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The Traveler: May 2020

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A Glimpse at What Travel Will Look Like Once COVID-19 Restrictions Are Lifted +

The travel and tourism industry faces an unprecedented challenge. For the industry to recover from the pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis, travelers will need to feel safe and confident that their health will not be at risk. New health and safety measures need to be implemented. While these have yet to be universally defined and agreed upon, we can still get a glimpse at what traveling will look like once stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions are eased or lifted. Click to read more...

Assist America in Action: COVID-19 Testing Site Referral in Texas +

A member from Pennsylvania drove to Texas to visit family members when he began experiencing symptoms similar to those of COVID-19. Since he had made a few stops during his road trip, he was afraid he had been exposed to the novel virus and called Assist America for help in locating a testing facility. Click to read more...

A Detailed Review of COVID-19 Symptoms +

The novel coronavirus is a contagious and unpredictable respiratory illness that continues to spread worldwide. People are not naturally immune to this virus, and there is no reason to believe anybody has antibodies that would normally protect them unless they recently had the virus. It is highly important to know the symptoms of the novel virus and when to contact your doctor or report your symptoms to urgent care. Click to read more...

Security Memo: Brace for a Busy 2020 Hurricane Season +

The Atlantic and Eastern Pacific hurricane seasons will begin June 1 and May 15, respectively, lasting both through November 30. Peak activity generally occurs from August through October, but tropical systems form throughout the season and sometimes even outside of official start and end dates. Click to read more...

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