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Assist America In Action: 30 Foot Fall in Thailand

A member was studying abroad in Thailand when he fell off a 30 foot balcony. Check out the full story, and how Assist America was able to help!


Medical Repatriation after a 30-foot fall in Thailand
For their senior year in college, Eric* and his friends decided to travel to Thailand for 10 days. While in Phuket, they had a party in their hotel when Eric fell from the balcony, a 30-foot drop. He was immediately taken to a hospital and his health insurance company notified Assist America of the situation. 
As soon as Assist America received the call, coordinators began monitoring his care. Once the x-rays and scans were conducted, an Assist America medical coordinator and the local treating physician discussed the diagnosis. Miraculously, Eric was awake, conscious, alert and oriented. There was no bleeding, neurological deficit and no head injury. Eric suffered multiple fractures, but, fortunately, these injuries did not require surgery and would heal with time.
As soon as Eric’s doctor deemed him to be stable for travel, Assist America arranged and paid for an ambulance to transport him to the airport. Additionally, Assist America arranged and paid for first-class tickets on commercial flights from Phuket to Bangkok, Dubai and finally back to Chicago. Assist America paid for a medical escort to accompany Eric during the entire journey home to ensure Eric’s safe and comfortable return.
After picking up her son from the airport in Chicago, Eric’s mother shared that he was “doing excellent and tolerated the journey very well”. She thanked Assist America adding, “you have been wonderful throughout this difficult time.”
Services Provided: Medical Monitoring, Medical Repatriation with Medical Escort
*names were changed for privacy