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Emergency Medical Evacuation from Punta Cana

Assist America provides global services in Punta Cana after Justin took a fall to the hip while on vacation with his wife. This is how Assist America helped them navigate their way back home. 

“Words cannot properly express my thanks to the Assist America team. Steve left last night in very caring and competent hands and it gave all of us much relief. He will have his surgery today.  Again, thank you so very much. You all are truly angels here on earth and we are forever grateful.”- Katelyn


Justin and his wife Katelyn were vacationing in Punta Cana when Justin slipped and fell down a flight of stairs. He sustained a hip and ankle fracture and was taken to a local hospital. His wife contacted Assist America at this point. 
Assist America activated its medical monitoring service, and soon learned that no one at the hospital spoke English, making it impossible for Katelyn to communicate with the hospital staff. Assist America was able to help by providing Katelyn with its translator service, and soon established a solid line of communication with the hospital. 
The medical staff insisted that Justin’s injuries did not require immediate intervention and that a surgical procedure could be done in two days which was a red flag for the Assist America medical team. Based on the medical record and x-rays sent by Justin’s wife, it was clear that he needed to have surgery within the next 24 hours to have the best possible recovery. 
Assist America proceeded to evacuate him immediately. An air ambulance and a room in a qualified hospital in Miami were arranged that day, and Justin and Katelyn were able to return to America. They remained in Miami until Justin was cleared for travel, then both were flown back to their home in Philadelphia. All transportation arrangements and costs were organized and fully paid by Assist America.