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Emergency Medical Evacuation from Kansas

While visiting family in Kansas, Kevin severely injured his leg and was unable to travel. This is how Assist America helped Kevin navigate his way back home to California. 

Services provided:
Medical Monitoring & Medical Repatriation via Air Ambulance

While living apart from family members, Kevin* enjoyed visiting his father in Kansas.  Unfortunately, on his trip, Kevin suffered from a fall in the shower.  He severely injured his right leg and was unable to walk. After he was admitted to a nearby hospital, Assist America received a call from his health insurance’s case manager for assistance with his repatriation.

Assist America immediately began monitoring Kevin’s care who was taken to surgery for his fractured right femur.  While in recovery, Assist America mapped Kevin’s trip home.  Since Kevin required supplemental oxygen and was unable to sit upright for more than 45 minutes, the Assist America Clinical Director in agreement with the treating medical team, decided on air ambulance for his transportation home.

Once Kevin was ready for discharge, a medical team picked him up from the hospital and transported him to the airport where an air ambulance awaited for his arrival. Upon landing in California, the medical team assisted Kevin back to his home and helped him settle in.

*Names were changed for privacy.

Testimonial: “I'm very satisfied with Assist America! Excellent service. The coordinators constantly checked my flight status. The crew who transported me were very nice. Thank you!”