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Emergency Medical Evacuation From Canada

When Lara and her husband travel outside the United States for an adventure trip, she takes a fall to her hip. This is how Assist America helped the couple navigate their way back home after they were unable to find the proper facility for treatment in the area. 

A member, Lara*, and her husband were traveling to Canada to enjoy the outdoors. On a hiking excursion, Lara tripped and took a fall to her hip. She was taken to the local hospital for a surgery but they did not have the facilities to undergo the procedure. The hospital offered to transfer Lara to another hospital; however, they were uncertain about the facilities offered there and did not have direct transport.  Lara’s husband called Assist America to help get them back home.
Assist America coordinators started monitoring Lara’s condition and informed the local hospital of what the transportation procedure will be. They also confirmed that Lara was able to be discharged and can travel back to the United States.
Assist America coordinators arranged on ground transportation for Lara and her husband to travel back to Montana. The ambulance was equipped to travel the four hour route back and had a medical escort on board to ensure Lara’s comfort throughout the journey.
Thankfully, Lara reached the hospital of Montana safe and sound. She was able to undergo the surgery she needed and recovered shortly after.