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In Action: Medical Evacuation from Laos for COVID-19 Testing

While pursuing a study abroad program in Laos, two roommates had fallen sick with symptoms similar to the ones of the novel coronavirus and required testing before returning back to school. Assist America contacted the local CDC for advice and arranged transportation for these members to a facility that could provide COVID-19 testing.

Distance from Home:
8,287 miles
Services Provided: Medical Monitoring, Medical Referral, Medical Evacuation, and Medical Repatriation

Situation: While studying abroad in Laos, two students started feeling unwell and experiencing respiratory tract issues. The students also expressed concerns about the quality of medical care in Laos. The school program director reached out to Assist America to request assistance with finding an appropriate facility where the students could get tested for COVID-19.

Emergency: Assist America informed the students that if they tested positive, they would need to be quarantined at a government hospital in Laos. They decide that the best option would be to transfer the students to Bangkok Hospital in Thailand to run COVID-19 testing.

Assistance: To minimize the risk of spreading the virus, the Assist America team arranged ground transportation for the two students from Vientiane, Laos to the Bangkok Hospital. The team maintained constant communication with the hospital’s international department, the director of the study abroad program, and the students. Luckily, the students tested negative for the novel coronavirus. They ultimately decided to return to Laos and Assist America arranged and paid for their transportation back to Laos.

Member Testimonial: “My roommate and I are back in our home in Vientiane and everything went well on the way back. We would like to thank Assist America for all the support and assistance throughout the process. I am really pleased with the support that we received from Assist America!”