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Wildfire Information and Safety Tips +

Wildfires are defined as an unplanned fire which burns and spreads rapidly in natural areas such as forest, grassland or natural prairie. The majority of recorded events (90%) were attributed to manmade causes. In the United States, wildfires are particularly common in dryer western states with large vegetated rural areas like California, Nevada, Idaho and Texas. However, high temperatures in recent years and seasonal changes worldwide have led to previously unaffected areas, such as North West Europe, experiencing unprecedented wildfire events. They pose a significant threat to the environment, infrastructure, property and human life. Click to read more...

Assessment of Issues in Dominican Republic +

Since January, some nine US tourists have died in a number of popular Dominican beach locales – a number which increases to 11 over the past one-year period. Many US media outlets have honed in on the close temporal proximity of certain of the deaths as well as an apparent similarity in circumstances between some of the fatalities and prior health-related incidents with US tourists. The net sum of this coverage has been the overall impression that the Dominican Republic represents an elevated health risk for foreign tourists, which has put the government in damage control mode and forced it to go on a counter-offensive, with officials decrying many of the narratives emerging from US media. Click to read more...

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How Travel Positively Affects Your Health +

Traveling is well-known for having positive effects on health and can leave a long-lasting impact even after the completion of the trip. No matter the age group, travel refreshes the mind and body from the daily routine which, in turn, inspires a new outlook towards daily life. Click to read more...

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The Impact of Social Media on the Travel Industry +

The age of social media has made a strong impact on the travel industry and has shaped how people perceive the importance of certain destinations. According to Stackla, sixty percent of people have agreed that user-generated content is of high influence which is a steep increase from forty-two percent in 2017. As more travelers shift their attention to social media for travel guidance, there are new opportunities and challenges posed to the travel industry. Click to read more...

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