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In Action: Medical Repatriation After a Fall in Turks and Caicos

The unexpected often happens. Thankfully, when Josh and Ashley got into a scooter accident during their last Spring Break vacation, they remembered they had access to Assist America's services through Ashley's job benefits. 

Distance From Home: 860 miles
Services Provided: Medical Evacuation via Air Ambulance with Medical Crew, Medical Monitoring

Florida residents, Josh and Ashley*, opted for a Caribbean cruise for their 2018 Spring Break vacation. While ashore in the Bahamas, they decided to rent a scooter to explore the island faster. Unfortunately, some loose stones on the pavement caused the couple to have an accident during which Josh sustained a head injury and multiple rib fractures and Ashley broke her arm. The couple was rushed to the local hospital where Josh arrived in cardiac arrest and respiratory failure.
Thankfully, the local treating team was able to stabilize him and Ashley called Assist America for help. The Assist America Medical Coordinator contacted the local treating team to discuss the couple’s condition and treatment. While the hospital in the Bahamas was providing good care to the couple, it was decided they would receive better treatment if they were evacuated to a hospital in Florida. Josh needed further treatment and exams for his head injury and heart condition. Ashley, on the other end, was requiring an urgent surgery for her arm fracture.

Assist America promptly arranged for a medical crew to pick the couple up from the local hospital and transport them to a hospital in Jacksonville via air ambulance. Once in Jacksonville, the couple was successfully treated for their injuries and was able to receive visits from friends and family living in the area. 

With Assist America arranging and paying for all the transportation costs and ensuring the couple's access to the best care possible, Josh and Ashley were able to focus on their health and recovery without ever seeing any bills for air ambulances or medical escorts.

*Names were changed for privacy