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The Traveler: May 2021

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Avoiding Street Crime +

Street crime is a risk factor in every global location and is the most common threat faced by travelers in urban environments. These crimes are often opportunistic in nature and thieves are generally more likely to target individuals who are less familiar with their surroundings or appear to be carrying high-value items. Click to read more...

Five Tips to Overcome Travel Anxiety +

As travel continues to increase, many states are relaxing their COVID-19 restrictions in time for Memorial Day weekend, traditionally the start to the summer travel season. While some people are planning summer staycations, others are anxious to take advantage of the warm weather and make extensive travel plans for the first time in more than a year. Click to read more...

COVID-19 Vaccination Passports +

Businesses continue to point toward COVID-19 “vaccination passports” as a fast and easy solution to the complex problem of reviving international travel. Electronic verification apps – some specific to a certain state, country, or private company – create a wide variety of mobile application standards. Click to read more...

Medical Evacuation & Repatriation from the Bahamas +

While on a romantic getaway to Bahamas in celebration of their wedding anniversary, a member had to be rushed to the ICU due to severe kidney pain. She was diagnosed with kidney failure and the member’s family was told by the facility to have her evacuated to another hospital. Click to read more...

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