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Avoiding Pickpockets During the Holiday Season +

Petty theft represents a significant risk factor in most global locations and is the most common threat faced by travelers in urban environments. These crimes are often opportunistic in nature and thieves are generally more likely to target individuals who are less familiar with their surroundings, or otherwise appear to be carrying high-value items. Click to read more...

How to Avoid Tainted Alcohol When Traveling +

Many recent travel reports discuss the improper use of counterfeit alcohol and the related illnesses that befall the traveler. Counterfeit alcohol is unregulated liquor sold outside the governmental regulations and avoids quality and health regulations leading to it being toxic or deadly. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 25% of the alcohol consumed worldwide is unrecorded and may be subject to added substances. It is essential that travelers learn to recognize the signs of counterfeit alcohol. Click to read more...

The Most Dangerous Train Tracks in the World +

Trains are more comfortable than cars, more spacious than aircrafts and more travel friendly than buses. Be it countryside or wilderness, urban destinations or lush fields, high altitude mountains or sea level bridges, you can enjoy them all from your train compartment window! Trains are known to be one of the safest modes of travelling across the globe. However, they come with a catch, and that is some of these train rides have the most dangerous railway routes which can make even the most seasoned traveler a bit nervous! Click to read more...

Fourth Article 1 +

Fourth Summary 1 Click to

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