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Handling Airline Disruptions While Abroad +

Flight delays and cancellations are a persistent concern for travelers across the world. Delays and cancellations due to non-weather related incidents have become increasingly common in the past several years due to technological glitches, cyber-attacks, and a higher frequency of labor strikes. Flight cancellations and delays can drastically alter travelers’ plans and can be extremely disorienting, particularly if they occur while abroad. Planning for the possibility of airline delays while abroad and maintaining knowledge of traveler rights during such incidents is crucial to mitigating travel disruptions. Click to read more...

Using Application-Based Ride-Hailing Services Abroad +

In most locations where they are legal, app-based taxi services are highly likely to be used safely by travelers exercising situational awareness and utilizing basic personal threat mitigation techniques. Nevertheless, it is advisable to not use these services in locations with high civil unrest and crime threats targeting app-based operators. Click to read more...

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The Most Dangerous Foods on the Planet +

It's one thing to taste local delicacies and another to try food that could potentially harm you. If not prepared properly, there are different dishes around the world that can have serious consequences and sometimes even lead to death. Click to read more...

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A Look at Houses in Very Different Parts of the World +

It is of common knowledge that life across the world is completely different from one country to another, and sometimes even from city to city. Houses are usually a testimony of the diversity of our world. For this last Traveler Newsletter of the year, we would like to take you on a journey around the world and discover how life is lived in various places. Click to read more...

7 Hand Gestures You Should Probably Avoid Abroad +

Hand gestures are a crucial part of human communication. Many different cultures from around the world use the same gestures, however, they mean completely different things and can even sometimes be interpreted as an insult. Assist America values the safety of its members. To ensure you are safe, follow this quick guide and avoid the following gestures. Click to read more...

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