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The Traveler: February 2020

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Coronavirus Outbreak: Travel Updates and Health Tips +

The novel coronavirus pandemic is shaking not only China, but the world as the number of cases reported continues to increase. Assist America has gathered the latest updates and travel advice about the outbreak and its impact on international travel. Click to read more...

Security Memo: Important Public Transport Safety Tips +

Most business travelers and tourists will typically use at least one form of public transportation while visiting an unfamiliar location and doing so is often unavoidable, particularly in urban environments. In contrast to private transport, public travel systems are typically used by large groups of people, are operated on a repeating schedule, follow established routes, and charge a fixed fee for usage. These modes of transport include universal systems such as buses, trains, trams, trolleys, coaches, ferries, and airplanes, along with other transit options that are unique to certain countries or regions such as gondolas, cable cars, funiculars, and marshrutkas. Click to read more...

Assist America In Action: Emergency Medical Evacuation After a Tragic ATV Accident in Santorini +

It was supposed to be the vacation of a lifetime. Christos, a Greek-native living in the United States and his wife, Louise were in Santorini for their daughter’s wedding. Two days before the wedding, Christos and his daughter went on an ATV excursion. Unfortunately, Christos lost control of his ATV and had a head-on collision with a minibus. An ambulance was called and rushed him to Santorini’s Public Hospital. Click to read more...

Decoding the Air Travel Industry +

Traveling by air has become a routine for most travelers, but there are a few details that are overlooked amid checking in and security lines. To keep track of different airports and airplanes, each flight and airport are assigned numbers and codes that distinguish them from the rest. In the aviation industry, there is a reason for every digit and each code must fit a standard. Click to read more...

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