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The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Travel With Kids

If you are traveling with kids this Holiday season, be sure to check out our suggestions on how to do it right. It covers entertainment, safety, comfort, and planning, and can save your trip!
According to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation, the Christmas/New Year’s holiday period is among the busiest long-distance travel periods of the year, after the Thanksgiving weekend. During that time of year, the number of long-distance trips increases by 23 percent compared to the average number for the rest of the year. Traveling in such busy times is often stressful; even more so when you add children into the mix. Whether you are planning a long drive to the grand-parents or traveling across time zones this holiday season, these suggestions will keep your family safe, sound and sane.


  • Apps: Make sure you download kid-friendly apps before the journey.
  • Toys: Some great ideas include: Coloring books, finger puppets, stacking cups, magic markers, make believe computer or phone, and sticker books.
  • Games: Our favorites include Bananagrams, Spot It, Mad Libs, Rubberneckers, Melissa and Doug Travel Hangman, and Travel Blurt.
  • Headphone Splitters: Headphones splitters allow two kids to share a device. They’re truly practical in situation where it is inappropriate to use speakers such as on a quiet plane.
Safety and Comfort
  • Hand Sanitizer + Wet Wipes: Kids get dirty very easily when traveling. Eliminate these germs fast by being prepared with wipes and sanitizer.
  • Child locater: Busy airports and train stations can quickly turn into a nightmare if your child becomes lost. Many companies offer small tracking devices and smartwatches to help you locate your child quickly in such situation.
  • Medicine + First Aid Kit: It is very important to be able to heal your child on the fly. Make sure you are prepared to do so before departing by putting together a first aid kits and packing must-have medicine.
  • Ease Ear Pain: During takeoff and landing, give your kids a gummy candy, chewy food, or a drink to get their jaw moving and ease their ear pain.
  • Temperature: Layers are essential for the comfort of your children, especially on the plane where it can often be cold.
  • Passports: Expire for children every five years. Make sure you renew them well before you plan to travel.
  • Monitor What Your Child Packs: Chances are they will want to bring many unnecessary things, which will make traveling uncomfortable for everyone.
  • Carry-On Tips: Pack at least one extra outfit for each child in case an accident happens, and they stain their clothing. If you lose your luggage, the extra outfits will also prevent you from having to buy new clothes for the entire family. In the meantime, remember that Assist America can help you locate and retrieve your lost luggage. Finally, plan on bringing food such as granola bars, cheerios, individual cheese and crackers packs, applesauce, or individual hummus cups.
  • Bring Surprises: Children love unwrapping things, and a gift could be used as a reward for good behavior.
No matter where you go this holiday season, Assist America wishes you good luck! We are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We also recommend downloading the Assist America Mobile App before traveling, as you can never be too prepared for an unexpected emergency.