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Travel Prepared for Winter Hazards This Holiday Season +

The last few years have seen an increase in adverse winter weather around the world. Frequent blizzards, snow storms and long periods of sub-zero temperatures have negatively impacted business and leisure travel and studies suggest that the trend is set to continue. Travelers should understand the risks and take basic steps to mitigate their impact. Click to read more...

How to Ensure Your Safety in Hotels +

Due to being high-profile Western symbols and having guests with perceived wealth, hotels have become a target of criminals and terrorists alike. While petty theft is the most likely threat faced by travelers, fires, natural disasters and terrorist attacks are some of the other concerns that may compromise travelers’ safety in hotels. Hotels with robust security measures have, on occasion, mitigated the worst of the impact from terror attacks and have kept guests safe. Click to read more...

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Stay Healthy when Traveling this Holiday Season +

While traveling can open your eyes and show you the world in a way you cannot experience in your hometown, it can also pose health risks, especially when traveling during the flu season. Don’t let health concerns stop you from discovering the world; instead follow a few preventive steps that may reduce your chances of getting ill. Click to read more...

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#TravelLife Series: Discussion with an Air Traffic Controller +

We often think of the pilots, flight attendants and even airport staff who help us get to our destination. However, our flights would not budge if it wasn’t for Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs). Those persons, hidden in operations centers and control towers, are the ones making the difficult and real-time decisions pilots need in order to maneuver their planes. For our #TravelLife series, we met with an ATC based in the Air Traffic Control Center in Reims, France. Click to read more...

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