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In Action: Medical Repatriation from South Dakota

A motor vehicle accident during a business trip to South Dakota led to a major hip surgery and the member was unable to travel for a few weeks. Assist America was able to help this member return home after treatment and provide further assistance enroute.

Distance from home:
 1.025 miles away from home
Services Provided: Medical Monitoring & Medical Repatriation via Air Ambulance

Situation: While traveling in South Dakota for a business trip, a member was involved in a motor vehicle accident and had to be taken to the emergency room.

Emergency: The member underwent an immediate hip surgery and was required to stay at the hospital until the doctors cleared him for travel. After three weeks and multiple surgeries, the member was cleared for travel with the proper medical attention to ensure his condition remained stable during the trip.

Assistance: Assist America provided continuous medical monitoring for the member and his family throughout the duration of his hospitalization. As soon as he able to travel, Assist America arranged and paid for his repatriation via air ambulance with a medical team and door-to-door ground transportation.

Member Testimonial"Outstanding service. The daily calls with updates exceeded our expectations."

Important Disclaimer: While the services presented in this case study were provided as described, other details such as names and locations were changed for privacy.