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In Action: Medical Evacuation and Repatriation from the Bahamas during the Pandemic

While on a romantic getaway to Bahamas in celebration of their wedding anniversary, a member had to be rushed to the ICU due to severe kidney pain. She was diagnosed with kidney failure and the member’s family was told by the facility to have her evacuated to another hospital.

Distance from Home:
1,588 miles

Emergency: With cases of coronavirus on the rise, the local hospital had recently admitted its first known COVID-19 patient. As the member’s condition was not improving and the risk of becoming stranded in the Bahamas due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the local treating physician and the Assist America medical team decided to evacuate the member to a qualified facility within the United States. However, the receiving hospital in Florida required a negative COVID-19 test result prior to admitting the member.

Services Provided: The Assist America team coordinated with both hospitals, faxing all necessary documents to initiate the medical monitoring process. After obtaining the medical records from the hospital in Bahamas, the Assist America team ensured the patient was tested and cleared to enter the USA, complying with the newly-established COVID-19 limitations and requirements. The team arranged an air ambulance for the member and her husband to be transported from the Bahamas to Florida and continued to medically monitor the member until she was ready to be discharged. Assist America then arranged their return home via first-class commercial flight and door-to-door ground transportation.