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In Action: Medical Repatriation from Florida

When Jeff had an accident while on a deep-sea fishing excursion during their vacation in Florida, Khloe contacted Assist America to help them get back home safe and sound. 

Distance From Home:
 1,163 miles
Services Provided: Medical Repatriation via Air Ambulance, Medical Monitoring

Jeff and his wife, Khloe traveled to Florida for a vacation last January. Jeff had an accident while they were on a deep-sea fishing excursion and was immediately rushed to the hospital. The medical team informed Jeff that he had a pelvic fracture and would not be able to travel until further notice.

Once Khloe knew when her husband was to be discharged, she called Assist America for help and the Coordinator immediately asked for the hospital details and explained the services. The medical coordinator was very professional and efficient in his services as he was able to contact Jeff's health insurance company. Khloe was thankful as the Coordinator arranged for a bed at a rehabilatation facilatity near their home. 

Assist America also arranged and paid for Jeff's repatriation to Missouri via an air ambulance with medical staff and supplies on board. They even took care of ground transfers to and from each airport. The flight nurse and physician took excellent care of Jeff and carefully monitored his health throughout the trip. 

Jeff and Khloe arrived in Missouri safe and sound and were amazed that this service was totally free for them.

Testimonial: “Everyone at Assist America was professional, efficient, courteous and concerned. We were very pleased with every aspect of the services, from the initial contact to the careful ambulance transfer to the jet. Thank you so much for this excellent service! We would recommend Assist America to our family and friends.”

*Names were changed for privacy