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In Action: Medical Repatriation from Florida After Colon Surgery

While traveling with his wife in Florida, Jason started experiencing severe pain in the abdomen and was immediately taken to the local hospital. Here's how Assist America helped Jason and his wife return home after his colon surgery.

Distance From Home: 1,240 miles
Services Provided: Medical Monitoring & Medical Repatriation via Air Ambulance
I was traveling in Florida for a vacation with my wife after a grand retirement party. While on a fishing excursion, I started feeling severe pain in my abdomen. We cut our fishing trip short and returned to the hotel room where my symptoms worsened. My wife immediately took me to the local hospital.

She contacted Assist America. A medical coordinator immediately started working on my case and requested to have my medical records transferred to the local hospital from my current health care provider.

I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and required surgery. Assist America coordinators continued to monitor my condition until I was cleared for traveling. In the meantime, they arranged for wheelchair, luggage, and prescription assistance, along with a medical escort to travel with me.

Assist America coordinators arranged for an air ambulance with a medical nurse to travel with me. I was also provided with ground transportation on both ends of the trip and the medical escort traveled with me all the way home. Upon reaching, I could not believe that all these services were offered at no extra cost!

Testimonial: I was very satisfied with your service. I appreciate more than I can say everything Assist America did for me. I will be forever grateful."

*Names were changed for privacy