region. An estimated 6.3 million Florida residents followed evacuation orders and found refuge in northern states. Over the course of this crisis, Assist America was fully staffed and closely monitoring the situation to assist members in need of travel or medical support.  
Jan* and her husband are residents of Miami. When news of hurricane Irma began to spread, and evacuation orders were issued, they decided to evacuate as did 6 million of their co-residents. The couple drove over 10 hours and found refuge in Richmond, Virginia. Upon arrival at her hotel, Jan realized that she had left both of her prescribed medications behind in Miami.
Irma was proving to be a true disaster for the couple as her medications are pivotal to her health and the lack thereof posed an immediate threat. Fortunately, Jan had downloaded the Assist America Mobile App for a previous trip, and used it to contact Assist America right away. The Assist America coordinator immediately contacted Jan's doctor and local pharmacies, providing the necessary information to verify Jan’s prescription status. 
Within a couple hours, two separate pharmacies were preparing each of her medications (no pharmacies had both in stock) and Jan was able to get her medications before closing hours that same day.

In the rush of her evacuation, Jan drove from one dangerous situation into another one. If Assist America had not been there to find the medications quickly, Jan's health would have been highly jeopardized, causing more stress on top of already distressing circumstances.  
Service Provided: Prescription Assistance, Medical Referrals.