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In Action: Medical Repatriation after a Skiing Accident

A fun trip with friends can take a turn at anytime. When John had a skiing accident during his trip to Colorado, he knew Assist America will be there to help him return home safe and sound.

Distance From Home:
 1,084 miles
Services Provided: Medical Repatriation, Medical Monitoring

John and his friends traveled to Colorado for a skiing trip. On the way down from a blue square slope, John had a bad fall and fractured his leg. Due to his injury, John was unable to travel home on his designated flight. 

John called Assist America for help and the coordinator who took the call immediately asked for the hospital details and explained the services. He then reached out to the local doctor to review John's medical report, the course of treatment and discharge plans. John's doctor recommended that he does not travel until he had a follow-up appointment during which the doctor cleared him for travel.

Assist America arranged and paid for a first class seat on a commercial flight with a medical escort, and ground transportation to and from the airports. The coordinator also made sure John had wheelchair assistance along the way.

After a long trip, John arrived in Michigan safe and sound and was amazed that this service was totally free for him.

Testimonial: “This service was a lifesaver for me. I have been telling everyone about the wonderful job that Assist America did for me.”

*Names were changed for privacy