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Safety Concerns and Tips for Using Airbnb Abroad +

According to Airbnb, the platform has four million listings in 191 countries, has hosted more than 200 million guests worldwide since 2008, and is an increasingly popular choice among travelers. However, guests using the property rental service may face risks to their personal safety. Since 2015, a few high-profile incidents have highlighted deficiencies in Airbnb’s ability to protect guests from various threats despite ongoing efforts to improve the platform. Click to read more...

Recent Changes to the US Department of State’s Travel Advisory Program +

On January 10, the U.S. Department of State unveiled a new travel advisory system in which each country, as well as some individual provinces within countries, is assigned a travel safety rating on a scale from one to four. The stated purpose of the revamped travel advisories is twofold: they set guidelines regarding where diplomatic personnel may travel and inform travelers of areas where there are significant threats to security. Click to read more...

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Health Precautions for a Safe and Memorable Spring Break +

The first day of Spring is March 20, 2018. College students, parents and children of all ages are looking forward to Spring Break. Don't let your Spring travels be ruined by something you can prevent. Read our tips to stay alert while making memories with family and friends. And remember – if you travel more than 100 miles from home, school or in another country and are in need of assistance, Assist America is only one call away! Click to read more...

In Action: Bodyboarding Accident Cuts Family’s Spring Break Short +

For last year’s Spring Break, Andrew, his wife, Jen, and their two boys traveled to Puerto Escondido in Mexico. While having fun bodyboarding with his eldest son, a wave slammed Jack against a rock, severely injuring him and causing him to nearly drown. Read how Assist America assisted Andrew and his wife during this difficult time. Click to read more...

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The Slow Travel Movement, a Travel Trend on the Rise +

Many of us live busy lives and the frantic pace often continues while we are traveling as we rush from one tourist “must-see” to another. Thankfully, for those who are looking to slow down, a travel movement has emerged as a solution to our hectic travel schedules: Slow Travel. Click to read more...

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