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The Traveler: August 2021

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Protecting Personal Information while Traveling +

Protecting personal information remains a difficult challenge that both individuals and companies face daily. Media reports regularly highlight huge losses of personal data, damaged reputations, or stolen intellectual and financial property as the result of cyber incidents. Criminals seek to target banks, multinationals, government bodies, and individuals and are often enabled by lax information security procedures. Click to read more...

Tips to Prepare for Your Next Flight +

Travel has rebounded like never before, and with the influx of people coupled with staffing and equipment shortages, preparation and patience are essential to a smooth flight. Potential hassles travelers are running into include long lines and wait times, canceled and delayed flights, limited services, and crowded planes and airports. Use the following tips to ensure your next trip goes as smoothly as possible. Click to read more...

Wildfire Information and Safety Tips +

Wildfire season across the northern hemisphere is likely to continue to prompt transport disruptions in the coming weeks. Wildfires are a common natural hazard that typically affects regions with seasonally dry and hot climates and rural areas of combustible vegetation. When these conditions are met, a range of different ignition sources - including lightning, arson, recreational activity, and industrial accidents - can cause a fire to break out. The rate at which fires spread, and subsequently the extent to which local authorities can contain them, depends on a number of climactic and geographical factors including wind speed and direction, elevation, vegetation density, and the availability of human resources. Click to read more...

Repatriation from Florida to Michigan +

A member from Michigan was vacationing in Florida with his family. While on vacation, the member was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Click to read more...

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