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In Action: Medical Referral in California

Grace started experiencing severe leg pain on a business trip to California and had to consult a doctor. She called Assist America to help her find a local physician that can help her during her stay in the US.

Distance From Home:
 5,041 miles
Services Provided: Medical Referral 
An Assist America member, Grace*, traveled from Dublin, Ireland to California, USA for a business meeting. A few days in, she started experiencing leg pain and swelling that worsened over the duration of her trip. Grace called Assist America for assistance in helping her find a local clinic that would be able to help her during her stay in the United States.

Assist America medical coordinators explained the services to Grace and immediately began searching for local clinics that specialized in urgent care. Coordinators were able to recommend four clinics in the local area and shared the addresses, phone numbers, and directions with Grace.
After Grace had confirmed the clinic she would be visiting, coordinators set an appointment and sent Grace’s paperwork directly to the front desk. Grace was able to consult a doctor the same day and continue her treatment. She traveled back home safely the following week.

Testimonial: “I must thank you for your outstanding assistance and support that allowed me to access the medical services in the US.”

*Names were changed for privacy