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Repatriation Testimonial from India

Assist America provides global services in India after the wife of a covered employee took a fall to her hip. See what she has to say and learn more about what Assist America has to offer you!

“Assist America was a life saver for me. I can't thank you enough. I was in extreme pain and could not walk and Assist America took excellent care, arranging my return to the United States. There is no way I could have made the journey on my own. The hospital in India said I was perfectly fine and was encouraging me to walk which was the worst thing I should have been doing. Turns out I have three pelvic fractures and a torn gluteal muscle. Your team was exceptional from start to finish and I will be forever grateful.” 


The wife of a covered employee whose passion is photography traveled to Rajasthan, India with a friend for a photography trip. While attempting to take a photo of a monkey at a local temple, she fell from a 4-foot wall onto the temple’s marble floor and injured her hip. She was immediately taken to a local clinic where x-rays were done which did not show signs of fracture.

After staying at the hospital overnight, the patient insisted on going to a hotel as she did not want to be over medicated. She was able to seat and stand for a while and walk short distances using a walker. The Assist America medical team advised her not to board her scheduled return economy flight the next day as the three stop-overs and tight seats would only make her injuries and pain worse.

The patient agreed on being repatriated using the services of Assist America. Our team arranged and paid for a medical escort to pick her up from her hotel and travel with her back to the U.S. via non-stop first class commercial flight during which she was able to lay down for the duration of the flight. Once back in Wisconsin, she was able to get an MRI scan which showed signs of fracture on her pelvis.

Fortunately, she did not require surgery and needed to let her body heal for about 8 to 12 weeks. After the healing period, she would be able to pursue physical therapy.